Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 46

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Lysette considered herself fortunate.

She had friends who would come to her aid even if she was trapped in the earth’s depths.

Even if you die once, people will come to your aid.

Lysette stands in front of the door.

She fought the dragon alone behind that door and hid in a corner of the room with the barrier, eating and sleeping.

—I’m not alone anymore. We will defeat the dragon as a team.


The Twin-Headed Dragon’s final head roars in preparation for battle.

Its head that breathes fiery breath has already been crushed and hangs limply.

Only the white head remains as it launches his icy breath.

The temperature drops instantly, and an ice storm strikes, freezing the body to the core.


Leonhardt’s solid magical barrier completely blocks the ice breath.

It was thicker and stronger than anything Lysette had ever seen.

Nothing could get past the most powerful shield.

Lysette then raises the temperature with weak fire magic, and a white mist forms between the dragon and the ground.

Douglas and Gunter then quickly closed the distance with their weapons.

They attack the feet physically while hiding behind the fog.


As his front legs are struck, the dragon screams in agony.

In the icy fog, the dragon attacks them with his massive tail.

But it was Leonhardt’s 【Holy-Shield】 who received the tail blow that could destroy even a castle wall.

The tail is deflected by the shield.

From then on, it was a battle of projectiles.

Hilde’s healing comes into play when someone is injured. She instantly heals the warriors’ wounds.

Abd Dee’s arrow struck the dragon in the right eye.

However, the dragon did not succumb.

The temperature drops even more with the creaking sound of ice breath that is about to launch.

—Those Icy breaths…

Lysette begins to form an image.

Power that pervades everything.

—A brilliant white flame.


“Blaze Lance!”

A spear of white flame was formed and pierced the dragon’s neck.


Despite this, the dragon did not die. Even in his burned state, he uses his last ounce of strength to expel an icy breath.

At that moment, Leonhardt’s black sword slashes the dragon’s throat.


The dragon’s body slowly tilts back as blood spurts out.

The floor and ceiling shake with earthquakes, and pieces of stone fall from the high ceiling as the Titan body finally collapses.

“We won…?”

Leonhardt, holding his blood-splattered sword, mutters in disbelief.

For a brief moment, the dragon moved, but then stopped.

“We won…? S-Seriously?”

Dee’s stunned voice echoed.

“We won? We won! We did! You guys are incredible!”

Lysette sprints up to Leonhardt, jumping up and down.


With only six people, they defeated the boss of the sixth layer of the Norun Dungeon.

“I’m so glad everyone came!”

Lysette smiled as she looked at the fallen dragon.

Dragons are a treasure trove. Fangs, claws, scales, bones, and every other body part.

There are only six of them, and they can bring back a lot of spoils.

—But first, there’s the Dragon Steak!

She’d always wanted a dragon steak.

“Come on, let’s make some steak!”


They immediately begin cutting the dragon’s meat. Leonhardt uses his adamantine sword to sever the belly’s hard, scaly hide.

The flesh is cold, most likely because they killed it just as it was about to spit out an ice breath.

“The skin is quite thick… Let’s get some meat from the back.”

A piece of lean meat is taken out.

Lysette takes it and cuts it into steak-sized pieces.

“There’s not a lot of fat.”

Dee looks in with curiosity.

“There’s a fat lump here—I’m not sure if this is enough.”

“I appreciate it.”

Leonhardt gave Lysette a white lump of dragon fat.


“Gunter? What’s the matter?”

“There’s a lump of fire coming out of the Dragon.”

When they turned around, they noticed a bright flame burning on the floor.

“Could it be the flames of the Dragon? Yes, that is it! Let’s use it to fry the steak… Using the dragon flame, fry the dragon meat. How romantic!”

Lysette does not hesitate to put the pan on the fire and the two-handled pot she got from Leonhardt.

[Ugh? What on earth…]


Lysette believes she hears a strange voice and looks around but sees no one. Lysette continued to cook without hesitation.

Lysette cuts the meat into chunks and tenderizes it with the back of a knife. Season the meat with salt and spices, then melt the Dragon’s fat on a hot griddle and grill it.

[It can’t be… Hey!]

While grilling the meat, she takes care not to overcook it.

“It’s finished! Dragon Steak!”

Red Dragon Steak.

It still looks tough, so she cut it with a knife and put it in a bowl.

“I’m going to cook more so you can eat it before it gets cold.”

“Leon, let’s start with you.”

“You don’t mind?”

“It’s your coming-of-age present.”

Awebstories: Coming-of-age is 21Y/O, I think

“Hahaha… Thank you very much. Itadakimasu.”

Lysette continues to serve while looking at Leonhardt.

She hadn’t expected him to come to her aid so quickly, let alone with his former companions.

She couldn’t think of another way to express her gratitude.

—I’m happy that Leonhardt’s coming-of-age ceremony went well.

“It’s like Minotaur meat. It’s a little more tough.”


“It’s a cow monster. It was good.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever eat it again.” Dee said.

Their expressions are diametrically opposed.

—I’m curious about what it tastes like.

“Minotaur… I wish I could have some as well…”

“I think there was a little bit of it in the pot.”

“There is no longer.”

“I wish I could have tasted it…”

Lysette swears she’ll one day eat a minotaur.

“Of course, the dragon’s meat is delicious. It’s just… flesh and blood pulsing through my veins.”

“It’s kind of chewy… I like it.”

Dee’s face was relaxed as he spoke.

Dee had told them many times that this was a one-time-only relationship, but he had come this far. She can’t help but be grateful.

“What about Hilde-san?”

“I-I’m sorry—It’s quite difficult.”

Hilde is chewing with her mouth closed. She appears to be having difficulty swallowing.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Next to her, Gunter is munching vigorously.

“This is delicious! The best part is the blood dripping down!”

Lysette is delighted to see two of Leonhardt’s former companions back on the trail of Leonhardt.

“This dragon meat is crude yet noble. It has the flavor of iron…”

Douglas, a church knight, took a keen interest in the Dragon.

Lysette is both happy and worried that he, a knight of the church, has come to help her, a sinner.

“Come on, Lysette, finish your dragon meat. You’ve been craving it.”

Lysette bites into the Dragon Steak at Dee’s urging.

The juices spread slowly and had a firm texture.

It’s a taste she could never have had on her own.

Lysette laughs, savoring and swallowing.

“It tastes like victory!”


At that moment, the flame that had been cooking the meat suddenly exploded into scattered flames, blowing out the frying pan and the two-handed pot.

[Do not grill meat with the goddess’s relics!]

700+ 𝗔𝗱𝘃𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗱 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴



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Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie!

Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
Marquess Lysette was robbed of her saintly power as well as her fiance by her sister. She has also been stripped of her title for a crime she did not commit, and is now abandoned in the dungeon. It was practically a death sentence, but with the initial skill【Noble-Bloodline】, the skill points she gained were tripled, and she was able to solo through the dungeon quickly and easily with the skills 【Total-Attack Magic】 and 【Preemptive-Action】. But the food problem stood in Lysette’s way. “… I wonder if monsters can be eaten… H-How delicious! Alright! From now on, I’ll just enjoy the dungeon’s blessings!” Lysette loves her life in the dungeon, where she cooks monster dishes for the adventurers she meets. Meanwhile, her sister, the Saint, was experiencing a mysterious weakening of her powers.


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