Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Completion

Recently, I know that Lex is in a good phase with his research and has been holed up in the mansion’s research lab until late, or quietly slips out of our room to work on his research even after I have gone to bed.

There is also monitoring of the servants, and they are properly fed and ensured a minimum amount of sleep.

I open the door to the research lab.

He, with dark circles under his eyes, gleaming eyes and arms spread wide, greeted me.

“It’s done!”


I jumped into his arms and we spun around like a waltz, laughing together.


On the desk, there is a trumpet-like metal tube with a broad tip like a morning glory flower.

“Is this the magic element something…”

“It’s an atmospheric magic element accumulator.”

The mechanism in the center, the pistil part if it were a flower, would be for gathering the magic element. From there, a tube extends and is connected to the high-concentration magic element crystallization device, Mina#12. In the flask of Mina#12, there is a reaction like frost falling, and the crystallization of the magic stone is occurring.

There was a small, grain-like magic stone rolling around at the bottom of the flask.

“Well, it’s small.”

“That’s because the magic element in the atmosphere is never of high concentration.”


“It is possible that the magic stone could be made larger with more time, but to what extent it can be made larger and whether there is a significant difference in the quality of the magic stone due to time is still unknown.”

Lex explains, but I don’t really understand the technicalities. But I’m sure I can help with data creation and organization.

“For example, if the concentration of the magic element in the atmosphere is high, can it be made into a faster or larger magic stone?”

“That’s right.”

The Periknen Territory is supposed to have a higher average concentration of magic elements than the capital. It’s unclear whether the high concentration of magic elements is because of the dungeons or whether the dungeons are there because of the high concentration of magic elements.

Hopefully we will be able to do some research on that side eventually.

Suddenly, Oliver Lord Algren comes to mind. When I first met him, he was emitting a large amount of magic elements. I wonder what would happen if I put this around him for example.

…As expected, cooperation from a magician, especially one with high rank or position, would be desirable.

“Well, the magic stone produced currently is too small to be usable.”

Even if it’s used as fuel for magical equipment, it’s too small to meet the standards.

“However, from improving the crystallization device from #1 to #12, the size of the magic stone that can be made and, um, the conversion efficiency of magic power, wasn’t it? That has greatly improved, right?”

“That’s right.”

“And I suppose we will continue to improve it from now on, right?”

Lex nodded with a confident expression.

“Of course, that’s right.”

Lex has a reserved personality, but he still has confidence in his own research.

I also smile.

“There’s no problem then. So this, magic element in the atmosphere…”

“It’s an Atmospheric Magic Element Accumulator.”

“Do you have any cute nicknames for this one, too?”

The previous magic crystalization device was named Mina #1 due to Senni’s suggestion.

Lex says while slightly turning his eyes away and scratching his nose.

“I was thinking of the name Vilhelm#1, just in case…”

“Vilhelm #1.”


Of course, it was taken from my name Vilhelmina. If you take the first and second half of my name and name each device Vilhelm and Mina, respectively.

“Vilhelm sounds a little masculine for a name.”

Indeed, it is a male name, but…

I shake my head and look at the Atmospheric Magic Element Accumulator and Mina #12, which is connected to it, on the desk.

Vilhelm… I am truly happy that Lex is thinking of me first.

“It is a great honor and I am truly happy from the bottom of my heart. But…”


“Husband, would it be possible for me to name this (combined)device if it doesn’t inconvenience you?”

He nods.

“Oh, of course. Do you have a name in mind?”

“Yes… I would like to name it Lex#1.”

He opens his eyes wide and shows a surprised expression.



He pointed at himself with his right hand.


I grabbed his right hand with both of my hands and pulled it towards my chest. Then I looked at the two devices on the desk. Lex’s gaze followed mine.

“Because those devices look like they are holding hands like this, just the two of us.”

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