The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 64

𝐑𝐞𝐝 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧

With a thud, Ridelle collapsed.

“Uh, uhh. . . . . .waa, waaaaaa. . . . . .”

The horde of Minotaurs was a setup by Hubris.

In her anger, a powerful kick landed squarely on Hubris, striking the massive golden scales. The scales shattered and fell to the ground. It’s still unknown what became of Hubris.

Albero was fixated on Ridelle’s legs.

“Such power. . . . . .and so fastRed Queen”

Ridelle’s legs had armor that opened, releasing steam.

Albero couldn’t understand it was a cooling mechanism. Metal bones, cord-like blood vessels, gears, and springs clicked and moved. They weren’t flesh and blood; they were metal legs.

Then, Lapis approached and gently hugged Ridelle.

“Ridelle. . . . . .”

“Ugh, my head’s a mess. . . . . .That guy. . . . . .My village, my parents, my family. . . . . .because of him. . . . . .hic. . . . . .”

“It’s okay. . . . . .You can cry now.”

“Uhh, uwuu. . . . . .”

Kid also looked at Ridelle’s feet, breaking into a cold sweat.

Even with his Parasitic type’s dynamic vision, Ridelle’s speed was staggering.

Whether she used her ability was uncertain. Now wasn’t the time to ask Ridelle questions.

“Hey━━look! Isn’t that dangerous?!”

Ashe shouted, and everyone looked at the shattered giant scales.

There, Hubris, with a swollen face, stood with arms outstretched, looking at Albero and the others.

“Well. . . . . .I got a bit careless. Heh, the girl with the legs has 『Speed』, huh. The boy with the right arm, the boy with the left arm, and the girl with both legs. . . . . .Hmm, quite a troublesome bunch.”

Gold, like mud, wriggled from the ground, solidifying as Hubris walked on it.

Like stairs, Hubris descended step by step.

Ridelle rubbed her eyes and stood up.

“You’re the enemy of. . . . . .my family! I’ll never forgive you!”

Once again, steam came out of Ridelle’s legs.

The armor opened, forming a nozzle. When the nozzle fired, Ridelle’s body shot out at incredible speed.

She aimed for the face. In an instant, she moved beside Hubris and unleashed a high kick.

“Won’t work a second time.”


Hubris’s arm became encased in gold and hardened.

Ridelle’s kick was caught, and she was held by the golden hand.

“Let, let go of me!”

“Hmm. . . . . .This is vastly different from human or demon beast anatomy. Metal bones, springs, gears, peculiar tubes. . . . . .Did you replace human parts with metal components? Also, this nozzle. . . . . .By the look of the leg, it seems to form when the armor opens. Hmm. . . . . . So, the ability would be, 『Armament』, right?”

“Wha. . . . . .?”

“Hahaha. Hit the mark, did I?”

He easily saw through her.

Yes, the ability of Ridelle’s Parasitic type Summoned beast 『Red Queen』 is 『Armament』.

She can freely reconfigure her legs, which are made of 『Machinery』.

“『Summoned beast punch』!”




Albero enlarged his fist to strike, but Hubris dodged. Kid leaped and fired a Headsman, but Hubris dodged that too.

Their attacks were almost entirely anticipated. However, during the exchange, Hubris released Ridelle.

Albero grabbed Ridelle’s hand and pulled her close.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. . . . . .sorry.”

“It’s fine. By the way, can you fight?”

“. . . . . .I’ll do it. I don’t fully understand, but my body can move.”


Kid transforms his Headsman into a 『machine gun』 and fires wildly. From above, Ashe releases a tornado, while Lapis shoots ice swords. However, Hubris evades with dance-like movements.

Albero speaks to Ridelle.

“The first strike, he couldn’t dodge it. We’ll keep attacking him relentlessly, and when you see an opening, use those legs to land a powerful kick.”

“Understood. . . . . .I’ll give it a shot.”

“Yeah. Also, about the power of those legs. . . . . .”

According to Ridelle’s explanation, it’s mostly as Hubris said.

Metal legs. They’re 『armament』 that can transform by rearranging parts. Currently, only one weapon can be used.

“『Jet nozzles』 . . . . . .A word popped into my head. Form boosters in the legs to jet. It’s linear, but allows super-fast movement.”

“Alright. I’m counting on you.”

Albero’s right arm throbs and pulsates.

“Let’s go then!”

Albero runs.

He heads towards Hubris’s core.

He recalls the martial arts he learned from Damocles.

“Close combat, huh? Interesting!”

Hubris deftly evades Albero’s straight punch by twisting his body.

He performs a half-turn and delivers a spinning backfist with added torque. Albero bends his body to dodge and follows up with a kick aimed at the torso, but it gets blocked.

Sensing an attempt to grab his leg, Hubris backs away to create distance and extends his right arm, enlarging it right before Hubris’ eyes.

“Ha ha! This is fun!”

“Shut up!”

Hubris evaded the enlarged hand with a backstep.


“Yes! I’m on it, Ashe!”


Lapis creates several chunks of ice in the air. Ashe’s Gryphon engulfs these ice chunks in a tornado and releases it towards Hubris, who just evaded with a backstep.

“”『Crash Stream』!””

It’s a combination move.

They briefly discussed this combined attack a few days ago while camping. Even though it’s mostly improvised, their timing was perfect.

“Whoa! It doesn’t hurt, but it’s cold.”

Hubris seemed a bit playful━━and then, in the next instant. . . . . .

“Argh! Whoa!”


Kid had thrust himself into the icy tornado.

“Wait?! Are you insane?!”

“Haha, release!”

Hubris hears the frantic voices of Ashe and Lapis.

It seems this was an unexpected move even for the allies. Kid’s body is lacerated by the ice, bleeding━━but his eyes are alive.

Kid’s left hand is aimed at Hubris.


“You’re wide open!”

Bullets were fired, piercing through both of Hubris’s thighs.

Green blood spurts out, and Hubris’s expression changes.

“Grrr?! Hahaha, a do-or-die attack, huh?!”

Kid, battered, rolls away, and at the same time, the icy tornado dissipates.

As Hubris tries to finish off Kid. . . . . .

“You killed my family━━.”

“. . . . . .”

Just ten meters away, Ridelle stands, her legs full of jet nozzles.

Hubris’s expression freezes. Dodging━impossible. Defending━futile.


By the time he realized, Ridelle’s leg had plunged into his face.

With a force so strong it’s a wonder his brain didn’t fly out from the back of his head, Hubris, after being kicked, spiraled and was sent flying towards the debris of a gigantic scale.

“I’ll deliver the finishing blow!!”

However, in the path of the flying Hubris. . . . . .Albero was there, with his right arm ready.

He clenched his fist with all his might, took his stance━━and released his punch.

“『Summoned beast punch』!!”

The punch that was released.

Riding the momentum from being kicked by Ridelle, it became a counter, and Albero’s fist caught Hubris square in the face.

The colliding forces raced chaotically through Hubris’s entire body, and the punched Hubris collapsed beside Albero.

The collapsed Hubris was violently convulsing and moaning.

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