Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The Great Magician

Oliver Algren, once known as the prodigy of the Marquis Algren family. He graduated from the royal magic school as the valedictorian and was a young and brilliant genius with the potential to become the royal court’s chief magician, but he stayed at the school as a researcher instead.

He should be 27 years old now, one year older than me and probably one of the most popular people among women, being the same age as Alex-sama.

Due to his talent and good looks.

And he, well…

When the door to the reception room was opened by the attendant, I felt the air blowing and a surge of magic energy.

I perform the lady’s etiquette.

“Good day, “The Great Magician of Ice and Flame,” Lord Algren. It’s an honor to meet you.”

One of the few people with more magic power than me…!

“I am Vilhelmina Peltra, the responsible person of this simple magic appraisal company, A&V.”

“Finally, you kept me waiting a lot. As you know, I’m Oliver Algren.”

Looking up, he is sitting on the leather sofa in the reception room, with his long legs crossed. He wears a gold-embroidered robe indicating his status as a great magician at the magic school.

He has a dignified face with long, tied-up silver hair, but what is unusual is his eyes. His left eye is a blue eye like the sea, but he is wearing a monocle on his right eye. Behind the lens of that monocle is a golden eye.

…This is his famous golden magic eye.

Oh, was he lined up outside in this attire?

With the commoners?

“I’m sorry. I’m not usually here on site, so I can’t handle issues as a staff member.”

Young…that’s what it feels like his lips said.

This is inevitable, I guess. If you wait for the person in charge and a young woman shows up, it’s only natural to feel unpleasant. However, even if that’s the case, I am still the person in charge.

No wonder, the staff here is so adamant that everything is classified that they won’t answer any of my questions. What the heck is that magical appraisal machine!

“No matter what you say, it’s a simple magic measurement device developed by our company. Is there anything you’re dissatisfied with?”

“That’s obvious! Look at the results of this appraisal!”

“…I’ll take a look.”

I sat on the sofa across from him and took the card placed on the desk.

“There was written Oliver Algren’s name followed by magic quantity A++, thunder attribute.”

“Excuse me for a moment.”

I get up from my seat, go down to one of the maidservants who was in charge of this office, hiding my mouth with a fan, and quietly ask in a low voice.

“How many carats was it?”

“It’s 5 carats.”


I look up at the sky.

The first magic stone I made, Mina’s first model, which I made for the first time, was not yet optimized for magical energy conversion efficiency, it released magical energy at full power and became a 1.5 carat magic stone.

As a result of Lex continuously improving durability and conversion efficiency, the latest model #12 can make magic stones from 3 to 3.5 carats.

Is Lord Algren suddenly making 5 carats?

In addition to having more magical power than I do, it could also be because he is a magician who is accustomed to exercising his magic…

“I was sure that even before cutting it, it would become a wonderful stone, the yellow diamond was also beautifully bright yellow.”

Bright yellow, that is certainly a characteristic of the thunder attribute.

“Where’s the stone?”

“One of the guards puts it in a magic blocking box and holds it in his arms, trembling.”

That’s… That’s what happens when you’re suddenly handed something like a national treasure.

“Thank you.”

I return to my seat. Lord Algren’s fingers are tapping on the edge of the sofa, as if he is annoyed at being left alone.

“I apologize for making you wait. Right now, I would like to hear about the reason for examining the results of this appraisal and why we determined it to be an A++ with thunder attribute and there is no error in our judgement.”

“Bang!” His hand hit the sofa, and he raised his voice.

“I have been hiding that I have the thunder attribute!”

…why did he take the appraisal if he wanted to keep it a secret then?

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