Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The Light

“Put down your weapons.”

As I say this, the guards lower their magic riflesand take out the magic stones from inside, putting them back in their original position.

Lord Algren also slowly lowered his hand.

“Great Witch Vilhelmina, this victory is yours. Your name will be carved into the world.”

“I’m just a little too clever for my own good. The one who should be praised is my husband and the developer of this, Alex.”

“I see, of course, Mr. Alex, who developed this, should be the most praised. But for example, this office is under your responsibility, so this method was also thought of by Mr. Alex?”

Well… it is true that it is me. Lord Algren nods slowly as if he is relieved, with a look of understanding.

“That’s right. And you, Vilhelmina, are undoubtedly the one who defeated me, the “Great Magician of Ice and Flame”. You should be more proud of yourself.”

He kneels down and takes my hand.

“If you were not a married person, I would have proposed to you.”

“Fufu, it’s an honor, Lord Algren.”

“Please call me Oliver.”

When he said that, the door opened without knocking.

And footsteps were beside me, with a single cough.

“I would like you to stop seducing other people’s wives.”

An unpleasant voice, it’s Lex. He was waiting for us in the next room today.

However, Lord Algren stood up as if he didn’t care about such things and offered his hand.

“You are Mr. Peltra! Wonderful… No, you are a terrifying inventor!”

He shakes Lex’s hand.

Lex was stunned as if he was drained of the poison, but he introduced himself as if he regained his composure.

“I am Alex Mika Peltra. I am honored to have the great “Great Magician of the Ice Flame” say so.

They sat back on the sofa and continued the conversation.

There was talk of a business contract to cooperate in creating magic stones, with a cheaper supply of magic stones in return, but they are both researchers. The conversation quickly moved on to the technology of creating magic stones and the aggregation of magic elements in the atmosphere.

After talking for a while, Lord Algren leaned back on the sofa and nodded deeply, perhaps satisfied that his intellectual curiosity was fulfilled.

“Wonderful, wonderful. But is creating something from nothing the realm of the gods?”

I laughed. I’ve said similar things myself. Lex answered the question.

“To begin with, monsters and dungeons, which live through the power and magic called magic, are mysteries and miracles and the domain of the gods. Lord Algren.”

“Just Oliver.”

“Mr. Oliver is a user of ice magic. For example, where does he get the ice from for his attack spell Ice Bolt, made of ice pellets?”

Lex mentioned the name of the basic attack spell of ice attribute magic, which throws ice pellets at enemies.

“There is a theory in the academic world that the moisture in the atmosphere is frozen, but as it expands its power, it is clearly insufficient in terms of quantity. In my opinion, while this is a fact, the deficit is directly converting the magic element into the phenomenon.”

Lex nods.

“I’m just converting magic elements into magic stones. Essentially, it’s the same as with the magicians.”

“I see, if it’s a miracle, then that’s what magic is…but this is a major innovation in terms of versatility and sustainability.”

Yes, it’s innovative. And it’s also dangerous.

“It’s a great power. But what is the purpose of the one who has acquired this much power?”


I lower my gaze and think for a moment.

“At first…I had the intention of revenge. Not in the sense of harming the opponent with force, but just wanting to get even.”

“Oh, is it different now?”

“For me, I wonder if I can become happy.”

He frowns.

“Wouldn’t a beautiful lady like you be happy?”


I shake my head and laugh while entwining my arm with Lex’s arm and clinging to it.

“I’m quite happy. However, what we have is something that we need to grasp with all our might and protect with all our might because of its nature… For example, at the end of last year, I was told to become the concubine of His Highness Elias.”


Lex took my hand. Fufu, it’s alright.

“I am targeted because of my background and this technology is also dangerous. First of all, we need strength to protect ourselves. But I don’t want to make magic stone guns or cannons. I just want to…”

I suddenly remembered my small home from before. My words stopped, so Lord Algren urged me to continue.


“Eventually, the value of the magic stone will plummet. When that happens, all the common people, even the poor, will be able to spend the night illuminated by magic stone lanterns and the winter warmed by magic stone fireplaces. That is our purpose.

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