Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Claims

Miss Ina Madetoya has entered the Periknen family. A carriage carrying her from the palace was heading towards the Periknen townhouse.

This was witnessed by the people of the capital city, and there was even an article in the newspaper The Times.

From now on she will be Ina Periknen.

“I wonder if her education as the crown princess is progressing.”

“It looks like it’s difficult.”

The one who replied to my murmur was Milcah-sama.

She has started to come to the mansion to play, and earn some pocket money.

“I hear a lot of complaints from my brother who serves in the palace about the tutors assigned to her.”

Rumors in the capital city can be obtained even by someone like me who has become a commoner, but inside the palace, no matter what, it doesn’t reach.

Milcah-sama and others say that the tutor of etiquette was unable to handle Miss Madetoya’s education and her health deteriorated, or that Miss Madetoya herself became tired, or that His Highness Elias has been having more temper tantrums, or even that Elias-sama’s hair loss increased and the bed-maker said so. Whether it’s true or not is unknown.

“Even so, they were able to place her into the Periknen family as planned.”

When I said that and thought about it, they all dabbed at their eyes with handkerchiefs.

“I-I’m okay. Please don’t worry everyone.”

When I was banished from Periknen, Madetoya… Oh, I mean, it’s not Madetoya anymore, they must have misunderstood into thinking that I am heartbroken that Ina has been adopted.

“However, the fact that Miss Ina left the palace means that her education must have advanced to a certain extent.”

“I heard that the servants of this mansion have been serving Vilhelmina-sama for a long time, but have there been any rumors about the Periknen house?”

When I glanced at Hilka who was waiting by the wall, she came forward.

“I have not heard any rumors about Miss Ina since she was adopted, but I know that a decorator has entered the room and a governess(tutor) has been invited.”

“Hmm, it seems like it’s not just on paper, but she plans to stay.”

“If she don’t go into Periknen at all, wouldn’t it have a bad reputation?”

As they were talking about a new piece of gossip, another servant approached and whispered to them.

“Excuse me, Madam, there’s a problem at the third office.”


The third office refers to the northern magic appraisal office in the capital.

I hide my face with a fan.

“It seems that someone is demanding to send out the person in charge.”

“The office manager couldn’t handle it?”

Seeing her nod, I give instructions to the servant.

“I’ll go. Hilka will take my place and serve as the hostess of the tea party.”


“Someone, please inform my husband who is in the middle of his research that I am headed to the third office. I’ll take care of it, but just make sure he has his outing clothes ready just in case.”

I apologize to the guests of the tea party for my sudden departure.

“It’s okay, Vilhelmina-sama!”

“Yes, do your job properly!”

And with that, I quickly got into a carriage.

“So, what kind of claim is it?”

I ask.

In the first place, we are not taking money from the person we are appraising, so there should be no reason for any complaints to arise in the first place.

If this is a new store that is popular, there may be harassment from competitors and gangsters demanding protection money, but the person who guarded me when I was a young lady is always in the office, and we are not making any money, so we have never been asked for anything from those people.

“There are those who are not satisfied with the appraisal results.”

“I see. Did you not give in according to the manual response?”

Regarding claims about dissatisfaction with appraisal results, we state in the manual that we do not mind if you take the appraisal again later if you are not satisfied and that this is only a simple service and you should entrust it to a magician who can use proper appraisal magic.

So far, everything has been settled…

“Yes, but there are those who are not convinced that the results are ‘accurate’.


“It’s good if it’s accurate, isn’t it?”

“It was Lord Oliver Algren who brought it up…”


I involuntarily look up at the sky in the carriage.

“Isn’t he the brilliant young professor of the Magic Academy…!”

Indeed, the 3rd office in the northern part of the capital is relatively close to the magic academy, but!

When approaching the office, there doesn’t seem to be any particularly noticeable trouble. The usual line has formed.

Is it true that Lord Algren was in line?

I hastened and headed to the reception room of the office.

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