Did the Hero Ask Me to Die? – Part – 2

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From the beginning, I had the feeling that something was wrong.

Time goes back to the time before the last expedition to defeat the Demon King.

In the end, the battle between the demons and the kingdom came to a head. The heroic party left the royal capital to invade the demons’ territory.

On the way, they stopped at a deserted adventurer’s guild on the border.

I was the lowest rank in this small guild, a D-rank mage who specialized in support.


It was none of my business as a lowly adventurer to hear that the heroic party had stopped by the guild I was familiar with.

I thought this village was just a stopover for the heroic party and that they would soon be gone.

But the heroes did not leave the village. On the contrary, they went to the guild’s meeting hall every day.

One week went by, then two weeks, and a rumor began to leak out in the guild.

It was said,

“The hero is looking for the last member.”

And so on.

The rumor distracted the members of the guild.

But one day, I was summoned by the guild master.

When I went to the guild’s reception room, I saw the master and the hero.

The Master is a good man who you can always count on.

With a look of obvious confusion on my face, he offered me and them a seat.

Once all three of them are seated, the Master opens his mouth.

“Ricca, um… is it? Arses-sama has something to tell you.”

Ricca is my name, and Arses is the hero’s name.

The hero said with a serious expression.

“We’ll be in the Demon’s territory once we pass the border. The road to the Demon King’s castle is long, and there is no place to stay along the way. So we’ve decided to bring in additional members.”


“After considering the various factors and conditions, we have decided that you are the best choice. We would like you to join us.”


Have you lost your mind, hero?

When I remained silent, the master interrupted.

“Well… I’m sorry to say this, but Ricca is not a very strong adventurer. As a guild, we cannot allow our members to be too reckless.”

The master gently reminds him, “She can’t go on a quest to defeat the demon king.” “She will never be able to do it.” Good master. Convince him.

But the hero shakes his head.

“The additional members don’t need to be strong. We already have the strength… I heard that Riccaa-san is good at cooking in the camp. Is that true?”

The hero’s words hit me.

—I see

They want someone to take care of them.

Well, in that case…

When I agreed to join the group, the hero nodded with satisfaction and said,

“Is there someone you like, Rikka-san? Do you have a boyfriend now?”

“No, I don’t know.”

At that time, I thought, “What’s with the sudden question?” But I soon forgot because I was so busy with the thought of defeating the Demon King that I was suddenly told.

After that question was settled, the rest was easy.

All the guild members who were available saw me off on my journey to defeat the demons.

Normally I was a soloist, but when the guild organized a big demon subjugation party, I joined as a support mage, even though I was only a small part of the team, and served them food, so I knew many people.

They all gave me encouragement, though they looked worried.

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