Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 105

Chapter 105: And they lived happily ever after

That autumn of the year, the ceremony of the transfer of the crown prince’s position from His Highness Elias to His Highness Parvallis was carried out.

It was not revealed to the public, but at that time, His Highness Elias’ royal status was stripped and he was given the title of Baron, and his marriage with Miss Ina was also secretly performed.

The following spring, the two of them set off for the frontier.

That summer, King Vainamo III abdicated, and His Highness Parvallis was crowned as the new king.

That autumn, a bag of wheat and a bundle of simple small carrots, and a handkerchief embroidered with cotton were delivered to me by the kingdom’s soldiers.

The same things were also delivered to the palace, and the former king and queen are said to have shed tears.

In the following year, the renovation of the cathedral was completed, and at that time, it was publicly announced from the mouth of His Holiness the Pope that the production of magic stones using Mina 23 of A&V Company in the poverty relief hospital would be carried out.

By that time, magic stone production had already begun in various countries, but our company had already grown into a company that could not be pushed around and was earning the highest profits in the world.

Namadrius IV returned to the papal state in the autumn, it was about the winter. The attack on the Marquis Periknen branch of A&V by the former Duke of Periknen took place.

Lex and Marquis Jurremi, who were on their way to inspect the branch, were attacked. According to reports, my ex-father gathered nobles and merchants from other families who were dissatisfied with our monopoly of the magic stone, and engaged in criminal acts.

Well, unfortunately this was as expected since that day of judgment.

Preparations for the attack were not made and the damage was minimal, repelled and captured. My ex-father, who was on the spot, was immediately executed by Jurremi.

Why wasn’t I there?

Because I was in the late stages of pregnancy.

As soon as Lex returned to the capital, I gave birth, and had a baby girl with Lex’s brown hair and my emerald eyes.

With our eldest daughter at the forefront, Lex and I spent a lively and happy life surrounded by our four children, the eldest, two boys and the youngest girl.


And many long years passed.

Among the saints officially recognized by the Papacy, there are few married saints except for those who were martyred together.

But if you ask who comes to mind when it comes to married saints, everyone will mention the Peltra saints.

Saint Alex Peltra, the patron saint of technology and inventions, who symbolizes the flask.

Saint Vilhelmina Peltra, the patron saint of commerce and charity, who symbolizes the magic stone necklace.

And the Peltra saints, who protect love and family.

Their magic element crystallization technology is said to have either brought down kingdoms all over the world after their deaths or led to the loss of many lives in wars.

But even as the kingdom of Patrikainen and the next dynasty perished, and time passed without a king, their inventions continued to be used to save countless lives and improve people’s lives.

And their story continued to be loved by people.

~The End~

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  1. Yoooo wut says:

    Damn… I kinda hate when stuff ends like this in a rapid fast-forward. At least for longer stuff where you get more invested.
    And btw these fools were married for like a year and a half before she went a bit yandere and pushed him down. Wtf guys 🤣

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