Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 2

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The dungeon realm houses more than just criminals.

Rather, the proportion of criminals is very small.

Here live the original villagers, the merchants and craftsmen who keep the dungeon’s wealth, their families, and the adventurers who hope to make a fortune.

Lysette makes her way to the Dungeon, passing by these people.

From the earth rises a silvery-white, rocky mountain. A deep, dark pit in the ground. This is the dungeon’s entrance.

The entryway is well-kept and surrounded by cobblestones. The stairs are used by adventurers to enter and exit the dungeon.

The business was thriving.

“How wonderful! I’m madly in love…”

Lysette’s heart is pounding with excitement.

—It’s so lively that it appears to be like a tourist attraction in the royal capital, but the romance element is missing, but it’s minor.

“All right, then let’s…”

“Excuse me—Hey, could you come over here for a moment?”

Lysette is about to take a bold step forward when she hears a high, slow voice.

She turns to face the voice and sees a dark-haired, green-eyed elf in a black robe standing apart from the crowd, beckoning to Lysette.

She has a lovely face, as is typical of elves, but her demeanor is somewhat laid-back.

—Did I do something wrong? like not having manners before entering the dungeon?

“Hello. Can I help you?”

“You’re a rookie, aren’t you?”

As she looks at Lysette, her green eyes dart around. She looks to be completely human with the exception of her long, pointed ears.

However, the elf race lives ten times longer than humans. She may look like a girl, but she’s at least three times Lysette’s age.

“Yes—My name is Lysette. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“You’re a polite one—My name is Lanial Mador, and I am an alchemist.”

—Alchemist…one of those extraordinary individuals who create wondrous tools from the Dungeon Realm.

“Are you sure you’re going straight into the Dungeon, Lysette?”

“Yes, I am… I intend to, but am I breaking any etiquette rules?”

Despite having brought very little from home, Lysette’s clothes are comfortable and durable, and they are the only tangible possessions she could have brought with her.

It costs the same as a gown, but these aren’t just clothes. It’s also a memento from her grandmother, who has since passed away.

“You’re dressed nicely, but you’re not wearing any armor and don’t have a staff or a sword, do you? I can’t find anything on you, not even an item bag…”

Lysette is examined from head to toe by the alchemist, as if she were being evaluated.

“The Dungeon has no dress code, but it’s not a place where you can walk around casually, is it? You should first work outside to earn some money, purchase some equipment, and organize a party with your friends.”

She speaks slowly, but she says it all at once, leaving no room for jeers.

“That’s very kind of you, but I think I’ll be fine.”

“That’s insane. Do you have any evidence?”

“No, not at all.”

The alchemist is taken aback.

“Sigh, It can’t be helped. Here.”

A heart-shaped amulet is pressed against Lysette’s hand.

“This is a service for risk-taking newcomers. An item that will allow you to return after death


“… No way. How could you have given me such a valuable item?”

“Ahaha, it’s not that valuable—If you wear it, you will teleport out of the dungeon and your life will be saved, but if you die, you may lose your items.”

However, it will still save your life.

Even if you lose items, you can still bring back experience and knowledge.

“As quests progress, 【Return Gate】 becomes increasingly important—so, once you’ve died and realized the dungeon is dangerous, come to my shop 【Black Cat’s Alchemy Pot】.”

“I certainly will.”

“Yes, good answer. And this is an item bag for storing your luggage as a gift.”

The alchemist girl hands her a worn leather bag she’s been carrying on her shoulder.

“It has the ability to completely fill any item. I believe it is around twenty.”

“T-Thank you very much! What are you doing for me? I don’t have anything to offer right now.”

“Hmm, I’m sure you’ll become a big customer over time, and you seem like a nice girl—Perhaps a small investment?”

She slants her head and smiles mischievously.

“Thank you kindly—I will unquestionably return the favor.”

“All right, then, have a good Dungeon life.”


She follows the crowd and descends the stairs that lead into the dungeon. A pale light illuminates the stairs.

The further she walks, the fewer people she encounters. There used to be so many people, but she was alone before she knew it.

—What happened to the people in front and behind? They must have gone elsewhere.

Lysette is unaffected and continues walking.

The cold air eventually transforms into something moist and warm.

Stones feel rough on the bottoms of her shoes at first, but they change over time to feel like packed earth.

Then light shines through the darkness and the walls and ceilings vanish.

Before she knew it, Lysette found herself alone in the deep forest.

“It’s fantastic…”

She heaved a sigh of admiration.

“It truly is another world within the dungeon. The outside world appears to be influenced by it as well… I’m not sure who or how they made this. The church claims it’s the goddess’ grace. “

As she walks and looks up. A sliver of light from the sky shines through the trees.

She can hear birds singing in the distance. The forest resembles the forests of her previous home territory. Dense, quiet, and vibrant.

She takes a leisurely stroll through the forest. Her steps are quick. Only herself and the dungeon are present here.

There are no ties or burdens from the outside world.

—Even the air tasted good, hm?

She suddenly had a bad feeling and took a step back instinctively. Three masses of green liquid fall on the spot where she was only a moment ago.

The splashing sounds are made as a liquid green mass bounces on the ground.


She would have been choked with slime on her head if she hadn’t pulled back.

She takes some distance from them as they bounce around like jelly.

—Calm down

Skill activation【Preemptive-Action】—Fire-magic activated.

Flame Arrow!”

In front of Lysette, a red flame splits into three parts, each of which becomes an arrow that pierces the slime.

The Flame Arrow erupted in flames, burning the slime to the ground.

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