Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Shoddy Marriage

The carriage arrived in a room in the castle, but it was not a room suitable for welcoming a noble’s daughter. It was probably a room for officials to have meetings in a small group.

There was a guard in uniform outside the entrance of the room, who was probably keeping watch to make sure I don’t escape. There was no sign of female officials or even tea being prepared.

The room had simple six-person desks and chairs. Simple means that there were no carvings on the legs of the desk, but it does not mean cheap.

As I stood in the corner of the room, the officials entered the room without much wait. They were high-ranking officials, their attire showing their high position. Next was The Cardinal from the Church. He was from the crown prince’s faction. He was wearing the appropriate red for his position, but I had heard he was a materialistic person with no moral integrity.

“Did I make you wait, Miss Vilhelmina? I’m sorry to be abrupt, but let’s proceed with the cancellation of the engagement and the wedding… What’s wrong, sit down.”

The Cardinal sat in the chair of honor, and an official sat next to him, placing the documents on the desk. Their attendants each stood behind them, perhaps ready to move quickly and secretly.

The Cardinal spoke.

“What’s the matter? Sit down.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know the proper way to pull out the chair,” I replied.

I followed their example and, for the first time in my life, pulled out the chair myself, folding the hem of my dress as I sat down.

Today I was wearing one of my day dresses, which was the least impressive of all my dresses, excluding mourning clothes. The skirt did not spread out, so I was able to sit without getting tangled in the legs of the chair.

“First, the document of agreement to cancel the engagement… Don’t be so far from the desk that you can’t sign it. Come closer.”

There was a large gap between my desk and chair. When I leaned forward, the official’s attendant, perhaps seeing that, stood me up and had me sit in the chair again.

There was a little hesitation, but the procedure for cancelling the engagement was taken immediately and the marriage documents were handed over.

“Isn’t the marriage not recognized immediately after the engagement is cancelled?”

“That is a matter of noble customs, not a matter of law.”

When I asked, the official answered me. I see. I run my pen over the documents.

“I, the Cardinal, am going to give my blessing directly. Is there a problem? More importantly, what about the groom? He is making me wait…”

Such words were also spoken.

Is the Cardinal also pushing this? If the marriage is made through in the presence of the Cardinal, it may not be possible to divorce for the sake of appearance.

I had thought that His Highness Elias was a foolish person, but he is quite cunning.

Noise was heard from outside the room.

“…such as marriage!”

The sounds of the gentry shouting and the sound of people arguing.

The door opened.

“Such tyranny! There is no reward!”

The person who entered the room while shouting appeared to have green-dyed black hair that looked like a clump of seaweed on his head and his eyes were barely visible.

He was quite tall and slim, but he looked poor due to being too thin and having a hunchbacked posture.

He was wearing a tailcoat for the ceremony of receiving honors and the medal of the decoration, which is often first given to researchers and doctors who have achieved their accomplishments, was shining on his chest.

However, the clothing did not fit him properly. It was either a ready-made or borrowed item. The clothing was appropriate for his height, but it was too thick for his body and it looked baggy. Although it was a proper outfit, it made him look even more poor.

He looked at me with a blank expression for a moment.

Well, he probably didn’t think that his future spouse was already here. I stood up and took a polite bow as a lady.

“Nice to meet you,  Alex Peltra-sama. My name is Vilhelmina.”

“A-Ah, it’s Alex.”

While he says that, he is taken by the soldiers and made to sit in a chair.

He argued with the official that the marriage was unfair, but ultimately he, being a commoner, couldn’t resist the crown prince’s command or argue with the Cardinal.

The name he wrote on the document was Alex Mika Peltra. During this commendation, he was made to use his middle name Mika as a mere honor, and he is a pitiful gentleman who was given a troublesome wife and nothing else.

The document was received by the official and handed over to the Cardinal.

“…wrote it? Alright.

The marriage between Alex Mika Peltra and Vilhelmina is done here, and God in heaven as witness.

I, Johannes the Cardinal, bless and celebrate it.”

The Cardinal didn’t try to hide his impatience, stood up after carelessly sealing the holy seal, and left the room.

Thus, without any vows or kisses, not even a conversation.

Mr. Alex Peltra and I became husband and wife.

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