Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Saint girl (tentative)

Since we arrived at the plaza, we have been discussing with the prince and Vice Commander Douglas-sama. 

That I can see magical power. 

That I can see whirlwinds that steal magical power. 

That I can nullify magic attacks. 

That I have a monster under my command.

After much deliberation, I also mentioned Kuro. Both His Highness and Douglas-sama were astonished when they saw Kuro appear, but they accepted Kuro’s presence.

“I understand now. Haru, even without magical power, you possessed such hidden power. We let it slip without properly discerning it. How foolish of us.”

After His Highness said that, he put his fingertips on his chin and continued speaking.

“However, it’s hard to believe that you can nullify magic attacks. Could you show us outside once?”

“Yes. I will show you. Right now, for Victor and Pauline-san, for everyone in the kingdom who has been kind to me, I want to be of some use. Please witness my power.”

We went out to the plaza and demonstrated my power in front of the three hundred soldiers who were looking at us and saying, “What’s going on?”

I am already prepared. Victor and Pauline-san wouldn’t have made a mistake in their duties. I had to convince myself that it was right for me to be summoned. Otherwise, I would be paralyzed with fear of the great disaster I would face in the future.

First, Victor unleashed an Ice Lance towards me.

“Ice Lance!”

“. . .Ohhh!”

Before the ice spear could harm me, it disappeared, and everyone murmured in surprise. The townspeople without magical power who were watching from the corner of the plaza screamed, but then they fell silent.

After that, Pauline-san and Victor simultaneously released fireballs and ice spears, but they also vanished. Then the prince said, “Can I try as well?” and appeared, unleashing a fireball much larger than Victor’s, with a whitish color and a high temperature, towards me.

Of course, the prince’s fireball also disappeared, scattering golden dust. Then, the soldiers and townspeople who had been watching from a distance erupted into thunderous applause. Moreover, after the applause, voices saying, “It’s Saint-sama.” “That person was Saint-sama,” could be heard from various people.

“Huh? No, I’m not a saint. . .”

As I panicked, the townspeople and soldiers drowned out my voice, chanting, “Saint-sama!” “Saint-sama!” until the prince said, “Quiet down.”

The plaza finally calmed down, but I couldn’t bear being stared at by everyone with sparkling eyes, so I couldn’t help but scream.

“Please listen! I haven’t done anything to be of help yet! So please stop calling me Saint-sama!”

“No! You possess such incredible power! There’s no doubt you are Saint-sama!”

“That’s right! That’s right! It’s Saint-sama!”

No, no, no, please stop. Seriously, please stop. How can someone as clumsy as me be Saint-sama?

“Haru, please accept the joy of the people here.”

“W-Well then! I’ll just pretend to be a saint for now! Until I can truly be of help to everyone!”

Everyone looked puzzled, but they said, “As expected of Saint-sama, so modest!” Ahhh, it’s a layer of misunderstanding.

As I felt the urge to scratch my head, a person on horseback rushed into the plaza. That’s. . . Cyril-san!

“Cyril-san! Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Haru, it’s here! A golden cloud accompanied by a tornado is coming! I saw it on my way here and got worried, so I came to inform you.”

The soldiers became restless.

“How far has it come?”

Douglas-san approached Cyril-san.

“Cyril-san, this is Vice Commander Douglas-sama.”

When Pauline-san introduced them, Cyril-san, who had been wide-eyed and rolling his eyes, straightened his back and bowed.

“I apologize for my rudeness. The cloud should be visible above the forest soon.”

Following Cyril-san, three soldiers on lookout duty rushed in.

“It’s here! The golden cloud is coming this way!”

Everyone in the plaza looked up at the sky above the forest. At first, the boundary between the forest and the plaza became even brighter during the daytime. Then, “it” appeared there. A golden cloud that sparkled and crackled like condensed sparks of incense fireworks. It was slowly rotating, with something like the eye of a typhoon in the center. And from the cloud, a golden tornado was hanging down.

Screams rose from the townspeople. The soldiers looked at the prince and the vice commander, seeking orders.

“Those with magical power, move away because your magic will be stolen! I will see if I can dispel the tornado!”

Many people were watching as I walked towards the forest. The tornado had become much larger than a whirlwind. Suppressing the feeling of fear, I started walking.


Victor ran over and grabbed my arm.

“I’m going too.”

“No, absolutely not. You are currently exhausted and unable to use magic. If you have confidence in your summoning, stay away. Believe in your summoning ability. Witness that summoning me was the right thing to do.”

I shook off Victor’s arm, which had stopped me, and continued walking. Eventually, I was swallowed up by the golden tornado.

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