Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Mistaken Identity!

“Oh! Success!”

“We did it!”

Surrounded by people, I was crouching down due to severe dizziness.

(What? What happened?)

I was supposed to have been watering the plants on the balcony just a moment ago. My younger brothers are about to come over.

“Someone, help. I’m dizzy.”

Even though I shouted, no one answered. Was my voice too soft? But I couldn’t shout loudly because I felt nauseous.

Excited men were hugging and shaking hands. They were all foreigners. Moreover, they were dressed strangely. When I looked down, the floor I was crouching on had intricate patterns drawn with white lines.

“Welcome, Saint-sama, to our Kingdom of Kholdar!”

A handsome young man with a striking appearance reached out his hand to help me up. Still feeling dizzy, I took the man’s hand and stood up.

“Just as I foresaw, black eyes and black hair!”

“Saint-sama, please tell us your name.”

The people around fell silent and stared at me. Huh? What? Name? What does “saint” mean?

“I’m Ayukawa Haru. Haru is my first name. Ayukawa is my last name.”

“Haru-sama, thank you for coming. We wholeheartedly welcome you to our country!”

Wait, hold on. Can someone explain the situation to me? Thinking that, I looked around and made eye contact with a cool middle-aged man who gave off a vibe of “he must have been quite handsome in his younger days.”

That cool uncle called out to the handsome man who was holding my hand.

“Eldred, don’t panic like that. The saint is confused, isn’t she? First, explain the situation.”

“Oh, right, Father. I got excited and panicked.”

The handsome man called Eldred offered me a chair. Phew, I can finally sit down.

“Haru, I am King Wilfred Argain Kholdar. This is my son, Crown Prince Eldred.”

King? Crown Prince?

Could this be a prank? But wait, is this. . .reality?

From there, the Prime Minister, a middle-aged man, explained the situation to me.

“Our Kingdom of Kholdar is ruled by wizards. A year ago, our kingdom’s visionary wizard foresaw a great calamity. It seems that this calamity will overturn the very foundation of our country.”


“To prevent this calamity, Summoner Victor, who possesses special powers, summoned Haru-sama from another world.”

Summoned? Where am I? Kholdar Kingdom, where is that?

“Huh? Special powers? I don’t have anything like that. I’m just an ordinary human. Are you mistaking me for someone else? If you made a mistake, can you send me back?”

Upon hearing my words, a momentary annoyance flickered across the face of the man called the Prime Minister and then disappeared. He quickly put on a friendly smile, but this person is scary. He feels like the same kind of person as our aggressive sales department manager.

And that Victor person, he looks pale and about to collapse, doesn’t he?

“Well, well, there’s no need to panic. The extent of the summoned person’s powers will become clear in due time. Now, please take a rest for a while. . .”

The Prime Minister’s words were interrupted midway.

Then, this Victor person made a loud thud and collapsed onto the hard floor. Did he hit his head? It sounded like a head hitting the ground, right?

At that point, the conversation was temporarily suspended, and I was led to a luxurious room. While I was served tea and drinking it, there was a back-and-forth exchange of “Please save our country.” “No, it’s impossible.” How desperate are these people?

Both sides were troubled, and for the time being, I was advised to rest.

I’d like that. First, I want to be alone.

The women wearing long maid uniforms helped me change out of my regular clothes and into a fancy nightgown, then told me to sleep on the bed.

At first, there were many maids, but when I got into bed, they all left except for one, a woman around my age who seemed calm.



“What is your name?”

“I am Sherry, Saint-sama.”

“Sherry-san, I’m not sleepy yet, so may I ask you some questions? Also, please call me Haru.”

“Yes. If there’s anything I can help you with, Haru-sama.”

However, Sherry-san didn’t know many details. She only knew that I was summoned according to the prophecy of the visionary .

“What kind of great disaster is it?”

“Even the visionary doesn’t know.”

“When you hear about a great disaster, what comes to your mind, Sherry-san?”

Sherry-san put her fingertips on her cheek and elegantly pondered.

“For me, let’s see, heavy rain, massive floods, severe storms, rampaging groups of monsters, perhaps.”

I guess I was mistaken after all. What am I supposed to do as a Japanese office worker? Monsters are out of the question.

“I still think this is a case of mistaken identity. Tomorrow, let me talk to someone important and sort this out.”

“Understood. I will convey that to Prime Minister-sama.”

“By the way, I heard that this country is ruled by wizards. Sherry-san, do you happen to be able to use magic. . .”

I was about to ask if she could use magic, but my words stopped midway. Sherry-san was gracefully moving her hand towards the window. Then, the thick curtains quietly moved and closed.

Oh wow.

It’s not a sensor-operated automatic opener. From Sherry-san’s fingertips, beautiful golden particles, like tiny stars, sparkled and flowed out, flying towards the curtains.

Furthermore, Sherry-san directed her hand towards the lighting fixture, moving her fingertips like a conductor.

The chandelier on the ceiling turned off, and a gentle light illuminated the small stand next to the bed. The golden particles disappeared as they were absorbed by the target.

Magic really exists. . .

“You must be tired, so please rest well. There are guards outside the door, so if you need anything, please call out to them. I will come immediately.”


Sherry-san gracefully bowed and left. I collapsed onto the bed with a thud, but quickly sat up.

No, no, no. I can’t sleep now! I can’t prevent a major disaster or anything.

If they realize that they summoned the wrong person and that I’m useless, what will they do to me? Punishment or something? No way, right? They wouldn’t do something like that, right?

Above all, will they send me back to my original world? My brothers are coming.

I was in a state of turmoil for a while, but I must have been tired because I fell asleep without realizing it.

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