Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Exiled from the Dukes

When I returned to the room, Hilka, my personal maid, greeted me.

“Did you hear it?”

“Yes, I’m sorry for eavesdropping.”

Hilka lowers her head, and I laugh.

“It’s okay, Father’s voice is loud. It’s like he wanted to tell the servants in the mansion.”

“My lady, what’s going on?”

“Nothing really. Father has ordered me to stay in the room, and probably tomorrow a messenger from His Highness Elias will come. Then I’ll be a commoner’s wife.”

Tears fell from Hilka’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, Hilka.”

“Why… Why is my lady being blamed and apologizing?!”

“I lost the political battle. Actually, I did commit a crime.

I apologize because I have to leave you here. Despite serving me, I can’t repay your loyalty and end up letting you go. I’m sorry.”

I hugged Hilka’s head.

“…My lady, let’s run away?”

“No, there is dignity in being a loser.”

“Being married to a commoner?”

Hilka is also the third daughter of the Viscount family. Her status may not as good as me, but she can’t imagine a life as a commoner.

“Even if I were to fall to the status of a commoner, I would never lose my dignity.

Well, pack my things. I don’t know what I can bring, but do what you can to make it work.”

The next morning, a messenger came to announce a visit, and by noon, His Highness’ messenger arrived at the Duke’s mansion.

This was a very fast move. His Highness seemed to have spoken impulsively at the evening party, but he must have prepared in advance to trap me.

“I bring the words of His Highness, Prince Elias Sipi Patrikainen, the Young Lion of the Kingdom and the Crown Prince of the Dawn!”

In front of us, who were prostrating in the entrance hall, the messenger spread out a parchment and read its contents.

“Vilhelmina Ulla Periknen, despite being the fiancé of His Highness, associates with wicked people and attempted to kill Ina Roine Mädeto, the Baron’s daughter!

However, the loyalty of the Duke Periknen family to the royal family is beyond doubt!”

They want to eliminate me, but they want to maintain their connection with the Duke Periknen family and want to remain as a backer. Their shallow thoughts are visible in their words.

My younger brother is a close aide of His Highness. Well, I understand that he is also close to His Highness. Yes, he did not return home yesterday. He was also with His Highness yesterday.

“If the Duke family immediately cuts ties with Vilhelmina, the Duke family shall not be held responsible!

And Vilhelmina will be ordered to marry Alex Peltra!”

Immediately, immediately. I guess they want to move forward before His Majesty returns.

Just today there is to be a ceremony at the castle. That poor Mr. Peltra is going to be forced to take me in.

“Understood,” said my father.

The messenger left, leaving behind a sturdy and windowless carriage, like one for transporting prisoners.

They are to take me today.

“Vilhelmina, I sever our ties,” he said, speaking those words.

That was the person who was my father.

The messenger had already brought with him the necessary documents for severing ties with a noble.

“Understood, Lord Periknen,” I said.

For some reason, he made a face like he was hurt. Behind him, I could see his 2nd wife’s lips twisting into a smile as she pretended to cry.

I continued speaking.

“I request that you show generosity to my personal maid and servants, and write a letter of introduction for them.”

“There’s no need for such worries,” he said.

I knelt down right there.

“…May I take with me the dressing table, which is a memory of my late mother?”

“No. She’s not allowed to do anything except to give her a small amount of dowry as a gesture of goodwill.”

“…Is that so? I guess there’s no other way.”

I was handed a single check from Duke Periknen.

The amount written on it is an amount that would probably be equivalent to a commoner’s salary for several years. Of course, I won’t be able to buy even one dress with what I have now.

“Yes…Thank you for your mercy. I’ve been in your care.”

I stand up and leave the office.

In the hallway, my servants and maids, led by Hilka, were lined up. They all have dark expressions, and some of them are even crying.

I take a lady’s bow towards them. If I am no longer a noble, I may as well bow my head to my servants.

“Thank you for your loyalty to your master.”

“My lady!”

I don’t respond to those words and turn my back on them, heading towards the mansion’s entrance.

And then, I was put on an inappropriate, ominous-looking carriage with only hard chairs inside and left the Duke’s townhouse.

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