Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: The Season Turns to Winter

I leave the castle and take the carriage to the park just outside the castle.

I saw the figures of my house servants. Yes, they were waiting for me here.


I hear Lex’s voice. I wave from the window of the carriage.

Along with Milcah-sama, who wore a sword-belt, there are friends of the nobility, some guards I have seen at Mr. Cremetti’s, and a journalist I talked to.

“Lex! Everyone…!”

Lex takes my hand and leads me down from the carriage and I bow to them.

“Thank you for gathering. I am glad to be able to return safely.”

Milcah-sama takes my hand.

“Most importantly, I am glad you are safe!”

As the journalist has a pen in hand and looks at us, I send a wink.

“I was asked to become the prince’s concubine, but I declined.”

“That’s… I don’t know if we can make an article out of it.”

I will be hated by the royal family.

“I will make it into a sensationalist article for the masses.”

“Do as you please.”

We talk about such things, eat outside, and then return home.

We are warmly welcomed by the servants who were waiting at home, and I throw myself onto the sofa in the living room.

“Oh, I’m tired.”

Even if I take a slouchy posture with my head leaning back against the backrest, no one will complain today.

“Thank you for your work, and again, I’m so glad you’re safe and sound.”

Lex says while sitting next to me.

“Yes, yes, I’m glad I don’t have to use this.”

I took off my necklace.

A gold chain necklace. The chain part is thin and simple. However, the necklace top hidden under my clothes has an unusual shape.

It is a pentagram. In the center is my made magic stone, and on the top of the star are five 5-carat lightning-attribute magic stones made by Lord Algren, it’s a plain and unrefined necklace as a ornament.

“I told you not to bring it.”

Lex looks dissatisfied.

This necklace ornament is a simple five-linked magic stone bomb. Following my will, magic power flows into five magic stones from the central one. It is only this structure, but it bursts as different magic powers reach criticality while repelling each other.

It’s something that often intentionally causes accidents related to magic stones, but in this case, what leaks out is the vast thunder-attribute magic power of 5 Lord Algrens.

With just pure destructive power, it should easily destroy the entire building where His Highness resides.

“A sword is a lady’s weapon, you know.”

I sang thus.

It is an old tradition to have a short sword with delicate workmanship as a wedding present(tool), but even now it is said that this still remains in martial arts families.

It is for self-defense in case of emergency, and also for when one’s honor is humiliated, to thrust their own throat.

“Too powerful for a lady’s bosom sword, don’t you think?”

Lex took the necklace from me and, with a smooth motion like that of a technician, removed the magic stone.

I looked up at him from below and couldn’t help but smile.

If I can be taken care of in the process of suicide, then that’s fine too. I had it made with that in mind, but…

“It’s much better to be able to be together.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

After Lex finished his work, he held my hand.

Without saying anything, until the tremble stopped.

The season moves from autumn to winter. Days are short and nights are long. In the mornings, there are days when frost falls in the garden, and as the year’s end approaches, the capital becomes colder.

Wood was placed in the fireplace in the center of the mansion.

As I was watching that fire, I was suddenly addressed.

“Good for you, Madam.”

“Senni…what’s wrong?”

It was Senni who was there. She wasn’t serving me directly at the Periknen household, but she supported me and Lex as our maid, even though I had become a commoner.

She gave a carefree smile.

“There’s a fireplace at home.”

The other servants who heard that nodded their heads, I nodded too.

Oh, that’s right.

Just after that engagement was broken off, Lex and I were thrown into a house without a fireplace, and I wondered how we would survive the winter. We talked about it many times.

The narrow house, where the three of us, Lex, I and Senni, had to live, is now a memory. It was small and lacking in everything.

“Yeah, it’s good to have a fireplace. Although that house was fun in its own way.”

“Yes, Madam.”

I suddenly hum a song.

“There must have been a tavern back then. Where we raised our glasses together♪.”

It’s a popular song among the singing commoners that recalls memories. Senni continued singing the song.

“Remembering those young days, when we laughed and thought we could do great things in the future♪.”

Fufu, this is becoming less of a song and more of a classical play.

“Those were the days, my friend. We thought there was no end to youth and danced all day long♪.”

Senni hugged me tightly.

“Madam, Master. Unlike the song, you both have achieved great things. It’s still too early to live in memories.”

I also put my hands around her body.

It was that night. Lex succeeded in developing the magic element accumulation device, in other words, a mechanism to collect magic elements in the atmosphere.

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