Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Duel

There’s a pressure from him like wind being released from his body. I spread my fan and hide my mouth.


“Not necessary. You’re free to go.”

He doesn’t need incantations, gestures, magic circles, and such. He simply focuses his mind and raises his inner magic.

For high-level magicians, incantations and the like are discarded. However, spells that affect the mind are only used secretly.

Lord Algren’s eyes are fixed on me.

Let’s go. Let’s read minds!”

There’s also the appearance of a duel, and he deliberately declared the spell name.

The golden magic eye shines as if it can see through my mind’s inner workings.

The power being released. The image of an unseen magic tentacle that invades my head and brain is hallucinated because of the unusual amount of magic power it contains.

The tentacle is thick and powerful, and the tip tries to pierce me sharply.

I move my fan up and down, reversing it. It’s an expression of rejection, a reminder of a shield to protect myself.

And I push it back as if fanning.

“You rude person, go away.”

And I just imbue the words with magic. It’s not like magic spells, but rather the power of primitive willpower. Just imbue it with vast magic, and negate it with vast magic.

The phantom tentacles disappeared as if they had evaporated into clouds.

I show Lord Algren with a stunned expression by closing the fan deliberately and placing it on my knee.

“The duel is my victory.”


“The result is everything.”


He muttered the same thing twice.

Lord Algren must sense it. His magic is depleted, whereas my magic is several times more than his original magic.

“What kind of a trick… no, I don’t have any complaints about the outcome of the duel…!”

“If you want to know the answer, there is only one way.”

He stood up with dignity, brushed his hem with his right hand, drew out a short staff from his waist with his right hand and placed it on his back, and put his left hand on his chest and lowered his hips deeply.

“I, Oliver Algren, swear to surrender to the military gates of Great Witch Vilhelmina Peltra.”

“I am not a magician, you know.”

I’m not in the military either.

“I was shown a power that even my magic couldn’t handle. That alone makes you worthy of being called that.”

“Well, in a way, you could say that I am a witch, in the sense of being a trickster.”

I point the magic power analyzer towards him.

“Take the cover, the outer box, and let the magic flow through it, if only a little.


He received the magic power analyzer with a reverent gesture like a disciple before his master, and took off the exterior to reveal the Mina #12. Then he let out his magic power.

Clink, a single fragment fell.

Today, he had already created two magic stones and just now he used a mind-reading spell with all his might.

It was a small yellow magic stone, caused by a small amount of magic for him.

“Please feel free to take it.”

Lord Algren took it and held it up to the sky, observing it.

“This is… a magic stone, right? It’s quite high quality.”


“Free appraisal… enormous wealth… is that what it is? As a non-magician, she can’t do magic… vast amounts of magical power… no way!”

While muttering to himself while looking at the magic stone, he widens his eyes and stares at me, letting out a scream-like voice.

“How many times have I appraised here?!”

“This is the 14th time today.”

I take out a pendant from my chest. Today’s one is a hexagonal star, with a 5-carat thunder-attribute magic stone at its tip.

The hexagonal star configuration is ideal for a talisman that indicates stability and peace.

“If you want to penetrate your magic on me, I think you need to defeat about six Lord Algrens, Lord Algren?”

“… I see, so you’re perfectly defensible. What if I betray you and try to make this public?”

I raise my right hand.

The sound of metal rubbing against each other echoes from behind.

It is the sound of two guards standing by the wall with their magic guns loaded with Lord Algren’s magic stone.

“”Ready to fire!””

The voices of the two match.

A magic rifle is a weapon that shoots out the magic power of a loaded magic stone as pure energy. It is considered a defective weapon among magical tools because of its low magic conversion efficiency, but if the magic stone loaded is of national treasure size, it might be different.

He looks up at the sky.

Then a maidservant brought a large jar and put it on the desk. It glittered and contained a large amount of disposable magic stone.

“Madam, I have brought yesterday’s magic stones. 8192 pieces in total, about 1000 carats.”

I lightly tap the mouth of the bottle with the fan’s tip.

“I’m thinking it would be nice to have a magic cannon that can fire this.

I previously told Lex that the magic crystalizing device is incomparable to the king’s regalia that other kings have, and this is the reason.

This magical tool is gold, energy, and strength by itself.

Lord Algren raises both hands and shows his palms.

“I knew you were a dangerous witch. You have made me understand my complete defeat.

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