Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 51

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The monsters that appeared on the ground vanished without a trace.

“What power…”

Lysette examines her hair after hearing Leonhardt’s voice.

A tuft of it is red-hot.

“Are you okay, Lysette?”

“I’m fine. Thank you very much.”

Her hair is on fire, but it is not hot.

The flames did not spread.

Except this part resembled Luludu’s hair.

However, it is Lysette’s hair.

She remains herself.

“Come on, people. We must do something about the dungeon or the monsters will come out again.”

“All right, let’s go.”

They went to the dungeon that had appeared on the surface and fought off the oncoming monsters.

On the surface, the dungeon is a tower of white bones.

As they approach the tower, they notice Meldiana crucified in the center. Together with the Dark Elf.

The Dark elf’s arms, which had become one with the dungeon, held Meldiana tightly, determined not to let her go.


“Ultimate Blaze!”

The goddess fires her shooting flames once more.

The white flame burned through the dungeon. The fire is so hot that even a piece of bone is burned away.

The dungeon is crumbling, scattering into ashes like snow.

Adventurers who appear to have been left behind in the dungeon emerge from the ashes. Meldiana is among the ashes.

Only the Dark Elf rose to his feet. The others were all motionless and unconscious.


The dark elf spits out what is in his mouth. A mixture of blood and ash.

He screams, his chest heaving and his shoulders hunching. He smiles, a contented smile nonetheless.

“It’s a total defeat, Lysette. I had no idea you were so talented—I thought you were just another tool.”

He sends dark admiration with hatred in his silver eyes.

“That is why I am unable to let you live—you’ve already used up your magic, haven’t you?”


That’s correct.

Her magic is nearing exhaustion after two large spells.

“Who are you?”

“Elkd Domel—The faithful servant of the Lord of all the Dungeons.”

The Dark Elf beams with pride.

He appears to be confident in his victory over Lysette.

Lysette takes a deep breath and exhales.

“Why did you come before us?”

“I’m here to help Mel. I was attempting to pique her greed and bring the dungeon to the surface. Everything was going so well…”

The Dark elf’s appearance changes.

He floats as black flames rise from his body.

“You’re the devil’s puppet…”

The black flame erupted, transforming the Dark Elf into a dragon figure.

The black dragon is surrounded by a black magic circle. A mass of black, fiery magic that looks like a snake’s teeth is moving toward Lysette.

The black magic tries to devour Lysette.

That day.

This dark magic was responsible for Lysette’s loss of the Sacred Mark.

The same dark magic is now attempting to devour all of Lysette.


Fortunately, Lysette is shielded by a powerful magical barrier.

The shield that has been protecting Lysette for a long time.

She takes a step forward.

She takes a look at the black dragon.

Her magic power has been depleted by the two large magic spells.


for her friends.

The Fire Goddess

Dragon’s Steak

All of the encounters and blessings in the dungeon have strengthened Lysette.

Everything in the dungeon. Blood, flesh, and magic.

—I can still fight!

Power comes to her.


“Blaze Lance!”

She gathers all of her magical power and uses the spear of divine flame to pierce only one point. The black dragon’s body.


The divine flame immediately consumes the black dragon’s body, turning it to ash.

The ashes fly into the sky, blending with the ashes of the dungeon and blending into the sky’s blue.

The amber-colored magical stone that was deep within the black dragon’s body falls from the sky to the ground. As if to indicate the end of it all.

Hilde immediately casts recovery magic over a large area, and the fainted adventurers gradually rise to their feet.

Lysette walks over to Meldiana, who is still on the ground.

“She is still alive. But she’ll never look the same. However, her body is young on the inside, and her bodily functions are normal.”

“Thank you very much, Hilde-san.”

Lysette gently touches Meldiana’s face.

—She is still alive.

Relieved by the warm body she feels, she checks the back of her neck. The mark of the saint had disappeared.

The body of Meldiana is carried to the church after that.

The adventurers who have regained consciousness and those who have escaped the disaster are standing in front of the ashes of the vanishing Dungeon.

The dungeon has vanished.


When the ashes are blown away by the wind, all that remains is a hole in the ground.

The Norun’s Dungeon has vanished.


“Leon… What should I do? Now that I’ve become one with the relic, I can’t sell it…”

Her hair, which had burned red when she took the relic, has already been restored, but the relic can no longer be recovered. Its power was fully integrated with Lysette’s.

Because it could not be sold, the fine would have to be paid in another way.

“I’m not sure how I’m going to make money without the Dungeon territory…”

“No, but there is the Dragon materials.”

Dee nodded in response to Leonhardt’s words.

“T-That’s right. We’ve brought it all over. We’ve all got the dragon materials in our item bags. I’m confident we can scrape 50 million with the dragon materials.”

“But then everyone’s shares…”

Leonhardt sighs and shakes his head.

“Don’t be concerned. We didn’t go into the dungeon with that goal in mind. It’s for you, Lysette. So use it for your freedom.”

Douglas, Gunter, and Hilde all nodded.

Their expressions are gentle.


Lysette’s heart was pounding.

It filled her with warmth to the point that tears were on the verge of welling up.

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