Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 50

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“What the hell…”

A low, resentful voice echoes in the hall.

Meldiana, who had been sitting on the floor, staggers to her feet and slams her jacket to the ground.

“…You used to worship me… How dare you take advantage of me?!”

Meldiana clenches her teeth and glares at Lysette.

“How come you’re the only one…”


“It’s always, always, always you! Why do I have to look this way? It’s not fair! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

She throws tantrums like a child.

“You’ve always been happy! I should be happier from now on. This isn’t fair! Give it back! Give me back my power, my beauty, my happiness! Ugh… Aaaaahhh!”

She wails from the depths of her being.

No one approaches.

But only in response to Meldiana’s cry comes deep darkness from the back of her neck.

It’s the location where the holy mark was transferred.

Suddenly, a figure emerges from the shadows behind Meldiana.

A young man with brown skin and silver hair embraces Meldiana lovingly from behind.

“It’s beautiful… How greedy you are, Mel. That was what I was hoping to see.”

His voice is as sweet as honey.

Meldiana’s holy mark is being scrutinized by his silver eyes.

—Silver eyes and pointed ears?

Lysette recognized him.

He was there and was responsible for transferring the holy mark from Lysette to Meldiana.

“It’s the Black Magician!”

【Appraisal】Dark elf, an ancient species who had not sworn allegiance to the goddess of salvation.

The dark elf rapturously runs his hands over Meldiana’s chin.

“I know you want it—the power of our forefathers, the Titans. Power, youth, beauty, and love will all be yours.”


A sudden gust of wind.

Despite the closed door, a strong wind is blowing toward Meldiana.

And what follows are screams that can be heard outside. Not just one, but many.

Soon after, the stained glass behind the altar shatters.

Leonhardt’s magical barrier blocks the multicolored shards of glass that pour down to them.

From behind the shattered glass, two harpies emerge, laughing and in good spirits.

A massive bird with the head of a woman.

The sudden attack of the monsters causes a commotion in the cathedral.

“Freeze Arrow!”

Lysette quickly dispatches the Harpies with her magic.

The dead monster collides with the Acting Marquis of Claudis and faints, and the Duke-heir Bern flees.

The wind finally died down, and Meldiana and the black magician vanished.

“How on earth…”

“More than that! What the hell are these monsters doing here?!”

While screams and clamor echoed from outside, Dee shouted the same question everyone was asking.

Their question is soon answered by the priests, who rush to the cathedral and yells.

“Goddess Mother! Monsters are bursting out of the dungeon one after another, Aagh!”

Then a green slime appears and attacks the priest from behind.

People who are unfamiliar with the monsters scream and flee for safety.

Leonhardt then collides with Slime and slashes the monster with his sword.

“We’re going to fight the monsters outside! Those who are unable to fight should enter the church for protection. And the church knights will protect the interior.”

Leonhardt gives instructions in a familiar voice as he knocks down another slime and a big frog coming into the church from outside.

“Freeze Arrow!”

Lysette fires several ice arrows at Leonhardt while reducing the number of monsters pouring into the cathedral.

Although the skill 【Friend-or-Foe-Identification】 prevents magic from hitting anyone other than monsters, there are many restrictions on the use of magic outside, namely buildings.

It will start a fire if it burns too hot.

Then a hateful voice echoes from the Fire Goddess’s hair.

[It’s the Dark Elf! He exploited your sister’s desires and dragged the dungeon to the surface. At this rate, the monsters in the dungeon will overflow inexhaustibly.]

They emerged from the church to find monsters like stone golems and cockatrices roaming the streets.

Monsters are being fought by adventurers and those who can fight, but there are far too many of them.

Harpies flew through the sky, and several small winged dragon-like monsters perched on the roofs of the adventurers’ guild building.

Weak and strong monsters alike were attacking towns and people as if they were ordered by someone.

Then a massive tower came into view in the direction of where the dungeon had been.

It was a white tower made of bones, and monsters poured from it.

The unmistakable tower is the Norun Dungeon, which has risen from the ground.

“The Dungeon has surfaced…”

Just as Luludu, the goddess of fire, predicted.

The dungeon Lysette saw, on the other hand, was much larger. It contained numerous worlds.

The vastness of the world is not adequately represented by the tower of bones.

—I guess the dungeon’s interior is truly another world.

[This is the true size of the dungeon—your only hope is to become a Sacred Relic User.]

She stares at the monsters pouring out of the dungeon with conflicting thoughts.

“Are you sure you want to deal with this many monsters?! It’s pointless, you idiot!”

Dee swears.

True, the odds are stacked against them against this many monsters. They are completely outnumbered, and the monsters will cause damage elsewhere while they fight them in one place.

“Luludu—please do me a favor.”

Lysette calls out to the hair of the fire goddess in her hand.

[Tell me.]

“Please don’t make me a saint, so that a new saint with the Goddess’s blessing will be born in this land—this is my condition.”

Saints are obligated to the land, the state, and the Church.

Lysette is not interested in such constraints.

She wishes she could spread her wings more freely, even if it means dying in the dungeon’s depths.

Saints’ power is best left to those with a heart for people and country. Someone who can do it with pride and a sense of purpose.

[Don’t be concerned—the Mother Goddess is always keeping an eye on us.]

“Thank you very much.”

It was an uncertain answer, but she took her word for it.

When Lysette finally agrees to take the relic, it starts to burn very fast and changes into a scared flame.

Lysette is engulfed by warm flames that disappear into her body.

Immediately, her magical power grows stronger. Her fire magic, in particular, was strengthened.

The goddess’s powers are coursing through her entire body.

Lysette’s eyes are on fire, and her hair is a fiery red.

Lysette was firm.

—Do not allow yourself to be ruled by force. This power is under my control!


“Ultimate Blaze!

Invoking the Goddess’s flame, where the Mother Goddess is seated in the heavens, The Goddess who came down to earth let her flames burn.

Let the flame of the Goddess descend to the earth.

A split second later, the heavens open and white flame rains down on the earth.

The countless white flames pierce all of the monsters on the ground and instantly burn their bodies.

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