Be careful when you break off the engagement. You have no claim to the throne. Because it ’s not legitimate, right? – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Incoherent Conversation 3 – Julius’ side│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Do you understand?”


Understand what?

“That your father never loved your mother? “

He didn’t?

“A consort from a viscount family has no backing. That is why I have arranged for you to marry Lady Alicia, the Marquess of Croll.”


“Understood? It is thanks to the Marquess of Croll that you were able to maintain your royal status until today.

The only reason you have been able to live and receive the same education as other princes is because you are engaged to Lady Alicia. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been treated like this!

You really are just like your mother. It’s disgusting, isn’t it?”


“Now you understand! Your position was established by Lady Alicia! Be grateful to the Marquis of Croll for allowing you and your mother to live like royalty. O-ho-ho~ How light a thank you from someone who didn’t even know until just now.”


I can’t say anything because it’s true that I didn’t know.

But is that my fault alone? Why didn’t you tell me this in the first place!?

“That’s you… You must think that if someone had told you, you wouldn’t have done this.”


How did he know?

“This is not something you need someone to tell you. It’s a normal thing to figure out.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“Do you have any idea what you’ve heard so far?”


I had no idea what he was talking about.

Was there more to it than that?

Perhaps that was the expression on my face. Father let out a deep sigh.

“Didn’t I tell you before? You will be a commoner.

If you’re not the queen’s son, you have no right to the throne! That’s why the previous Marquis of Croll worked so hard for you to be their son-in-law, so you could at least be a Marquis when you left the royal family! How dare you return the favor!!?”

“… I have no right to the throne…?”

“That’s right! You illegitimate bastards are only bastards after all!”

“T-then.. I…”

“How many times have you been told by your educator! That you must cooperate and support Miss Alicia, the next Marquess?”


That’s what they told me. I’m supposed to support Alicia. But I thought it was to support me.

“I’m sure you understand now. Your engagement to Lady Alicia was only for your benefit. It is a rule that royalty born as bastards are removed from the royal family when they reach the age at which they become adults and are transferred to their mother’s family.

They receive one of the family titles and live as nobles. But your mother’s family is only a Viscounty. There are no titles left! So you’ll have to become a commoner.”

“B-But… if something happens to the Crown Prince, his Highness Julius will be the next king, right?”

Jenny, who didn’t know much about the royal family, bent over to ask, but that was an act of disrespect to the king. Considering the fact that she was a commoner and not a noblewoman, my father seemed to ignore this insolence.

“… That won’t be the case. In the unlikely event that something should happen to the Crown Prince, it will be the First Princess who will succeed him.

In our country, the line of succession to the throne can only be held by a legitimate child of the queen’s bloodline. Even if something happens to the queen’s male heir, there’s the Duchess (First Princess). She will just have to marry a child high noble from the other Grand Dukes’ household and ascend the throne. Luckily, we have three grand dukes. All of them have no need for an heir.”

Father shook his head as if to say no.

“But if there is no heir to the throne…”

Father looked coldly at Jenny, who was desperately pleading with him.

“Whatever happens to the Grand Dukes, the throne will not pass to Julius. In that case, a man of royal blood would be preferred. A full-blooded one, of course.

The previous kings had many children. There’s no shortage of princes and princesses to the be an heir.”

“T-that can’t be.”

Jenny gasped.

I couldn’t hide my shock.

A few months later, I came of age and was cast out of the royal family to become a son-in-law. Jenny’s house.

With that, my consort mother lost her backing, and a few days later she was moved to a detached palace, and her family, the viscountesses, fell.

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