Did the Hero Ask Me to Die? – Part – 3

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After that, we arrived in the demon territory and went to the castle of the demon king.

The members of the heroic party are as follows.

The first one is the hero, Arses.

The others are the Warrior Bain, the Saint Franna, and the Sorceress Nafen. They are a man, a woman, and a woman.

The Warrior Bain is a rough but good-natured man.

He is about five years older than I am.

He was the one who was happiest when I joined the party.

He said, “The rest of the party is full of bigwigs.”

That’s the reason.

If I remember correctly, the hero was a nobleman. The Saint is one of the highest-ranking in the church. Nafen, the sorceress, is outstanding and well respected in the magical society.

I am an adventurer like him. Therefore, on the way to victory over the demon king, we complained about the guild and talked about petty things.

With the reward for defeating the Demon King, he wants to dig up a hot spring and build a town of hot springs in a remote place.

He’s a risk-taker.

Saint Franna is a real Saint.

She has a pretty face and a gentle personality. She’s good with holy spells and can cast recovery spells on even lousy small-fish like me, who makes a lot of mistakes.

She is usually a smiling Saint, but she has only whined once since she entered demon territory.

“I want to eat something sweet. I want to eat something sweet…”

So I made her a pudding with a lot of precious sugar in it without telling the other members.

I didn’t have a colander with me, so I apologized for the bland pudding, but the Saint was very satisfied.

The smile on her face as she bit into the pudding with a spoon in her hand was priceless!

On the other hand, I felt that her usual smile was fake.

I have heard that power struggles in the church are very difficult and that the Saint must wear the mask of a smile all the time.

Church officials, Don’t put an unnecessary mental burden on the Saint.

The Sorceress Nafen is a real cannon.

The basic tactic of the heroic party in battle is for the hero and Warrior to pull the enemy in front of them to buy Nafen time to chant, and then use the great magic she chanted to destroy the enemy.

This is the pattern of most enemies, except for those who can only be defeated by the sacred power of heroes and Saints.

She is calm and clear-headed.

A real intellectual who looks like a cool beauty despite her round glasses.

She usually doesn’t talk much, but when you ask her about magic, she starts talking endlessly, as if she’s on a board. She is what we call a “magical junkie.”

She seems perfect, but she can be a little clumsy.

She often freezes when she starts thinking about something.

Most of the time, it is when she comes up with a new theory of magic, but when she does, she becomes so lost in thought that she cannot see anything around her, and I have often pulled her sleeve.

A loud voice won’t bring her back to consciousness, you know.

Arses the Hero is a man who is hard on himself.

He gets up first thing in the morning and swings his sword. He is a perfectionist who spares no effort despite his talent.

He’s an open-minded man who doesn’t mind doing the hard work of camping.

He often taught me the spirit of self-sacrifice.

At that time, he said, “It is not in vain if you, the weakest of the party, die on the journey to defeat the Demon King.”

I thought he was saying this out of kindness.

By the way, the reason why the hero calls me “Support-san” It’s not only the heroes who call me that.

In the demon tribe’s territory, there is a nasty demon called the Copyman who copies your appearance when he knows your name.

To cope with this, the heroes in the demon territory call themselves by their professional names.

“Hero.” Warrior. “Saint.” “Sorceress.” And me, “Support.”

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