Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Goddess of Fire Luludu│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

A girl with burning flames appeared.

Her red eyes and red hair were both brightly burning, and fire shimmered from her entire body.

[I am Luludu, the fire goddess. And I thank you for saving me from the dragon’s belly.]

“W-What a waste of words!”

Douglas, a church knight, falls to the ground and rubs his head.


Lysette was eating Dragon Steak when she overheard someone claiming to be a goddess.

The figure was engulfed in flames and appeared divine.

The figure looked like it was hollow, or maybe its skin was thin and see-through.

She was nothing but a goddess.

[I have summoned thee many times in my dreams.]

— in my dream… Was it a goddess?

A vividly colored fantasy.

[The meat! Do not consume it!]

Nevertheless, Lysette swallows the meat and wipes her mouth before asking,

“How may I help you?”

[I request that you accept my relic, a goddess’s body… and return it to the surface.]

“The Goddess’s body?”

[This fire. This is a piece of my hair and was originally on the surface.]

The flames that had been used to cook steaks earlier came out of the dragon’s belly at the feet of Luludu, the goddess of fire.

If you look closely, you will notice that it is a strand of hair.

“So, all we have to do is to bring this to the surface.”

[It’s not just bringing it.]

Luludu suggests something.

Lysette becomes alarmed and moves away from the flames.

[Allow me to explain why my hair is here in the first place.]

“No, thank you.”

Lysette refused, but Luludu began to speak quietly.

[There are relics of our bodies all over the world.]

The goddess’s sacred relics.

The majority of them are kept in a safe place by the Church of the Goddess.

[It is a stake used to seal the Titans’ deaths. However, the relics are sometimes buried deep underground. Either the sealed Titan’s force is too great and the flesh melts underground, or it is the work of someone else…]

Luludu sighs contentedly.

[The Titans—attempt to restore the world to its former glory by utilizing the relics that have entered its body as a nucleus—that is the Dungeon.]

“This place is…”

Lysette has always been curious about the dungeon, wondering who built it.

She had no idea the Titans had constructed it from the bodies of goddesses.

[What you’ve seen of Dungeon is a scene from the past. It is the ancient creatures who have fought.]


In Dungeon, Lysette has seen the world of the past, before the reign of the goddess.

On the fifth level, she saw a ruined town.

The plains, the forests, a labyrinth, the caverns

And the people who once lived in the world are now known as monsters.

[If the dungeon continues to grow, the earth will be flooded by the old times. If this trend continues, the Titans will awaken. That cannot happen.]

If the Titans of the Earth awaken and rise, heaven and earth will be turned upside down. The world will naturally come to an end.

What was once on the earth will be washed away in the sea.

All life ends in death.

[As a result, I give thee my body. I give thee a piece of the fire goddess Luludu.]

“…I mean, what do you mean exactly?”

[You are now the goddess’s vessel. Accept the goddess and return to the surface. The mother goddess originally created the saint for this purpose.]

Lysette sighs and shakes her head.

“I am no saint. My sacred mark has vanished.

[The sacred mark is the soul’s form. Even if the testimony is removed, the soul is a saint from birth. Accept now.]

“I will not.”

Lysette flatly refused.


Luludu, the fire goddess, became enraged because she had no idea she would be rejected.

“I refuse to be a part of the goddess—If a part of the goddess is going to be mine, I’ll think about it.”

If she took on the role of the goddess vessel without question, it would give her a lot of power.

However, you are unlikely to be safe. Lysette, at the very least, will never be the same.

Even if it is to save the world, she does not want to kill herself and become a goddess’s instrument.

Lysette wants neither revenge, nor fame, nor the grace of the Goddess.

“But, I’ll take you back to the surface.”

For a brief moment, Luludu remained silent.

[Arrogance…How dare you treat the goddess in this manner?!]

Her red eyes are red with rage.

She is touched by the Goddess’s wrath.

“H-Hey. Shouldn’t you apologize right away?”

Dee alternately looks anxiously at Luludu and Lysette.

Luludu laughs as he stares at Lysette with burning eyes.

[I like it; you have to be that kind of person to do the job…].

Luludu snorted, smiled contentedly, and extended her right hand to Lysette.

[It has been decided. You are now the wielder of the goddess’s relic, and you must protect the world’s balance.]

“Don’t give me orders.”

[This is the Mother Goddess’ will.]

When these words echoed in her heart, a new skill, 【Sacred-Relics-User】, appeared on its own.

And the figure of Luludu, the fire goddess, vanishes.

Only her burning hair remained at her feet.

—Be careful.

Lysette sighs and grabs her burning hair.

It used to be hot, but this divine fire is no longer hot or painful.

She raised it. The flame touches her clothes but does not burn them.

“H-Hey, isn’t that hot?”

“Certainly not.”

“Let’s see… It’s hot!”

Dee runs away after touching the flames.

Lysette appears to be the only one who is not affected by the heat.

—I’m curious if this is the result of the skill 【Sacred-Relics-User】

“I wonder how much this will sell for.”

“A-Are you planning on selling it?”

Leonhardt exclaims in surprise.

“Yes. All I’ve been told is to bring it back to the surface. Even if I was told to, I wouldn’t know how to use it.”

Lysette’s gaze is drawn to the smoldering hair strand on her hand.

—What will happen if it is returned to the surface? Will the dungeon ever stop expanding? Or will it disintegrate over time? We won’t know unless we try.

She was concerned, but she knew that if she left it in the dungeon, it would grow and expand to the surface. If that’s the case, she’s out of options.

“Even better, we might be able to pay the fine if we sell it to the Church of the Goddess. I’m sure they’d pay a lot for it if it were a Goddess relic.”

“You’re a tough cookie.”

Lysette beams.

“In any case, let’s get out of here. Nobody will be able to harm you now that you have been ordained by the Goddess, are an apostle, and have the relic.”

“No, it’s too early. We still have a lot of work to do to get the Dragon material!”

Lysette gestures to the dragon’s body.

The dragon’s body is a gold mine.

“Let’s gather as much Dragon material as we can and sell it—then we’ll divide it!”

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