An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 33

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: It’s the final boss

“Is everyone okay?”

“Yes, we are. We have also finished removing the remains of the golem.”

“We have eliminated all the Sahagins as well.”

“I’m fine over here. Wait, Gardo, you’re injured.”

Iris noticed that Gardo’s right arm was swollen and slightly bleeding.

“Oh, you’re right. I didn’t even notice.”

“That’s because you don’t wear armor.”

“Well, it’s too heavy and makes it hard to move.”

“I understand, but it’s meaningless if you get injured.”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. A little bit of saliva should fix it.”

Gardo waved his injured arm to show that he was okay.

It seemed like he was really okay, just a minor injury from the fight with the golem.

He’s bleeding, but it’s not serious.

“Oh, Gardo-san.”

“What is it, Freya?”

“If you don’t mind, please use this.”

“What is this? A bracelet?”

I handed Gardo a bracelet with green decorations.

“Please try wearing it.”


He equipped the bracelet as I had told him.

And then…

“My wound has healed!”

“It’s a bracelet with healing effects. It can heal light injuries like the one you have now.”

“Wow! I had no idea something like this existed!”

“Yes. But I didn’t have enough time to make more than one.”

I actually wanted to make one for each person, but it took time to make boots and other magic tools.

I could only make one with the time left.

“It’s okay. Gardo is always the one who gets injured by doing something reckless.”

“We’ll be careful ourselves, so don’t worry!”

“I appreciate it. I’m good at attack magic, but I’m not good at other types of magic. I had to rely on potions and herbs for healing.”

“Thanks, Freya! Now I can rampage to my heart’s content.”

Gardo-san flexes his muscles.

“Don’t break it with too much force. After all, it was made by Freya with great care.”

“Huh? What’s up, Your Highness? Are you sulking because you didn’t get one?”

“I’m just worried about the bracelet.”

“Isn’t it mine?”

Laughter breaks out with delight.

The cheerful atmosphere almost makes you forget that this is a dungeon.

His Highness also seems to be having fun.

When he’s with these people, the prince sometimes shows a childlike smile.

“You seem to be having fun, Your Highness.”

“Hmm? Yeah, I am. I’ve been chasing after some suspicious cases with a bad feeling recently. This kind of case without any complications is relaxing. I’ve also had a lot of desk work, so it’s fun to move my body freely.”

Seeing His Highness innocently laughing, I also start to feel happy.

It seems like His Highness likes to move his body.

“Now, let’s move forward.”

Even after that, the dungeon’s traps stood in our way.

However, we crushed them all without a scratch and advanced to the back.

There’s no need to worry about getting caught in traps since Dan-san finds them all.

We’re progressing too smoothly, and we finally reach the deepest part.

“There are a lot of golems here, aren’t there?”

“Yes, there are many, even considering that this is a dungeon. Perhaps the great person who created this place was an expert in making golems.”


“What’s wrong, Freya?”

I flinch at His Highness’s voice next to me.

“Oh, no, just thinking about something.”

“I see.”

Lately, I’ve been thinking about golems all the time.

Every time I see a golem, I think of the core left by the previous director.

I am gradually getting closer to completion, but I’ve run into a big problem.

Even if the core is completed, there is no vessel to attach it to.

The vessel used with the golem changes proportionally to the precision of the core.

For the autonomous golem I’m making this time, a body with a high degree of freedom is necessary as much as possible.

I have to be able to make a golem out of us humans… or else it would be out of proportion to the core.

Even I can’t make that.

If you can make a human with a magic tool, it’s already in the realm of gods.

“Freya, you’ve been thinking a lot lately.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Yeah. Did you start something new?”

“Well, yes. I made something I want to do outside of work…I think.”

It’s a little embarrassing to talk about private matters with His Highness.

“I see. That’s good.”

“Your Highness?”

The Highness breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s good to have something you can be passionate about. You’ve been looking more lively lately. It’s a big difference from when we first met.”

“I-Is it really that different?”

“Completely different. Back then, you were just tired. But now, you seem to feel a sense of accomplishment along with the fatigue.”

“Accomplishment… Yes, that’s right. I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Working under the Highness has helped me regain my confidence.

Thanks to having more mental space, I’ve been able to focus on other things I want to do.

In short, I am now…

“It’s thanks to Your Highness.”

“I haven’t done anything, have I?”

“That’s not true.”

Being near the Highness is what has made me feel so alive.

I believe it, and that’s what matters.

“Tell me eventually what it is that you want to do.”


When it’s complete, I’ll show it to His Highness.

With that thought, we move forward.

To the deepest part.

When we opened the heavy iron door, there was a spacious room.

There is another door further inside.

And in the center,

“The boss of the dungeon has appeared!”

A huge golem with six arms stands firmly.

Gardo-san draws his sword, and everyone else gets ready to fight.

In response to that, the golem comes to life.

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