Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Will of the Earth

That night, Victor and I were invited to stay at the royal palace, but we politely declined and headed to the inn called Aura.

The next magic power drop is in three days, in the Sloane region.

That cloud seems to be restoring the power of the ravaged land, as if wanting to return it in order. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

Perhaps I didn’t collapse this time because I’m used to it. Or maybe the patterns engraved on my body are serving as protection. It seems that no one knows for sure. However, when I received that light, the patterns on my arm shone brightly in a golden color, visible even through my clothes.

“I can’t believe you turned down an invitation from the palace!”

Pauline-san says, but I didn’t do it to be praised by the king, and Victor also says, “There’s no need for us to go there now.”

At Aura, I was able to reunite with familiar faces. The innkeeper, Modal-san, the head servant, Claire-san, and the cook, Miles-san. And, Connie-chan, who was in the same room!

We hugged each other one by one and rejoiced.

“Haru! You’re the Saint-sama!”

Claire-san is gripping my arm, but she’s putting too much strength into it, and it hurts.

“Yes, when lightning struck you, Claire-san almost fainted!”

As for me, I almost fainted for a different reason a little while ago.

In fact, those patterns had spread. 

When I noticed that delicate, white, intricate plant patterns were engraved on my upper body, from my wrist to my shoulder and a little below my décolletage, as if an artist had painted them from both the front and back, I thought I was going to lose consciousness.

It’s beautiful! It’s stunning! It just feels like I’m not ordinary anymore. It’s certain that they will increase every time I receive that thing, right?

But well, there’s nothing I can do about it. Yeah, it can’t be helped. It’s pointless to worry. I can’t even bring myself to say, “I don’t want patterns on my body anymore.”

And Victor, with a serious face, says things like, “The most beautiful patterns in the world.” That’s what calms me down the most.

That night turned into a banquet. We all ate Miles-san’s delicious food and drank wine. Cyril-san also joined us, and we laughed, talked, and made a lot of noise. In the midst of the commotion, Connie-chan got drunk, stumbled, and dropped and broke the plate she was carrying.

“Oh no, I did it. Modal-san, you will deduct it from my salary? You will, right?”

“Forget about that, look, you cut your finger while picking it up, didn’t you? It’s bleeding a little. Quickly, treat it!”

“Connie-chan, I have a good ointment with me. I’ll apply it for you.”

Just as I was about to take out the ointment from my bag and bring my hand closer, something happened. My fingertips started to emit a white light, and the cut on Connie-chan’s finger closed up as if I had barely touched it.

“Huh? Huh? Huh?”

Connie-chan and I were taken aback, and Pauline-san muttered, 

“Wow, Saint-sama is the real deal. Haru has gained the ability to use healing magic.”

“Huh? Spells? I don’t know anything about them, and I haven’t chanted anything.”

With a clatter, Victor stood up, his eyes intoxicated with alcohol. He stared at his own hand and suddenly lightly cut his palm with a silver knife that was on the table. Instantly, red blood welled up, and the women screamed.

“What are you doing, Victor!”

Victor, with his bleeding hand, held it out in front of me and said, 

“Try healing my wound too.”

“But I don’t know how!”

I was angry, but there was no way to do it either.

As soon as I took Victor’s hand, the wound closed up rapidly. Oh, wow. I’m surprised myself.

“If I can use healing magic, does that mean I have magical power within me now?”

“Well… Could it be because such an enormous amount of magical power passed through you? Is it because of those patterns? No, I don’t know. Shall we go to the royal palace together and have it examined tomorrow?”

“Ah, no. I have a feeling it will become even more troublesome. Instead, hey everyone, if there’s something I can heal while my healing magic is still active, let me heal it!”

“Huh? Is it okay? Can we receive Saint-sama’s healing magic?” They teased, but everyone’s eyes sparkled, and they couldn’t help but smile.

After that, I healed Modal-san’s back pain, Miles-san’s tendonitis, Claire-san’s stiff shoulders, and Connie-chan’s acne. It was a grand display of healing magic.

We made a ruckus until midnight. As everyone started to drop one by one, Connie-chan and I said goodnight and entered the prepared rooms.

The next morning, we rode in a luxurious carriage that came from the palace and chased after the golden clouds. We advanced along the forest road, aiming for the clouds in the Sloane territory. So, the golden clouds circled around the country and returned to their original course.

I couldn’t find any of the places where the golden powder used to gush out, which I had seen before. Does that mean it’s depleted now? Like when you draw too much groundwater and the well dries up?

Is that cloud trying to restore it? When I mentioned this to Victor, he said, 

“It’s just speculation, but it might be the will of the earth trying to return to its original state.”

While having such a conversation, Hugh, the elderly man who is knowledgeable about ancient documents and is riding in the carriage with us, diligently transcribed everything. He volunteered to be in charge of recording the records related to the saint. I don’t want these conversations to be recorded until they become ancient documents.

“Hugh-san, please stop recording our casual conversations. Also, I’m not that grand of a person. Please treat me casually.”

“To have Saint-sama call my name, it is the utmost honor.”

“Hugh-san, you’re exaggerating. If you don’t talk to me normally, I’ll ask to be moved to another carriage.”

“Oh, that would be troublesome. I came here to record Saint-sama’s deeds.”

While he says it’s for recording, I hope he doesn’t embellish it to a scary level. After this disaster is over, I plan to live as an ordinary commoner, so please don’t make things difficult for me in my daily life.

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