Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 52

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“Hello there, and congratulations on completing the dungeon! It was resolved quickly, as expected.”

The alchemist, Lanial Mador, arrives at the site of the dungeon and turns her pointed ears once in the direction of the ashes where the Dungeon once stood.

“Really, you idiot…”

She mutters to herself, somewhat sadly.

Lysette assumed it was directed at the dark elf.

“Do you recognize him?”

“Elves have a long life. The majority of us are acquainted. “

Elves are a species that live for a very long time.

Many of them existed before the world as we know it today. They are so old that it is impossible to determine their exact age.

Lanial may appear to be a girl, but one has no idea how long she has been alive.

“It seems that the mission of the lord of the dungeon is to raise the dungeon, release the monsters to the world, and let the monsters loose on the earth, but I guess he failed. He did his best.”

Lanial gives a light chuckle.

“By the way, I heard you… do you have Dragon materials? I’ll pay 60 million gold for it!”

The alchemist’s offer is accepted, and the dragon materials brought from the dungeon are sold right away.

She was given 60 million gold coins and went to the church to pay for the holy coins.

“No, I can’t accept it.”

Lysette goes to see the priest in charge of the church on her own, and he flatly refuses her.

“Please don’t say such a thing.”

“First and foremost, we owe you an apology for the heinous treatment and disrespect we have shown you, Saint-sama…”

“No, you didn’t have a choice.”

Meldiana was naturally recognized as a saint by the Church because she had solid proof of the Sacred Mark.


The priest is stubborn.

Lysette decided to give in.

“Then let’s call it quits—let us consider the future, rather than the past.”

She looks at the corner of the cathedral.

Meldiana and the Acting Marquis of Claudis were both unconscious.

Meldiana’s appearance wasn’t back to normal, but she wasn’t dead, and damage or aging hadn’t changed most of how her body worked.

—I would like to leave this to the Pope.

They would both be executed if they were left alone without further explanation. Although the Church does not have the death penalty, they will certainly be severely punished, particularly Meldiana.

On the other hand, if they express their gratitude to her, Meldiana may act arrogantly as a relative of Lysette, the Goddess’s Sacred Relics User, or she may be taken advantage of by the powers that be. This should not be overlooked either.

Lysette is no longer concerned with the past. She didn’t care what her father, Meldiana, or her ex-fiancé had done to her before.

Rather, she has gained more than she has lost in this dungeon realm.

However, she’d like to retain the name of the house where she was born and raised. She wants to pay tribute to her mother, grandparents, ancestors, her family.

“If you will obey my command, I want you to take away their status and make them work in the church as servants.”

“Do you mean? I see. I’ll do everything you say.”

“Yes. Make certain that they work hard.”

The Church wields greater power than the King.

They will now be safe under the watchful eye of the Church.

The acting marquis will lose his title and authority over the house, but the rest will be taken care of by Lysette’s relatives.

The two, who have lived in luxury as saints and nobles, may have a difficult time ahead of them.

—Human beings can cope as long as they live.


Lysette looks at Meldiana as she hears a faint moan.

“Why do you always have to…”

She didn’t regain consciousness; instead, she mumbled.


And Lysette finally gets it.

Her sister has been trapped for a very long time.

“Because she only sees me in that light.”

probably since their first meeting.

She wasn’t seeing Lysette, but an illusion.

She both envied and despised the vision of her wealthy sister having everything.

“Look at yourself from now on.”

Look at what you hold in your heart.

Take a look at yourself.

She has no idea if these words will reach Meldiana, who has fainted yet again.

Even if she had heard them, she would not have accepted them.

She still hoped that one day she would be free of her delusions.

A monastery within a church would be an ideal setting for this.

“How much damage has been done to the church?”

“Don’t worry, thanks to Saint-sama’s miracle and the valiant efforts of adventurers and church knights, there isn’t much damage in town. The treatment of the injured appears to be moving forward.”

“Sigh, that’s good to hear.”

She realized how strong this town and its adventurers were when almost no damage was done to the town even though so many monsters showed up.

The loss of the dungeon may be the town’s undoing, but they may soon find another way of life and another industry.

Humans are powerful.

They have the power to change.

“I am no longer a Saint, but don’t worry, this country has a new Saint. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”


Lysette smiles and shakes her head.

“I’m not a saint anymore—I’m just an adventurer. And a fan of monster cuisine!”

“Monster cuisine?”

“If you get the chance, give it a shot; it will change the world!”

Lysette bowed and exited the church, returning to her friends.

Outside, the light was blindingly bright.

Lysette is now free.

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