Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Destiny

Miss Ina smiled.

“I apologize. I remembered being called foolish Ina Madetoya by Vilhelmina-san.”

I nod.

“Yes. Calling you, who was getting close to the crown prince, by that name and giving you a warning.”

Her smile was not a carefree one like before, but rather one that carried loneliness.

“…I tried my best to stand by Elias-sama for this past year. But it seems that my efforts are still far from catching up with Vilhelmina-san, and I finally understand the meaning of the warning given to me.”

It must be difficult to make the daughter of a baron, who was far from the center of the palace, realize that. Especially if it was required by His Highness.

However, if it’s the best way to put it, it’s called innocence, but being foolish is only natural.

“So, with the understanding gained in one year, let me ask you. What will you do next? No, what do you want to do?”

Even if you ask what she will do, it’s not like she can move according to her own will.

Miss Ina’s eyes closed and a single tear fell from her eyelashes.

“Even so…, even so I want to be by Elias-sama’s side.”


“Because I… love Elias-sama.”

This was a conversation that had been repeated several times. Words that never changed like a stubborn child.

I once deemed it the reason for a fool to be a fool. That must be true. I look at the fire opal in my left hand. However, now I feel that it is just one side of things and could also be called a resolve.

As I remained silent, she asked me.

“Do you still love His Highness Elias, Vilhelmina-san?”

“Not a single fragment remains.”

Miss Milcah exhaled. It was probably because I denied it with a bit of a bite.

“All my love is for my husband Alex. There is no room for a former fiancé to intervene.”

Miss Milcah added.

“When Vilhelmina-sama was summoned by His Highness last autumn and ordered to become his concubine, she had the determination to kill herself.”


Miss Ina opens her eyes in surprise.

“Oh, so you didn’t know. It wasn’t out of love. He was just trying to get me into the castle.

I talked briefly about that matter and also about the current situation of His Highness and Miss Ina. And I declare as follows.

“His Highness Elias will not ascend to the throne.”

Miss Ina’s shoulders trembled with surprise. I continued.

“I will also bring down the Periknen family. I’m sorry.”

I guess fate is playing with us. Of course, there is no guarantee that I will be able to reach my destination.

“May I ask why?”

“Because I won’t allow it.”

“Is that because Vilhelmina-sama hates them?”

The fan in my hand rang with a snap.

“I suppose I used to hate… but now I no longer harbor any resentment. My husband and I will be happy from now on. This happiness will bring wealth and honor, but I know that they won’t allow it.”

“If only Ina(I) could make things right…”

I shook my fan with a denial.

“Listen. You should know the saying that two dragons cannot live on the same mountain.”

I and they will join hands and we will prosper together. There is no such future.

“If I am the dragon being chased by the mountain, Miss Ina will not have anything to especially think about. Even if she is foolish, she could become a queen. However, if I were to become the master(mountain of the mountain) and His Highness Elias were to be chased by the mountain…”

Silence dominates the room. Yes, I need to tell this to Miss Ina.

“He will end up drinking a poisoned cup.”

“Then Ina will also be given too.”

An immediate answer was returned.

“You may disappear like dew on the guillotine.”

She nodded with a pale complexion, but still looked straight at me with chocolate brown eyes.

I sighed once. If she was an ordinary woman seeking the position and glory of a queen, I would have thought so.

“Foolish Ina Periknen.”


“But you are the foolish Ina Periknen who died for love. I do not know what will become of His Highness Elias, but let’s make you follow the same fate.”

She stood up and folded her knees, and deeply bowed her head. That lady’s bow felt surprisingly brilliant for some reason.

When I looked up at the sky, I no longer had any words to exchange, I simply nodded to Miss Milcah and left the mansion.

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