Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A New Store and My Friend Sally

She talked with Gordon about the new store and about two months later.

An early summer afternoon in the sun.

Olivia stood in front of a store on a busy street, dressed in a long navy blue skirt suit and a white hat.

[Sally’s Bridal Boutique]

The shadowgraph on the white sign shows a man and a woman standing next to each other in a friendly way.

The display windows are adorned with lovely wedding gowns made of abundant lace.

Olivia entered the store, and a young female store clerk in a uniform emerged.

“Good day, Olivia-san. Are you looking for the manager?”

“Yeah, I’ve got something for her.”

“Certainly. Please wait here.”

Olivia sits on a sofa at the end of the store where she was shown.

She can hear happy men and women’s voices from the back of the store, where wedding dresses and accessories are lined up.

“This pink gown is also lovely. Dear, which do you prefer, the white or the pink?”

“You’d look great in either.”

“Come on! You must select the right one! This is a once-in-a-lifetime wedding gown!”

Olivia almost burst out laughing at the sound of the woman’s voice, which seemed to be complaining but not too full of complaints.

The clerk from earlier returned as she put her hands over her mouth and also tried not to laugh.

“The manager is waiting for you. Please come this way.”

She was led into a large office at the far end, which had pretty pink wallpaper.

Torsos with dresses in the work are stacked up against the wall.

(*Torso: Western-style dressmaking mannequin)

A vivacious-looking woman with magnificent red hair, who was sitting at her desk, stood up happily when she saw Olivia.

“Welcome Olivia, please have a seat!”

Sally is the name of this lady.

He is a wedding fashion designer, and despite her youth, she is an accomplished woman who has opened her own store.

She was initially Elliot’s acquaintance, and since he introduced her to Olivia, they’ve worked together frequently and are good friends both publicly and privately.

Olivia smiles and says, “Thank you.” and sits down on the pink chair in front of her desk.

She takes a small box from her security bag and opens it.

“I brought Baroness Cate’s ring today, as you requested.”

“Oh, my God! It’s finally here. May I see it?”

“Of course.” Olivia opens the box and shows her what’s inside.

Sally appears overjoyed.

“It’s stunning. This ring’s curves are very artistic. It looks great with the dress!”

“Fufufu. Thank you very much. It was well worth the effort.”

Sally places the ring box in her room safe after signing the receipt.

She asks the clerk to bring her some tea and asks Olivia.

“How is the new store coming along? You previously stated that you couldn’t find a location.”

“Actually, the old magic tool store on Ramiris Street was put up for sale last week. We eventually decided to go.

“Well. It’s ideal. It’s close to home, and there’s a guardhouse nearby.”

“I’m glad you found a good place.” Sally is as happy as if it were her own.

“How about the store’s name?”

“Gordon-san said that since it’s a sister store, I can name it whatever I want.”

“Oh, that’s great! It’s fun to think of a name for the store”.

Over a cup of tea, the two have a pleasant conversation.

They chat and exchange work-related information.

Olivia then says, “I’d better get going,” and leaves.

Outside, dusk has already arrived.

A light breeze is blowing, and the narrow sky, which is obscured by tall buildings, is turning pink.

(It’s already evening, isn’t it?)

Olivia continues walking on the cobblestones while looking up at the sky.

She turns onto Ramiris Street, in the opposite direction from the Gordon’s Great Magic Tools Store.

Ramiris Street, which is lined with cafes and clothing stores, is a popular street for young women, with many women still walking happily in the late afternoon.

Olivia was standing in front of a store that had a small display window in one corner.


She pulls a well-worn key from her bag and opens the slightly peeling paint door.

Jingle, jingle.

The ringing of a bell can be heard throughout the empty store.

She walks in quietly and shuts the door.

The store’s interior is dark and quiet, making it seem like the busy atmosphere outside is a lie.

The air has a dusty odor, possibly from the store being vacant for so long.

(… I’m not sure what this feeling is. It’s nostalgic, and it makes my heart race).

She squinted at the strange sensation of smelling damp spring soil.

She sighed lightly as she looked around the store slowly.

(…I can’t believe this will be my store.)

The craftsmen will arrive tomorrow to install the shelves and counters that Olivia has ordered.

(Will I realize it’s my store if that happens? Or will I recognize it as my shop once the sign is up?)

“… I’ll have to come up with a name…”

Olivia mumbles in a low voice.

―And two weeks later. The renovation is complete.

A signboard hung on the door of the store, painted cobalt blue

[Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store].

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