Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Crown Prince’s Tribulations

There is a lot of work.

As a crown prince, studying and working as assigned is my duty for the future of being a king. The amount of work has clearly increased since my father, the king, returned.

To be honest, I have a lot of grievances.

It is clear that my father is unhappy with me for cancelling the engagement with Wilhelmina and making her a commoner.

“But even so, this is too much.”

When I mutter, the minister of the internal affairs who was standing by my side moves his eyebrows.

“What do you mean by too much?”

I hit the pile of documents in front of me.

A few pieces fell, and the nearby attendant picked them up and returned them.

“This amount! Despite the fact that there is more time to study subjects like imperialism and international affairs, if even the duties of public office have increased, no matter how much time there is, it won’t be enough!”

The minister of internal affairs raised his glasses and nodded his head.

“Well, what do you mean it won’t be enough? I remember that you spent time with Miss Madetoya at a tea party yesterday.”

I had tea with Ina, but it was not a long time.

“You’re not even letting me rest!”

“No, when considering efficiency, taking moderate breaks is acceptable. However, if you have time for a break, crying about not having enough time is not allowed.”

I stood up and held a pen in front of the minister of internal affairs.

He continues to stare at me without even blinking.

“You are disrespectful!”

“Because of His Majesty’s command. Don’t make me listen to your complaints and show me what you have as a suitable future king.”

A cluck of the tongue escapes.

I sit down in a chair and return to my official duties. Talking to this stiff guy is just a waste of time.

For a while, the only sound in the room is the sound of a pen running on paper.

“Your Highness Elias.”

“What is it?”

“Please forgive me for interrupting your official duties. Can you listen to this oldman’s words of wisdom?”

“… Go ahead.”

Without stopping my hand movements, I glance at him and the minister of internal affairs bows his head deeply towards me.

“The amount of studying has increased in the past two years because Your Highness has had less time to spend on studying, and especially because you have not gone to see the teachers when both His Majesties were away.”

… I did it to deepen my relationship with Ina and to keep Wilhelmina away.

“I’ll admit that that was a factor. But wouldn’t it be unrealistic to cram all of it in one time?”

“If Your Highness would like me to tell the teachers in detail that His Highness Elias has neglected his studies, I will tell them to slow down the pace.”

“… Stop it.”

If that happens, my position will be in danger.

“I’m sorry. Another thing, it has been said that Your Highness’s work has increased, but the amount of work has not increased much.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. What about this pile of documents?”

“As I previously mentioned, Miss Perik…His Highness’s former fiancée was performing official duties on his behalf.”

I stop writing.

“I heard that before. But it seems to have clearly increased more than the added amount!”

“Yes, but it’s different. We were also ignorant fools who did not realize her true worth until Your Highness expelled her.”

The minister of internal affairs shows a bitter expression, and it feels like there is a sense of guilt there.

“In addition to the work His Highness had her do, he also assisted His Highness in his work.

Every morning and evening, she was in charge of dividing His Highness Elias’s official duties and arranging the documents for ease of use, or placing necessary materials on the desk in advance, or exchanging pen tips and replenishing ink.

Each content may be a very minor thing. But it requires a wide range of knowledge and consideration of what Your Highness is doing.”

“That woman? That’s ridiculous.”

“It is the truth. It is not that His Highness Elias’ work has increased. It is because efficiency has decreased.

Wilhelmina, did that woman go so far as to care for me?

She was certainly a cunning woman. She would investigate the duties of royalty and the contents of the parliament, and even understand the contents I needed to learn before I did.

There is something called queenly education. However, it is related to etiquette, socializing, and diplomacy. Knowledge of the royalty and nobles of one’s own country and neighboring countries is necessary to support me.

But she even read through the nobles’ almanac and then intervened in my conversations.

It is true that Wilhelmina was handling my duties. Because I ordered it. But did that woman voluntarily follow up on my duties without being asked?

The shaft of the quill snapped off in my hand.

The ink gradually stained my white sleeve black.

“I have dirtied my sleeve. I will change clothes and take a rest… you won’t complain, will you?”

“Please go. I will tidy up the pen. I will inform Miss Madetoya in advance.”

The minister of internal affairs spoke to his personal attendant. And the door to the office opened for the first time in several hours.

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