Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Day Before the Opening and a Visit From Friends

(It’s grown to be a larger store than I anticipated.)

The end of summer is approaching, and the weather is improving.

the morning before [Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store] opens.

Olivia looked around her store and let out a breath of admiration.

Her gaze is drawn to the store’s interior, which is decorated with soothing cobalt blue wallpaper.

It looks like a fashionable tea salon frequented by aristocratic ladies.

(I can’t believe this is my store.)

As she opens one of the many boxes piled in a corner of the room, she muses.

Inside are her jewelry and other creations from Gordon’s Great Magic Tools Store.

“Come on. Let’s put the merchandise on display.”

Olivia opens the glass doors of the cabinets against the wall, occasionally stepping back to take in the scene and arrange the necklaces, bangles, and trinkets she purchased for the occasion. She tries to match or lighten the colors so they look good and are easy to spot.

The first shelf is done, and she’s about to start on the second shelf when….

Tingling, tingling

The doorbell rang all the way through the store.


Olivia comes to a halt and opens the door to the store where the magical security stone is embedded.

Standing outside are her friend Sally and her fiancé Nikka, a tall, brown-haired young man who is also a knight.

Sally smiles and extends a basket of flowers to her.

“Olivia! Congratulations on your new store!”

“Thank you very much. What beautiful flowers!”

She holds up the basket of flowers and invites them in.

As she walked into the store, Sally rolled her eyes.

“Cute! It’s even better than I could have imagined!”

Olivia gave a shy smile.

“Thank you very much. I’ve been looking for ideas in a lot of cafes.”

Nikka opened his mouth to speak.

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

Olivia took another look at Sally’s outfit.

She was dressed in a lovely, fashionable dress and carried a fancy parasol.

Nikka is also well-dressed.

It’s clearly a date.

(I suppose I shouldn’t let you help me on my date?)

Olivia chuckled.

“Thank you. But that’s fine. All I have to do is assemble some items and store the tools.”

“Really? Are you sure you can do this by yourself?”

“I’m all right.”

Then, after some small talk, Olivia doesn’t want to bother them, so Sally and Nikka leave the store, and Olivia waves them off before returning her attention to the store’s decorations and displays.

She arranges the rings and earrings in the display cases and struggles to place them. The store is almost ready.

And the storefront decorations are nearly complete.

She was about to carry the boxes containing the materials and tools needed to make the magical tool to the back of the store when….

Tinkling, tinkling

The bell rang once more.


Olivia comes to a halt and opens the store door.

There stands Elliot with a basket of flowers and a large box.

He removes his brown hunting cap with one hand, and a smile appears on his shapely mouth.

“Good day, Olivia. Congratulations on the store’s opening. I brought you a congratulatory present.”

“Thank you for coming. The flowers are beautiful. What about the box?”

“It’s a cake from a café I’ve been to before. I figured now would be a good time for a snack.”

Olivia’s eyes sparkled.

Eliot, as expected. He’s very considerate.

(Come to think of it, I’ve barely eaten since this morning.)

“You really are honest, aren’t you?” He says, his eyes narrowing happily as he looks at Olivia, who is more interested in the smell of the box than the flowers.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Olivia pondered as she checked the cake in the box.

“…I believe so. Could you please carry the boxes that are stacked there to the back while I make the tea? We’ll have tea when you’re finished.”


(Isn’t Elliott incredibly strong?)

A few minutes later, he moved to the work area in the back of the store.

Olivia was exclaiming in admiration as she brewed a cup of tea on the work desk in the middle of the room.

Elliot in front of her, jacketless and sleeves rolled up, carries two boxes at once, whereas Olivia could barely carry one.

He appears lean in his clothes, but the muscles on his powerful shoulders and arms indicate that he works out frequently.

(I wonder how much heavy lifting merchants do.)

The boxes are carried out in a flash.

Then, after he said, “I’m done carrying it,” she said, “Thank you”. They sit down at the work table and begin drinking tea.

“I appreciate it very much. I would have been in big trouble if I had been alone—Eliot is quite strong, isn’t he?”

“N-No, it’s not a big deal. Thank you for making some tea for me.”

Elliot, who appears slightly embarrassed, turns away from Olivia and peers into the store through the open door.

“It’s turned into a wonderful place.”

“Yes—I’m surprised as well.”

“I see you gave it the name [Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry store].”

“I gave it a lot of thought, but I wanted to name it after what my parents gave me.”

“I think it’s lovely. It’s a beautiful name.”

“T-Thank you very much.” Olivia smiles, her cheeks blushing.

She considered naming it after a flower or a constellation, but she eventually settled on this name.

Although she was embarrassed to give her own name, she appreciated the compliment.

Elliot smiles at her and opens his mouth with emotion.

“When I met you a year ago, I didn’t expect you to have your own store in such a short time.”

“Neither did I.”

Olivia gave a heartfelt nod.

(Sometimes I think I’m dreaming.)

Elliot grinned.

“I know it’ll be difficult, but you can count on me for anything. I’ll assist you.”

“Thanks, but you’ve already introduced me to a fantastic interior designer, and I feel bad asking for your assistance again.”

Elliot laughed as Olivia said it in a reserved tone.

“You don’t know how to rely on others, do you? We’re friends; please don’t say that.”


“No buts. In times of need, friends assist each other. You can count on them.”

Olivia smiled gratefully at Elliot.

She considers herself extremely fortunate to have a friend who says that to her.

(My good fortune was to run into him the day I arrived in the Royal Capital.”)

“OK, fine. Thank you very much. Eliot. I have a “really good friend.”

“……Me too, Olivia.”

Elliot gives a sad smile.


Elliot leaves, and Olivia spends the remainder of the evening cleaning up.

and the following morning.

Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store, which was lavishly decorated with flowers, has successfully opened.

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