Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I’ll Try It!│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“Did I win…?”

Lysette wonders as she stares at the charred, motionless slimes.

—I won!

There’s no denying it.

There is no trace of the monsters left.

“Thank goodness…”

She feels relieved.

—I’m glad I used all of my initial skill points to get 【Preemptive-Action】

—I won my first battle. I should be able to fight the lower-tier monsters if I can make a full-scale magic attack with my first move. I was fortunate to have acquired a spell that could perform an entire attack upon its initial acquisition.

“Well, this seems to work. Let’s proceed with caution.”

She then continues to explore the Dungeon Forest, using her flame arrows to kill slimes, giant insects, insectivorous flowers, and giant toads.

On the way, she picked up a dagger that had fallen on the road.

—It must have been dropped.

It appears to be a common dagger, but Lysette, who lacks the ability to appraise, has no idea how good it is.Nonetheless, it is a useful weapon. She puts the dagger through her belt.

“However, what a pleasant aroma…”

Lysette’s appetite is piqued by the indescribable spicy smell of roasting monsters.

—I’m curious if monsters can be eaten…

Her hunger grows as she considers this.

—Actually, I haven’t eaten anything in the last half-day.

—Even before that, I didn’t eat much because I’m a “sinner”…


She examined a freshly roasted toad.

It was browned and almost completely cooked through.

“B-But there’s no seasoning or sauce. There is no knife, fork, or plate…”

It isn’t pretty.

But, in this life-or-death situation, being petty is not an option.

Hunger and hunger make us rewrite our thoughts.

—In addition, when I was a child, my grandmother taught me how to live a survival life. The feeling of that time rushes back to me.

—It could be poisonous… My body may suffer negative consequences. But…

She looked around. There didn’t appear to be any other adventurers in the area besides Lysette.

Lysette returns to the small dagger (Unidentified) she had earlier picked up. She squeezes a large leaf from a nearby tree around the frog’s ankle to keep it in place.

The dagger blade is placed at the joint at the base of the leg and repeatedly inserted to cut it off.

“How bulky—It’s also very hot.”

The well-developed muscles weigh a lot. And the inside is scorching.

The skin is scraped away to reveal the flesh. The flesh was slightly pinkish-white, similar to chicken.

—I’ve eaten frogs before. Of course, they weren’t as large as these.

That’s why she didn’t feel much resistance.

Her heart was pounding with excitement.

The thrill, fear, or romance of the unknown.

“Thank you for the food…”

She bites into the meat as the steam rises.

There are no manners in this place. Etiquette teachers would be horrified if they saw her. However, that is most likely the best way to consume this meat.

Hot juices ooze from the meat when you bite into it. The light but flavorful juices soak into your hungry stomach.


She’s about to burst into tears.

—There’s no odor… and there’s plenty of juice… I can’t seem to stop eating!


A high-pitched sound like a violent ringing in her ears rang through the forest a moment after she was absorbed in her meal.

The atmosphere drastically changes, as if the idyllic spring forest has given way to winter.

Lysette looks up, meat in hand, and notices a black sphere floating nearby.

To defend oneself or attack the enemy, the surface is covered in thin, sharp spines.

It appears to be…

—A giant flying sea urchin!

She braces herself for an attack, fearing that the sting of the spines will be painful. The strange appearance is unlike anything Lysette has ever seen. It’s difficult to believe it’s a living thing.

A cold sweat runs down her back.

—Should I flee and try to get out of the dungeon?

Fighting a life-threatening opponent without a strategy is reckless. She can probably escape if she uses the 【Preemptive Strike】 skill.


Lysette recalled the alchemist’s gift,【Heart-Substitution】—You will be thrown out of the Dungeon even if you die here. In this dungeon, death is not the end.

Dying is terrifying. But fleeing is even scarier. If you flee here, you will never be able to return. Your mind will be enslaved by fear.

—I will forge my own path!

Lysette now has nothing to lose.

Her spirit is more liberated than any other. Power rises from the deepest part of her body.


Lysette is determined to fight rather than flee.

—A flame more powerful than the Flame Arrow…

【Fire-magic (Beginner)】

Lysette is protected by a flame.

It’s a fierce flame, one that feels sacred.

Lysette made a thrusting stance.


Instead of concentrating the flame, it is concentrated into one. Yes, like a spear that slaughters its enemies.


The magical flame strikes the giant sea urchin head-on. The center and surrounding spines are burned, and the giant sea urchin falls to the ground in a plume of white smoke.

The giant sea urchin’s body split in two as the flames died down.

And a large, gleaming amber stone lay in the center of the charred body.

Lysette is taken aback by the jewel-like glow.

“Did I win…?”

She thinks to herself. Nothing, however, can deny the proof of victory.

“Did I succeed? I won! I did it! —Aren’t I pretty amazing?”

The sea urchin’s black shell vanishes like mist before Lysette’s eyes. Only an amber-colored stone remains.

A gleaming gemstone-sized stone that can be lifted with both hands.

Then a blue ball of light floats directly above it.

She understood it as a matter of course when she saw the blue light. She should be able to return to the outside of the dungeon if she touches it.

And before she knew it, a stairway to the bottom appeared in the thicket of the forest.

—Should I go back like this or go further?

Lysette decided.


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