Using the Hero Who Likes Me Too Much, I Intended To Live Longer in This Life, but Maybe I Failed Again – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Real Intention of a Certain Boy

“Oh, you finally woke up.”

As I slowly opened my eyelids, I heard that voice. Due to the overwhelming brightness, I immediately closed my eyes.

As I continued to blink a few times, my eyes gradually adjusted, and I realized that the red blur in front of me was Melvin. At the same time, I regained my senses and quickly sat up.

“Hey, don’t push yourself. The medicine Ralph gave you was pretty strong. You’ve been sleeping for over a week.”

Those words hit me like a strong blow to the head. A week? That couldn’t be possible. Because my birthday was only three days away.

And I must have shown that feeling on my face.

“You made it, you know.”


“You safely crossed your 20th birthday. Congratulations.”

“. . .No way.”

I couldn’t believe it. But judging from today’s date, it was the truth.

I had been wishing for that for so long, and yet, there was something even more important to me now.

“Hey, what about Ralph. . .?” 

As I asked, he had an awkward expression. I had a bad feeling, and my heart made a thumping sound.

“He’s alive. Barely, though.”

“Barely. . .?”

“Yeah. According to Beverly’s diagnosis, he only has a few more days.”

Everything went dark before my eyes.


“It’s a miracle that he’s still alive, considering how severe the contamination is.”

“. . .Huh.”

“Although all his physical wounds have been healed, even with saint-sama’s power, there’s nothing more that can be done. . .”

As she said that, Nadia’s eyes, the same color as his, filled with tears.

Right after that, I headed to the hospital room where Ralph was. He was lying on the bed with a pale face, and the moment I saw him, I collapsed on the spot.

Ralph had defeated that monster all by himself, called for Nadia, and then lost consciousness, or so I was told.

Even though it was my fault, Nadia didn’t blame me. Instead, she worried about me, which made me cry even more.

“It’s my fault. . .”

“No, it’s not Lisette-sama’s fault. Besides, don’t you think he looks satisfied? I never thought Onii-sama could be so selfish.”

Nadia laughed with a hint of exasperation and wiped away her tears.

“Please stay by Onii-sama’s side.”

“. . .Thank you.”

With her leaving the hospital room, it became quiet, and it was just the two of us. I remained seated on the chair right next to the bed, gently reaching out to touch his cheek.

It was surprisingly cold, devoid of vitality. Yet, his expression was so calm. And above all, it was beautiful.

“Thank you for saving me. Thanks to Ralph, I can live a future beyond the age of 20 for the first time.”

If I had been able to surpass my 20th birthday, I could have had many things, many things that I once wanted to do. But when I thought about how I want to live from now on, strangely nothing came to mind. . .

[I want to be with Lisette-sama forever.] 

Deep down, I realized that I might have wanted to live my future with Ralph. It was only now that I realized it.

“I’m sorry. . .It must have been painful. It must have been tough.”

I gently cupped his hand and held it tightly.

“. . .May the pain, the pain, fly away.”

That’s what he used to say whenever he got hurt. It was a moment when I prayed that even though I had no power now, his pain would disappear, even just a little.

Suddenly, a faint light emitted from the palm of my hand.

“. . .Why?”

I remembered this sensation and the light. That’s why I couldn’t hide my confusion. It was undoubtedly the magic I had been able to use in my previous life.

Perhaps there was some kind of change within me after that monster disappeared. But now, it doesn’t matter anymore. I immediately held both of Ralph’s hands.

Even saint-sama couldn’t heal him. It might be meaningless. But still, I didn’t want to give up.


I desperately wanted the power to save him. I wanted to live the future ahead with Ralph. With that wish, I poured all my strength into it.

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