Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Tears of the World 1

A few months ago, in winter, we also purchased the next house where we live, and this became the property of A&V company.

Although the appearance of the house remains the same, it has changed into facilities such as a conference room, a research room, a development room, a vault where magic stones and documents are stored, etc.

Today is a weekly regular meeting. Although the participants are Lex as the development department, Mr. Oliver as the magic department, and me as the management department. With each department represented by one person as an assistant, there are six people in total including a researcher under Lex, Mr. Oliver’s apprentice, and Hilka, who is my assistant.

“Regarding the difference between natural magic stones and artificial magic stones, there are no appraisers who can distinguish them using a magic element accumulation device. On the other hand, an appraiser who has been constantly watching artificial magic stones would be able to almost distinguish the ones made by artificially flowing magic into the magic element crystalization device. However, external appraisers seem to not have any particular discomfort.

Lex’s subordinates have published their findings.

Mr. Oliver nods.

“It’s a reasonable result. It depends on whether they notice the singularity of the attribute. Natural ones contain diverse magic of nature.”

“For example, Espova North Dungeon in Periknen Territory is famous as a ground attribute magic stone, but are there also other attributes mixed in?”

When I asked the name of the dungeon near where I once lived, Mr. Oliver continued with a sense of pride.

“That’s right. This is just my opinion as a magician, but if a magician uses a magic stone with different attributes, it can only convert about 50% of the original magical power contained in the magic stone into magic. It is said to be 80% even when the attributes match with a natural stone. There are no such things as a lightning attribute magic stone like me.”

It rarely occurs that lightning magic power accumulates in nature. It is either lightning that fell into a magic mine by chance, or a rare lightning attribute demon beast’s magic stone.

Mr. Oliver leans forward.

“That’s the thing. When I use magic from the magic stone I made, the conversion efficiency is undoubtedly over 90%. And there is no consumption of physical strength due to magic element conversion. That’s right, because it is not converted. This is revolutionary!”

Lex laughed at those words.

“In other words, you want to secure more of your magic stone for yourself.”

“That’s right!”

I see, so that’s what you were asking for.

Mr. Oliver and his apprentices have requested to decrease their salary or pay another compensation in order to secure more of the magic stones they created.

The discussion was held on how to increase their share and alternative payment, and the meeting took a break.

“It’s a little cold, isn’t it?”

Outside, snow is falling in flurries. Children are making snowballs with the slight accumulation of snow and connecting them to make small snowmen… Hmm?

A sudden spark of inspiration.

A terribly bad idea.

Suppressing a voice that seems to be laughing and shaking, I speak to Hilka.

“Hilka, can you bring my magic stone from the mansion’s safe, which is not scheduled for delivery?”

Hilka, who was about to prepare tea, raises her face.

“Yes Madam. Senni, I’ll leave the tea to you.”


With that, she left the room. Lex asks.

“What’s up?”

“I just had a little experiment in mind.”

When they hear the word experiment, the faces of the four people shine. Fufu, they’re all researchers.

In front of me is Mina#13 and in the jewelry box brought by Hilka, there are the magic stones that I make one a day without fail. Most of them are not here as I sell and use some for research, but still, over 20 of them remain in my possession.

I plucked the magic stone of my own magic power’s color, blue, with my left hand and placed my right hand on Mina#13’s handle.


Lex’s eyes widen and a voice leaks from his mouth.

I released magic power from my right hand while absorbing magic power from the magic stone in my left hand.

The magic stone in my left hand shattered.

“Next one.”

Hilka hands me another magic stone.


Mr. Oliver burst into laughter and I also smiled. Inside Mina#13’s flask, the magic stone is growing bigger and bigger.

The magic stone shattered again.

Magic stones that have used up all their magic power shatter and disintegrate.

“Next one.”

Hilka handed the next magic stone with a look of astonishment.


Lex’s assistant let out a scream-like voice.


When most of the magic stones were shattered in this way.

Thud. The magic stone fell onto the floor of the flask along with a heavy sound.

It had fallen from the mechanism to make the magic stone due to its own weight.

Everyone who had been holding their breath let out a sigh.

“Excuse me, Madam.”

Hilka wiped the sweat that had burst out on my forehead.

“Great idea, my goddess!”

“It’s not mine, nor am I a goddess. Rather, it shows the possibility of Lex’s invention.”

Mr. Oliver hugged Lex. Lex tore him off with a disgusted expression and spoke to me.

“By the way, Mina, how’s your health?”

“Just a little tired. There are no symptoms such as pain or magical exhaustion. I think I’ll have a doctor check it later, but there’s probably nothing to worry about.”

Saying that, I pull the flask closer.

Taking off the lid…

“…I can’t get it out, this.

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