Be careful when you break off the engagement. You have no claim to the throne. Because it ’s not legitimate, right? – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Engagement annulled – Alicia’s side│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

The engagement between His Highness Julius and me was cancelled. It was not broken or dissolved, but was treated as if it had never happened. So, naturally, the alimony and compensation I would have received were reduced, but the Marquesses of Croll were very flexible. In some ways, it’s better than receiving money. Since the contract was made by royal decree, they could not complain later. If it had been a simple written contract, they could have pushed me like they did this time.

Could it be that now that the engagement with me is over, His Highness Julius is secretly seeing someone? The existence of the woman he was secretly dating came to light. It’s not hard to understand when you keep one woman with you at all times.

The woman that His Highness Julius was in love with was the daughter of a family that had been doctors for generations, and came from a family that was quite wealthy among commoners.

This was because her father was a doctor at the royal court.

That’s why she has a connection with His Highness Julius.

His Royal Highness Julius rarely leaves the palace.

When I first heard that he was the lover of a commoner, I thought she might be a bureaucrat or a maid, but the fact that she was a university student surprised me a lot.

I wondered where they had met.

Of course, His Majesty the King is very much against the relationship and is telling him to end it.

Isn’t that counterproductive? I thought so too, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.

It seems that the more he was told not to, the more Julius got excited about it and finally crossed the line of being a lover.

I was surprised that he had not crossed the line before.

After all, His Royal Highness Julius was a reserved man, and the woman he was with was very serious.

The reason why I know so much about it is because the woman came to inform me herself.

I admire her courage in coming to the Marquis’ mansion, even though she was nominally representing His Highness Julius.

She bragged about her sweet time with His Highness Julius, even though I hadn’t asked her about it.

She also told me that she had been given a trendy dress and an expensive ring as a gift.

She even told me the course of her date with His Highness Julius and what happened on the floor afterwards.

Is she forgetting that they’re not married yet?

Well, I suppose she’s desperate enough.

No matter how much His Highness Julius loves her, they can’t marry without the king’s permission.

Besides, it seems that the royal family has rekindled the talk of a second engagement.

This is probably coming from the ministerial level. This is troubling.

That’s probably why she was willing to give herself to His Highness Julius so that he wouldn’t leave her. At the very least, if she gets pregnant, she will be able to keep her position as his concubine.

Although she is in a position where she can’t guarantee anything, if the child to be born has royal blood, she will at least have the right to the child.

If you are lucky, she might even become his second wife, but that’s about it.

It depends on who His Highness wants to be his wife.

Surely you don’t think you can be his legal wife.

I’m sure His Highness Julius has heard many things from the King by now.

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