Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 1

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Sinner Lysette, you’ve been sentenced to holy duties in Dungeon territory.”

The saint’s clear voice falls over to Lysette, with her shackled hands.

Lysette, who was once the next duke’s betrothed, has been stripped of all honors, status, and assets, as well as her family name. She only has her clothes and the shackles that bind her hands.

Lysette looks ahead, her pale blonde hair blowing in the breeze.

Her blue eyes notice a small new town appearing in the mountains.

It is surrounded by walls and has only one entrance and one exit gate.

Since the birth of the dungeon, it has grown from a small village called Norun to a city of adventurers, merchants, and craftsmen from all over the world. The place is now managed by the Church of the Goddess.

The belief in a goddess who brings order and peace to the world is the most powerful religion in the world.

“If you pay the church 50 million gold, you will be cleansed of your sins—Do you have any last words?”

Lysette smiles as she turns around.

A beautiful green-haired girl dressed in white Saint’s clothing stands there.

—Saint Meldiana,

Lysette’s half-sister, the most precious treasure of the Church of the Goddess, with the Sacrament of the Goddess in her body

The Saint gives Lysette a loving smile.

“Thank you for your kindness and for seeing me off, Saint-sama.”

In the Church of the Goddess, there is no death penalty. The harshest punishment is to be sent to the dungeon territory, where a sinner is not permitted to leave until he or she has earned and paid the church for the gold earned.

Lysette was the Marquise of Claudis’ official heiress, but she was imprisoned for the mortal sin of insulting the saint.

It makes no difference whether this is true or not. When those suspicions surfaced, Lysette’s life was over. No one, not even Lysette’s family, assisted her.

Her grandfather, grandmother, and mother had all died, and her father, who had taken over the Claudis family after her mother’s death, was caring for his illegitimate daughter, Meldiana.

The father loved the daughter, who wasn’t descended from the Marquis line.

When the saint’s sign appeared in Lysette, he transferred the saint’s sign to Meldiana using an illegal technique because Meldiana wanted to become the saint.

And Lysette was dispatched as Sinner, as if to obliterate the evidence.

“Good day, everyone.”

They can take away her honor, status, and assets, but they can never take away her knowledge and pride. Lysette walked inside the gate.

without looking back once.

The sound of air rushing past Lysette’s ears the moment she stepped inside the gate.

Lysette raises her eyebrows briefly before continuing on her way. And a priest stands in the middle of the wide, deserted street.

“Welcome to Norun—Here is your identification card.”

Lysette’s shackles are first removed by the young priest, who is also her handler.

Then he takes a metal card from his pocket, small enough to fit in his palm, and hands it to Lysette.

The card is thin and gleams like it’s made of platinum.

It bears Lysette’s name, race, age, and the word 【Sinner】 inscribed on it. It even mentions 50 million gold pieces for atonement.

—Fifty million dollars in gold is enough money for the average citizen to live for two lifetimes. It might be possible if I were a marquess, but now that I’m on my own, it’s not an amount of money I can earn with a decent job.

And she can’t leave the Dungeon Realm as long as the word Sinner doesn’t vanish.

—This ID card controls the gates, which are surrounded by a magical wall. According to the carriage driver on the way here from the royal capital, criminals are not permitted to leave this realm.

Lysette can either spend the rest of her life in this dungeon, earn gold through menial labor, or seek redemption through death.

This is Lysette’s only option.

Lysette examines the back of the card, which lists her previous skills.

【Fire-magic (Beginner)】

—Magic… I was hoping for a vanguard, but… I think I can handle this one.

If you look closely, you can see a list of current skill points and skills that can be obtained.

Lysette secretly smiled when she saw 【Preemptive-Action】—a skill that allows you to take preemptive action when confronted with a monster.

“There is a way to collect holy coins without having to enter the perilous dungeon—Don’t give up (me)…”

“Thank you very much, Priest. Then I’ll go to the dungeon right away, so please be cautious when you return.”

“What? I’m not finished yet, hey!”

Lysette dashed past the priest who was attempting to keep her there and made her way to the dungeon’s entrance.

Outside the gate, the group that escorted Lysette here are still visible behind her, and she can feel Saint Meldiana’s gaze on her.

—I want to leave this place as soon as possible and go to the Dungeon.

Lysette kicks the ground and runs toward the city’s north end.

—To the Dungeon!

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