Be Careful When You Break Off The Engagement. You Have No Claim To The Throne. Because It’s Not Legitimate, Right?


Alicia, the only daughter of a marquis, has a fiancé.
His Highness Julius, the second prince.
His Royal Highness has suddenly broken off the engagement. The reason seems to be that he wants to marry his lover. The other party is a woman known for her talent who skipped the Royal University.
According to His Highness, she was capable enough to be a princess and support him.
Alicia gladly accepts the annulment of the engagement.
After all, a royal alliance is supposed to be an honor and an advantage, so why?
The enamored second prince does not realize that the betrothal was an alliance made by her grandfather.
The second prince and his new fiancée are granted an audience with His Majesty the King. There he learns the truth he never knew.
Julius is only the son of a consort.
He is a bastard.
Of course, he is not entitled to inherit the throne.
Moreover, the second prince’s mother comes from a poor viscount family.
She cannot possibly become his wife.
The Second Prince has lived his life without question.
The whole truth will come to light.