Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Return to the surface│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

In the sixth layer, there were no stairs to descend.

Everyone walked through the Return-Gate with as much dragon material as they could carry in their item bags, went through the Return-Gate, and found themselves in front of the entrance to the Dungeon.

The light and air were very familiar to Lysette.

But the surface world she saw was nothing like the one she knew before entering the dungeon.

She was experiencing discomfort rather than nostalgia.

—It’s the Barrier.

The goddess’ barrier that covered the world became thinner and tattered as a fraying tapestry.

The sheer devastation made Lysette dizzy.

—What are you doing, Meldiana?

Saint is in charge of repairing the barrier.

The fact that the barrier is on the verge of collapse means that Saint Meldiana is not doing her job.

And what is Saint Meldiana doing when the barrier is about to fall?


Leonhardt wraps a cloth around her head. So they don’t see her face.

“Thank you.”

—I’d completely forgotten I was on the bounty.

Under the suspicious eyes of the adventurers, Lysette and her friends go to the church as planned.

They entered the Church of the Goddess on Norun territory. Accompanying them was Douglas, a church knight.

They are led into the church’s cathedral.

The church knights stand in front of the doors and by the windows on the walls, surrounding Lysette and the others.

The atmosphere is not welcoming. The church appears to have a negative opinion of the Lysettes.

As they wait and look at the goddesses depicted in the stained glass windows, three priests walk into the sanctuary.

Leading them is a young priest whom Lysette first met when she arrived in Norun.

She vaguely recalls fleeing his explanation and making her way to the dungeon.

Lysette removed the cloth she was wearing and proceeded to the point without saying any greetings.

“I have something I want you to buy for the Church of the Goddess, a Goddess relic found in the dungeon’s lowest level.”

“A relic?”

The eyes of the audience were filled with suspicion.

Lysette understands that this is not an easy story to believe.

Lysette takes a burning flame from her item-bag.

“This is the goddess of fire’s hair.”

It appears to be nothing more than a flame.

However, if you look closely, you will notice that it is a strand of burning hair.

The cathedral is now filled with sounds.

“How about a hundred million dollars in gold?”

“If it’s 100 million…”

“It’s a goddess’ relic. I believe it is reasonably priced. If you can’t, there are other options for converting it, so…”

“Please wait. I’ll call an appraiser.”

As the priest said this without losing his composure, a new person came into the hall.

“It was an elf.”

A black robed, black-haired, green-eyed elf—Lanial Mador, the alchemist of the [Black Cat’s Alchemy Pot] store.

“Yes, I always appreciate your patronage! Lanial Mador, alchemist and appraiser, here. I’m glad I came to church to see if something like this could happen!”

The priest in charge was taken aback by her unexpected appearance, but he did not dismiss the alchemist, Lanial. Maybe because she is an appraiser regularly hired by the church.

Lanial, the alchemist, bounces toward Lysette and immediately appraises her relic.

“This is the goddess’s hair…”

It doesn’t take long for the sanctuary to fill up.

Perhaps the story of the relic has spread throughout the church, as church workers and laity training to become priests gather inside the cathedral to watch.

“… Yes, this is real! It’s unmistakably the hair of Luludu, the fire goddess!

The cathedral was filled with a buzz of agitation and excitement.

“What?! Is this worth only a hundred million? What a steal! If the church refuses to purchase it, I will!

“P-Please wait a moment!”

The priest in charge of Lysette is trying to remain calm, but he can’t hide his agitation.

Perhaps there is no one above him in this local church who can make such a serious decision.

In the midst of the uproar, a man entered the church with pride, despite the fact that the church was full of agitation.

The older aristocrat approaches Lysette with an unfriendly expression on his face.

“Ara? I greet the acting Marquis of Claudis.”

Lysette bows politely to her father, the Acting Marquess of Claudis, who is thought to have put a price on her head.

Douglas had told her that she had a relative here, but she hadn’t expected him to be here, let alone travel for her sake.

A woman in a full-length veil stood behind the Acting Marquis.

She appeared frail and weak, like a twig on the verge of snapping.

“Give it to me, my daughter. You can’t handle it.”

Lysette shakes her head.

“I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t think there is any link between me and the acting marquis.”

“How dare you address your father in such a manner!”

“With all due respect, Marquis Claudis—You said you were going to break off the relationship between parents and children. Have you forgotten?”

When Lysette was arrested for insulting Saint, he certainly said so.

—And now to go back to being father and daughter only when it suits you?

And then

As she was appalled, the door in the back of the room, which was different from the one the Acting Marquis of Claudis came in through, violently opened.

“I’ve heard the story!

A young man appeared dashingly in the cathedral. A nobleman with cropped blue-silver hair and a luxurious coat entered, with his bodyguard proudly coming in.

“And now the Duke of Bern’s heir—One after the other… What exactly is going on here?

Lysette is taken aback by her former fiancé, Duke-heir Bernard Bern’s entrance.

After breaking up with Lysette because he thought she wasn’t good enough to be his wife, he claimed to have discovered true love shortly after the sacred mark was transferred to Meldiana.

“I have heard all this in letters from Saint Meldiana. If it really is a relic of the goddess, then it belongs to Saint Meldiana!”

Lysette shifted her gaze from the Acting Marquis to the Duke-heir.

“So, which of you is willing to pay 100 million gold for it?”

“Lysette. Can’t you hear what I’m saying? For a long time we—

“Don’t switch topics. Or… Are you planning on stealing for free?”


Bern’s next Duke pauses; it appears that he was planning to do so.

“If you don’t want to buy it, I’m done talking. Please leave so that we can continue our discussion with the church.

“…The church will pay 100 million gold for it.”

It was not a priest who said it, but a woman with a long veil over her head who stood behind the Acting Marquis.

Lysette recognized her even before she heard her voice, despite the fact that she showed no skin and had no visible face.

The voice, however, sounded slightly different through the veil.


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