Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Peaceful Life

“Haru, what should we do?”

“I’ll write letters. To Sherry-san and everyone at the inn, Cyril-san, Pauline-san, Conrad-san, and all the people who have helped us.”

“Are we using this after all?”

In Victor’s hand were two identification cards that Conrad-san had handed him, placed in wooden frames like photo stands. Along with the identification cards, a considerable amount of gold coins was also given to us. The identification cards had different names for both of us.

After finishing writing several brief letters, we specifically told the people at the inn, “We’re heading to the capital.” Then we set off. 

In reality, we were heading north to the Sloane territory, crossing through the deep forest and crossing the border to the neighboring kingdom of Easedale.

“If we don’t escape now, Haru will undoubtedly be bound to this country. The country won’t leave you alone forever. Although the prince reluctantly promised after negotiating in front of the public, for now, they’re just leaving us alone for the sake of the citizens. Eventually, we’ll be absorbed by the country. Don’t you hate that?”

“Yeah, I hate it.”

It was through a conversation like this with Victor that our decision to go to the neighboring country was made.

“Haru, let’s go to a neighboring country where no one knows our faces.”

“Let’s go! I wonder what kind of country it is.”

“I don’t know much either, but we have a highly skilled wizard with us. Leave it to me, and rest assured.”

“Fufufu. I’m counting on you, highly skilled one.”

Early in the morning, the two of us mounted our horses and headed north. 

If we could enter the neighboring country before anyone noticed our escape, it would be ours. Laughing to ourselves, we urged the horses forward.

“Haru, what do you want to do once we reach the neighboring country?”

“I want to explore the markets!”

“You still love markets, huh?”

“Oh, markets are the best fun!”

We each only had one piece of luggage. We could gradually acquire personal belongings from now on.

“Once we arrive in the neighboring country, I want to settle down and live a peaceful life.”

“Yeah, let’s live happily together.”

“Yes! This time, we don’t need curtains made of bed sheets.”


And now, we were at an inn in the neighboring kingdom of Easedale.

“Is this really enough?”

“Yeah, this is enough.”

On the table in front of me were a letter addressed to my younger brothers and parents from my original world and a basket overflowing with fruits. In the letter, I wrote about how I was living well in another world and sent the fruits of this world as proof of my life there. The fruits were pear-like in shape, with a deep red color and a crunchy texture, similar to Perle pears. They were a specialty of the Easedale Kingdom.

“Alright, let’s send them.”


Within the small magic circle drawn by Victor, the letters and fruits glowed with a pale blue light and disappeared. Victor said that the burn marks he had when he summoned me had healed.

“How about that? With the genius summoner’s touch, this is nothing.”

With a proud smile on his face, I gave Victor a peck on the cheek and said, “Victor, you’re exaggerating with the genius talk. Now, let’s go to the market today!” and headed towards the door.

“Yeah, let’s go. Maybe we’ll stumble upon a business opportunity.”


From then on, we settled down in Easedale and lived happily. In the Kingdom of Kholdar, they seemed to be greatly disappointed by the disappearance of the saint and were desperately searching for her. However, they didn’t seem to have any intention of informing other countries about the saint’s disappearance. Perhaps they were afraid of other countries taking the saint. 

After some time, I secretly received a letter from Pauline-san, who had become Cyril-san’s wife. According to the letter, the king had expected a marriage between me and Prince Eldred. Phew, that was close! I’m glad I escaped to this place!

Pauline-san said that once the handover was complete, she would retire and make way for a new visionary wizard.

As for the Prime Minister, he was stripped of his responsibilities and demoted to a commoner, and he was also sentenced to five years in prison. I didn’t feel sorry for him. Rather, I thought it was fortunate that he wasn’t executed.

Thanks to that, we lived a carefree life. Occasionally, I secretly used healing magic on people who were suffering from injuries or illnesses and had no money for treatment. But our main source of income was selling rice porridge and gelato with various toppings. Rice porridge and gelato sold well in this country too.

With the reward money we received from the Kingdom of Kholdar, we bought a small house with a garden and grew vegetables and flowers. In the middle of the garden, a small flower bed was created, and a golden powder that only I could see was overflowing from it. Following Cyril-san’s example, I looked for a house in such a place. 

There was a woman in the neighborhood suffering from back pain, so I invited her for tea and had her sit on the bench in front of this flower bed. The result, of course. . .

Word spread among the neighbors that if they went to that house and sat on the garden chair, they would feel better. People who were desperate for relief started coming one by one.

I secretly used healing magic little by little on those who believed in the rumor and came to visit. I only gently brought my hand close to their bodies. A double healing from the magic of the earth. Of course, the effect was outstanding!

On our days off from business, we walked around searching for places where the magic of the earth was welling up. We placed benches in the spots where the golden powder was blowing strongly. Victor decorated the backrests with the words “Chair of Healing” in fancy letters.

“I think it’s not good to just place benches on someone else’s land without permission,” I said, but Victor replied, “In this world, as long as it’s considered a good deed, no one will complain.” But as someone raised in Japan, it bothered me. So, I decided to write a letter explaining the reason for placing the bench and a small amount of money to the landowners and send it anonymously.

One day, it seemed that the landowners had no complaints about the benches suddenly appearing. All the benches remained as they were, and it seemed that they were being carefully cleaned and maintained.

The Chairs of Healing became a quiet topic of conversation in the Easedale Kingdom. People who sat on the benches gradually felt better.

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