An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 34

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Golem’s Vessel

Each of its six arms is equipped with a weapon.

The first right arm holds arrows, and the first left arm holds a bow.

Both second arms hold spears, and the third arm is equipped with a sword.

It seems to be designed to attack from any distance, whether it be close, medium, or far.

“Let’s do this as usual! I’m counting on you for backup.”

“Be careful not to get in too deep.”

“I’ll be protecting Neesan and keeping watch of the surrounding area.”

“I’ll prepare my magic.”

They all have serious expressions, unlike their usual selves.

Even His Highness, who stands before me, has already drawn his sword.

Always ready for battle.

No, perhaps it’s to protect me.

“Don’t move from behind me.”


With tension running high, Gardo-san leads the charge.

He swings his great sword with great vigor and strikes the golem with its six arms.

“Here we go!”

The golem defends itself by crossing its two swords.

Gardo-san’s blow is heavy, and a crack appears at the golem’s feet.

It has considerable power, such that it can only be defended against with both arms.

Normally, it wouldn’t be able to counterattack from this position, but the golem still has four arms left.

Instantly, a thrust of a spear attacks.

“Hold on!”

“Get back!”

Lest-san deflects it with the same spear.

They launch a coordinated attack in close combat.

It’s two against one, but the opponents still have more arms.

The first arm wields a bow and arrow, and the second fights at close range. They aim at the two attackers and fire.

“Icicle Lance.”

The arrow released is nullified by a spear of ice.

One more time, Iris-san’s magic is launched.

The golem brushes it off with its arms.

“Tch, it’s tough.”

The golem takes aim again with the arrow.

The target is Iris-san.

Perhaps it judged her magic to be troublesome.

Gardo-san and Lest-san attack to interfere with the launch.

However, the golem shoots anyway.

“Neesan, don’t move!”

Dan-san shouts.

He tangles a wire around the flying arrow and pulls it, changing its trajectory.

“Phew, this thing’s heavy.”

“Thanks, Dan! I’m going for another shot.”

This time, it’s not ice but a huge spear of steel.

It’s generated above Iris-san’s head and launched at explosive speed.”

“Iron Lance.”

The golem defends itself by crossing both hands, abandoning its bow and arrows.

However, Iris-san’s attack prevailed, destroying the golem’s head.

Inside the head, a core can be seen.

“All right! With this, it will stop——”

The golem swings its sword at Gardo-san.

He quickly dodges it.

“What’s with the sword! What the hell is going on!”

“It’s different, Gardo. This golem probably has multiple cores.”


Unless the core is destroyed, the golem cannot be defeated.

And the six-armed golem had multiple cores, and as long as its power circulated, it would regenerate no matter how many were destroyed.

“It’s healed.”

“This will be a long battle.”

“Neesan, how much magic power do you have left?”

“Half. Somehow, create an opening and I’ll smash it with one blow.”

Iris-san starts chanting her magic.

It will be a disadvantage if it becomes a long battle.

It seems they changed their strategy to unleash a powerful attack, anticipating this.


“This target——”

Immediately, the golem’s behavior changes. 

Ignoring the two who were approaching for close combat, it headed towards Iris-san who was preparing to cast a spell.


“It’s coming this way.”

“It must’ve sensed an amplification of magical power.”

That function has been added to the golem.

A frighteningly precise golem.

Surely the person who made this was a much better magic tool maker than me.

“This is no time to be impressed.”

“Freya, what are you doing?”

It was a good thing that the opponent was a golem.

Recently, I had been researching golems more than anyone else, so I was more familiar with their structure.

If this is a golem, even if it was made in ancient times…

“I’ll stop its movements!”

I took a blue ball out of my bag.

I threw it at the golem.

The golem swept the ball away with its sword, and the moment the blade touched the ball, it exploded.

The exploded ball emitted a lightning-like light and temporarily sealed the golem’s movements.

“What was that just now?”

“It’s a magic tool that temporarily disrupts the flow of magical power. Its effect only lasts for a few seconds, though.” 

“Great job, Freya! Iris! Let it rip while you have the chance!”

“I was going to do it anyway, even without you telling me!”

Above Iris-san’s head, a gigantic steel hammer had materialized.

She had said she was going to smash it to pieces, but did she really mean it literally?

“Destroy it! Thor’s Hammer!”

The sideways hammer captured the golem.

With a terrifyingly powerful blow, the golem was blown away and embedded into the wall.

The shock spread throughout its entire bodies, and the golem’s exterior and interior became a mess.

“——Phew, I’m out of magic now.”

“Good job, Neesan. It’s completely smashed to pieces.”

Gardo-san and Lest-san also return.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after confirming each other’s safety.

“Thank you, Freya-chan. We were saved because of you.”

“No, I’m just glad everyone is safe.”

“You really did a great job, Freya.”

“You even had something like that prepared.”

Everyone praised me.

Among them, my gaze met with the person I most wanted to praise me.

“Truly, you continue to amaze me.” 

“If you say so, then it was worth accompanying you.”

We passed through the final checkpoint, and all that was left was the last room.

There were no enemies inside, only the treasure of the great person who built this place.

“Wow… it’s all shiny gold.”

“There are some tools here that I don’t quite understand.”

“I think they might be magic tools.”

The person who built this place was a magic tool maker.

There were many golems here, likely because they were an expert in golem-making.

It was interesting to see magic tools made by someone else. I wanted to try them out and see what effects they had.

“Hey, everyone, come over here! There’s a huge box!”

We went to where Dan-san was.

The box was long and narrow, big enough for a human to fit inside.

Gardo-san opened the box, and what we saw inside left us speechless.


“”””A human?””””

A boy with pale blue hair was sleeping inside.

He looked human in every way, but I was the only one who noticed that he wasn’t.

“This isn’t a human. It’s a golem’s vessel.” 

There was a hole where a core could be inserted at the position of the chest visible through the gap in the clothes.

Without a doubt, it was a vessel.

Moreover, it was the most intricate one I had ever seen.

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