Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Alex-sama Remodeling Project

I called Senni and asked her how Alex-sama looks from her point of view.

Of course, I make sure to tell her that disrespect to the master is allowed.

“I still think it’s weird that the master’s hair is so shaggy.”

Borrow a hair band and have them lift the hair up.

“This looks much better!”

I ask her.

“What about his eyebrows?”

“Oh, did the master have a complex about his thick brows by any chance? Well, they are a bit thick and uneven on the sides, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Alex-sama was crestfallen.

“As Senni said, I don’t think Alex-sama would look ugly from the perspective of commoners at least.”

If you walk around the town and look at people passing by, you’ll realize that Alex-sama has a normal appearance. That means he was probably despised by the noble children.

“So madam wants to make the master look cool! I’ll help too!”

Senni clenched her fists. Fufu, let’s get her help.


“Should we remove the hair that is growing in the eyelid and the part that is connected to(between) the eyebrow?”

Sitting facing my husband, I pull the hair out with tweezers, making sure that the hair won’t break in the middle.

“It hurts!”

Senni is holding a mirror so that the light shines on Alex-sama’s face.

“Patience, Alex-sama.”

Every time the hair is removed, his body shivers.

“It hurts!”

“Fufu, have you realized how much work we’re going through? Now, let’s also shape the eyebrows.”

“It hurts!”


“Alex-sama has dark brown eyes and deep black hair, so his appearance looks dark. Let’s shave his facial hair. Senni, please take care of his forehead and eye area.”

“Yes, madam!”

Senni seems happy holding the razor blade, although Alex-sama’s face is contorted.

“Please wash your face every day, and shave your beard every day as well, even if you’re busy with research.”


“Please go to the barber shop. Yeah, keep it trimmed overall and leave the bangs long enough to not reach the eyebrows, and have the top of the hair trimmed into a triangular shape so it ends at the earlobe. And make sure the neck hair is trimmed and it looks clean. Please convey this message.”


Alex-sama looked confused.

“Didn’t you remember? Let me say it again. Overall, keep it trimmed…”


“No matter how high quality the clothes are that you wear when visiting the palace, if they don’t fit well, they will only look ugly. Especially in the case of ill-fitting clothes, it looks shabby. What is Alex-sama’s weight?”

“I think it was around 52kg…”


Senni screams and collapses to the floor.

“It’s the same as mine…”

“Alex-sama, you are too thin. Let’s put on some more weight. Senni, gradually increase Alex-sama’s food intake.”


“Please stand here.”

I made Alex-sama stand in front of the pillar of the house. Hmm.

“Alex-sama, can you see that the upper part of your back is not touching the pillar? Conversely, the back part of your stomach is touching the pillar. This is a hunchback. Yes, please straighten your back.”

His body is leaning a bit to the right.

“Alex-sama, when you read or do something, are you aware that your body is slanting?”

“Uh… kind of.”

Sighing, I hand the ruler to Senni.

“Senni, if Alex-sama slouches or leans his body, please hit his back with this ruler.”

“Leave it to me!”

Senni happily receives the ruler, but Alex-sama looks unhappy.

“You’re treating me like I’m five.”

“Uh… okay.”


We go to a store that tailors for commoners. Unlike high-end tailors that nobles go to, it’s not a store that sells fabric that’s too expensive and doesn’t sew gems. Hilka asked the mansion people for reference and selected one store each for men and women. Additionally, I received a letter of introduction from Talvo.

Thanks to the letter of introduction, we were immediately taken to the back room when we entered the store and were directly attended to by the store owner.

“You are Mr. and Mrs. Peltra, right? Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. I would like to order a complete set of suits for my husband. I would like to have them measured and tailored.”

“I see, do you have any preference?”

“It’s his first one, so I wanted something orthodox. My husband has this body shape, so I would like something tailored to fit him well.”

“I see, he is a bit tall.”

He didn’t say he was too skinny and avoided it nicely.

It takes about a month to finish, according to what I heard. Alex-sama’s eyes widen when he sees the price. He told me after leaving the store.

“I didn’t know it cost this much for a commoner…”

About half a year’s salary, I would say.

“Of course. I will have your day dress remade for that, so it won’t cost that much.”

“I see…”

Alex-sama straightens up.

“I’m causing you trouble.”

“No, It’s okay. We are a married couple after all.”

“I see…because you’re a married couple.”



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Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy

Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
"I hereby break my engagement with you! A commoner researcher has received a medal for his efforts. As a reward, I will marry you to him!"   The Duke's daughter, Wilhelmina, is told at a night party that her engagement to the Crown Prince has been broken off. The Crown Prince sets her up, banishing her from her parents' home with only a small amount of money as a farewell gift, and marries her off to a commoner researcher whom she has never seen before.   ——This is my husband, a tacky man.   He is tall but skinny, with a stoop and ill-fitting clothes due to his thinness. He has messy hair and is unkempt in appearance. This is Alex, her husband. At first, the two are awkward around each other, but Wilhelmina supports his research and helps improve his appearance, leading to a mutual attraction. They become happy and rise to the top, even seeking revenge on her family and the Crown Prince who banished her. Meanwhile, those who exiled her will suffer ruin.


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