Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: At the Reforestation Site

The moment I stepped into the tornado, which was scattering golden sparks, I felt as if I was surrounded by dense and warm mist. Overwhelmed by the brightness, I instinctively closed my eyes.


When I opened my eyes in response to the murmurs coming from behind me, the golden tornado that had enveloped me was gradually thinning. From the bottom, the golden swirls seemed to unravel and disappear with a swishing sound.

As I looked up, following the unraveling motion, the tornado slowly vanished up into the clouds, signaling the end.

“So the clouds won’t disappear, huh? It won’t be that easy.”


I turned around at the sound of Victor’s voice, and he and Pauline-san came running towards me.

The clouds were slowly shifting, and the square was completely covered by a golden cloud. Despite being covered by the cloud, the square was brighter than usual, illuminated by a soft light.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Nothing happened to me.”

Victor suddenly hugged me tightly and buried his face in my head. His long brown hair fell on my face, carrying Victor’s pleasant scent.


“I, I thought my heart was going to stop.”

I gently patted Victor’s back to calm him down, and his brown eyes, which seemed on the verge of tears, peered into mine.

“It’s okay. But more importantly, the clouds haven’t disappeared.”

“I will use my foresight. I will foresee the future of Deals.”

“We’re counting on you.”

Pauline-san disappeared into the tent, and the prince came over to me, replacing her. 

“Haru, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Your Highness, Pauline-san has been foreseeing scenes where the ground is eroded and buildings are completely cut off. Until those clouds disappear, we can’t feel completely safe.”

The prince’s face showed surprise.

“So there were such foresights!”

“These foresights have only recently appeared. That’s why I think we need to determine the whereabouts of those clouds.”

“I see. Then I will discuss the future plans.”

The townspeople were immediately ordered to return home, and the square was left with only the soldiers.

We returned to the tent and started devising our future strategies. First, we needed to identify which areas would have large holes dug into the ground and which buildings would be cut off.

“How about letting Pauline draw the scenes and show them to someone familiar with the area?”

The vice commander suggested, and the prince agreed.

“That’s a good idea. Also, how long can Pauline continuously use her foresight? We need to consider that so that she doesn’t run out of magical power at a critical moment.”

“Your Highness, you don’t need to worry about that.”


“The amount of magical power I use for my foresight is not significant. It is actually influenced by physical stamina. Please identify the specific moments when foresight is needed. I will provide foresight in order of importance.”

Wow, she’s cool. Pauline-san, who usually has a modest attitude, looks dignified and cool.

After that, Pauline-san went into the tent and continued her foresight endlessly, accompanied by Cyril-san. 

Now, I am standing in the square with Victor. The clouds are still shining. The flickering light, resembling tens of thousands of sparklers, would be beautiful if I didn’t have to think about what comes next. I’m not the only one who thinks that way; the soldiers, as well as those who fear it and even those with innocent childlike expressions, are gazing at it.

The upper floors of the two- and three-story buildings surrounding the square seem to be residential, and many townspeople are looking up at the sky from their windows. Those who remain here are probably people without magical power, so they might be curious, but it makes my heart feel restless.


Based on Pauline-san’s foresight, the location where the ground would be dug up was identified. It turned out to be a place at the northern edge of the town of Deals, where tree seedlings were being nurtured. In the Sumner territory, they utilize the abundant forest resources through reforestation. However, the foresight indicated that the reforestation site would be dug up.

There was a senior soldier on the border who was clearly disappointed that the clouds were not heading straight to the neighboring kingdom but moving north within the kingdom. Crown Prince Eldred scolded the soldier, who seemed to have a role.

“Don’t say such foolish things! If that cloud flows from our country to another, it will be thought that [Kholdar Kingdom intentionally sent disaster]. It will become a source of unnecessary conflict!”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought, “Exactly.” I’m relieved that the prince has a normal sense of things.

“By the way, how can a mass of magical power like that cloud dig into the ground? Will another tornado occur?”

“We don’t know that, so for now, we can only keep people away.”

Thus, the soldiers quickly prohibited entry to the reforestation site. On the night specified by Pauline, it happened.

Although the tornado disappeared, the massive accumulation of magical power continued to rotate without weakening, slowly moving towards the reforestation site. In front of the people who were watching with bated breath, the surroundings suddenly became bright for a moment. It seemed like the edge of the disc-shaped cloud had lit up.

Unable to open their eyes due to the brightness, when everyone’s vision finally cleared, the reforestation site had been gouged out into a large bowl-shaped area with a diameter of about a hundred meters. The area was filled with a strong smell of burnt soil and trees. Despite such extensive damage, there was no sound or vibration.

“If something like this. . . if it happened in the urban area, it would be a major disaster!”

The voice of Crown Prince Eldred represented the thoughts of everyone present.


Only one month left until the great disaster foreseen by Pauline.

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