Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Appraisal

The next day, when I woke up, a voice called out from the corner of the room.

“Good morning, Haru-sama. I will assist you with changing your clothes.”

“Good morning, Sherry-san. Where are the clothes?”

Sherry-san pointed to a door that opened, revealing a space as spacious as a cramped one-room apartment in Tokyo. Inside, there were numerous dresses, shoes, hats, accessories, and more.

“No one would know my size, right? I hope they fit.”

“The person who helped you change yesterday has a rough idea of your size. It should be fine, I believe.”

When I tried on the baby blue dress that was handed to me, it fit perfectly. The shoes fit perfectly too. The palace maids are amazing. They’re professionals.

Eager to learn more about the situation and explain the case of mistaken identity, I asked Sherry-san, who was smiling, for a conversation while she set up breakfast. From a wagon that seemed to be waiting in the hallway, she arranged hot tea, milk, plum-like fruits, round bread, soft-boiled eggs, boiled thin slices of meat, and butter.


Apparently, “Itadakimasu” is not a custom here, as Sherry-san tilted her head in confusion. However, the meals were all fresh, the milk was rich, and the tea had a delightful aroma. Everything was delicious.

After feeling satisfied, I pressed Sherry-san, saying, “Now, I want to talk to someone who knows the situation.” Finally, I was able to meet with Prime Minister Benedict Farrar-san.

The room was overall dimly lit, and on the other side of a large desk sat Prime Minister Benedict. The chair I was told to sit on had dark-colored fabric, a high backrest, and the whole room felt like the depths of the sea.

Prime Minister Benedict had that scary smile that doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Haru-sama, are you tired? I see, you’re fine then. So, what would you like to discuss?”

If the room was the depths of the sea, then the Prime Minister was a deep-sea fish. Sharp gaze, flawless body movements, and a low voice.

“Everything. Why was I summoned here and what is expected of me? How long will this last? How can I return to my original world? I have many questions.”

Prime Minister Benedict stared at me with his turquoise eyes as I spoke, then he ran his fingers through his dark brown hair before explaining.

“Our visionary wizard foresaw a major disaster some time ago. This person has never been wrong before. According to the vision, it is a calamity that will greatly impact the fate of our country. And it was foretold that a girl with black eyes and black hair should be summoned to prevent it.”

“But I don’t possess such incredible powers.”

“No, the visionary wizard specifically stated that a black-eyed, black-haired maiden would be summoned. That is you, Haru-sama. You simply haven’t discovered your own power yet. Today, we have called someone who can read your power, so please rest assured.”

“So if I can prevent the disaster, will I be able to return to my original world?”

The Prime Minister, who had a similar atmosphere to the aggressive sales department manager, gave a suspiciously deep smile.

“It is crucial for both of us to make efforts towards that outcome.”

Deep-sea fish never give any promises like that.

Could it be. . . I won’t be able to go back? Anxiety tightened my chest.

Eventually, I was guided to another room, and an old woman with white hair entered. The old woman respectfully bowed and gestured for me to sit in the chair in front of her.

Soon, important-looking people also entered, their eyes sparkling.

“I am the Appraiser Magician, Woodywa. Today, I will appraise Haru-sama’s powers.”

Saying that, she took out a small round dish-like object from a box on the small table between us. She then held her left hand over the dish and placed her right hand on her chest, muttering something.

Just like when Sherry-san did it, golden small stars overflowed from the palm of her hand over the dish, and water sprang forth from it.

As I was captivated by the phenomenon unfolding before my eyes, the water that had appeared in the center of the dish rapidly increased in volume, filling the dish’s rim in an instant. Amazing. Where did this come from?

“Now, please place your hand over this dish.”

The wizard old lady called out to me, snapping me back to reality. I hurriedly placed my right hand over the dish filled with water. Of course, no golden stars appeared. Woodywa-san widened her eyes in surprise.

“This is. . . Haru-sama, try using your left hand this time.”


I placed my left hand over the dish. Then, the Prime Minister couldn’t hold back and interjected.

“Well, Woodywa, what do you see?”

Woodywa-san, with her wrinkled face wearing a helpless expression, answered.

“Prime Minister-sama, surprisingly, nothing. This person doesn’t possess any magical power at all.”

“T-That can’t be right. The summoning was a success. Investigate again!”

I was examined over and over, changing hands multiple times.

“There is no mistake. Haru-sama doesn’t have any magical power whatsoever.”

I told you so! When I turned around, the Prime Minister, who resembled a deep-sea fish, glared at me as if saying, “I’ll kill you with my eyes!”


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