Be careful when you break off the engagement. You have no claim to the throne. Because it ’s not legitimate, right? – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My fiancé is the second prince – Alicia side│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Alicia, I want you to pretend we never got engaged.”

It seems that my fears have come true.

My longtime fiancé has broken up with me.

“Our engagement is only for the benefit of both families. There is no love there.”

That’s the most important thing. And even if it’s a benefit, it’s not a benefit to my family.

“I have someone I love. Unlike you, she has no rank, no position, no fortune.”

I’m sure she does.

She’s a commoner.

“But she has more love for me than anyone else.”

So what?

What does love have to do with it?

“Fortunately, she’s a very talented person. She’s a woman attending the Royal University. She’s the kind of woman who could take your place and support me.”

You’re right, she’s famous for being very smart despite being a commoner. She even skipped the entrance to the Royal University. It is rumored that she could serve the royal court as an official in the future, so she must be a very talented person.

“I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. I will tell our fathers about it.”

Yes, of course.

It’s all your fault.

“Thank you for everything.”

And with that, my fiancé walked away. It seems he really went to tell his father, the King.

What a moron.

My name is Alicia.

As the only daughter of the prestigious Marquess of Croll, I was raised strictly from an early age.

This is because, in our country, women are allowed to inherit the title.

As the daughter of an heiress, I was forced to learn a variety of skills.

Despite the strictness of my education, I have been blessed with the love and affection of my parents.

I have increased my social contacts and opened my own salon to become well versed in all fields. All in order to spend time as the next Marquis. It was also for the sake of my fiancé, His Highness the Second Prince.

He and I became engaged when I was five years old.

We are the same age. My parents could not refuse, because it was my late grandfather who had made the proposal.

For the royal family, who were worried about the future of their second prince, Julius, this was perhaps a good opportunity. They knew that the Marquesses of Croll would take good care of the second prince.

Unlike his older brother, the Crown Prince, the Second Prince is an ordinary person.

His education is not so good. However, his skills with the sword are first-rate, and it is said that if he were not a prince, he could follow the elite path of the Royal Guard.

Not the army, but the Royal Guard.

His highness Julius, is a handsome man with bright golden hair and jade eyes, so he deserves to be admired. After all, in the Royal Guard, besides mastery of the sword, facial quality is of great importance.

Neither Julius nor I are in love with each other.

Even if there is no love there, affection will naturally arise as we spend time together as husband and wife.

In fact, it is rare for royalty and nobility to marry for love. For nobles, marriage is only a decision made by the family. That’s why I didn’t think anything of it when I heard that His Highness Julius had found a lover.

Youthful memories of love.

It was a common story among male nobles, and I didn’t think much of it.

It was a temporary love, a relationship that would eventually die out.

When you’re in love with a commoner, it’s normal to break up.

A friend told him that people thought the same and that few would advise His Highness Julius. But only the high nobility gave him advice, not the lower nobility or the common people. It is said that they supported His Royal Highness Julius in his illicit love.

In reality, this would be impossible.

But it seems that His Highness Julius was different.

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