The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 63


Riding on the back of Gryphon, Ashe and her group hid in a cave a short distance away from paradise.

Immediately, they tended to Arnaud’s wounds.

Without medical supplies, they tore Arnaud’s undershirt to use as a bandage.

“Your bone isn’t broken, right?! Does that hurt?!”

“Ah. . . . . .I’m okay. It’s just a rib. Ugh. . . . . .First aid will suffice.”

“Ashe, press down there!!”

“O, Okay.”

Somehow, Ashe and Lapis managed to finish treating Arnaud.

Thinking about what to do next, Ashe stood up.

“I’m going back. . . . . .Albero and the others are still fighting.”

“I’d like to go too! But. . . . . .”

They couldn’t just leave the injured Arnaud behind.

However, Arnaud said:

“It’s reckless. . . . . .I realized when fighting that demon, its physical abilities are far superior. Even a Summoned beast specialized in ‘enhancement’ will find it hard against such a creature. Ugh.”

Demon Hubris possesses physical abilities far surpassing humans.

No matter how strong a Companion-type Summoned beast is, if the summoner dies, the beast disappears. Even with an Equipment-type Summoned beast boosting the summoner, Hubris has greater power.

This is why B and A-rank summoners can’t compete against demons. Only those with physical abilities equivalent to demons, the Parasitic type, can.

“The limit of physical enhancement by Summoned beasts is approximately threefold. . . . . .Anything beyond that hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, Demon Hubris exerts power far beyond this ‘enhancement’ on a regular basis. Additionally, it has abilities and magic. . . . . .Damn, we need national-level firepower.”

“But!! Albero and the others are still fighting!”

“I know. I did tell Kid beforehand. . . . . .『Retreat if it gets too tough』.”

“So, what happens then?”

“. . . . . .”

If Albero and his team were to retreat,

Demon Hubris might vanish or retaliate, possibly attacking the people of paradise or nearby towns and villages.

Regardless of being made prosperous by Hubris, these are innocent people.

“━━Um, excuse me.”

Ridelle spoke up amidst the tension.

“If there’s anything I can do. . . . . .please let me.”

“You haven’t undergone any training, nor do you have a reason to fight. Just rest.”

Arnaud abruptly dismissed her.

Ashe and Lapis exchanged nods of agreement.

“Arnaud-san, originally, Lapis and I were meant to provide backup, right?”

“Plans have changed. This isn’t an opponent regular people can deal with. Wait until Kid and the others return. Then, ensure Ridelle’s safety and retreat. . . . . .We need to strategize against the demon. This isn’t about S-class achievements.”



Suddenly, Lapis jabbed a needle into Arnaud’s neck.

Arnaud instantly lost consciousness.

“I’m sorry. This is an anesthetic needle, right? I saw it when we were carrying him. . . . . .”

In Arnaud’s pocket was a box labeled “Various Anesthetics.”

It was visible when they removed his clothes for treatment. Lapis used one of the needles on him.

Now, Arnaud was sleeping soundly.

“Ashe, let’s hide Arnaud-san in the cave.”

“. . . . . .Uh, yes.”

“Will Ridelle also help?”

“Y, Yes!!”

Lapis, being sudden, was a bit scary.

They moved Arnaud to a corner of the cave and hid him by covering him with dry leaves, leaving only his face exposed.

After finishing the task, Lapis exhaled, saying, “Phew.” and spoke to Ridelle.

“Ridelle. Ashe and I are heading to Albero and the others now. What will you do?”

“Uh, I, um, I. . . . . .”

“I won’t tell you to fight. You can stay here or come with us. But. . . . . .where Ashe and I are heading is a battlefield. What will you do?”

“. . . . . .”

Ridelle couldn’t answer.

She didn’t even understand why she had offered to help in the first place.

She had no intention to fight. For Ridelle, who had only done household chores, 『fighting』 existed only in stories.

Yet, for some reason. . . . . .

She felt a burning sensation in her legs.

“I can’t fight. . . . . .but for some reason, I can’t just sit here and wait. Even if I go, I can only hide, but I feel I have to go. . . . . .The person with the right hand, he’s fighting, isn’t he?”

“Yes. He’s fighting. . . . . .for peace.”

“. . . . . .I’ll go. Let’s go!!”

“Yes!! Shall we?”

“Alright!! Fly, 『Gryphon』!!”

Gryphon appeared, accompanied by an emerald green wind.

Ashe, Lapis, and Ridelle boarded and soared into the sky.

“Alright!! As an S-class Summoner, I’ll defeat the demon!”



The three soared into the vast sky.


Albero and Kid were facing an unprecedented tough battle.

“Huff, huff. . . . . .Damn, this guy’s strong!!”

“Tch. . . . . .At this rate, we’re running out of time.”

The surroundings had changed.

The dome had completely collapsed, and the nearby palaces were also in ruins.

That wasn’t all. Golden pillars and jewel-studded weapons were scattered everywhere.

“Come on, what’s wrong? I’m just getting warmed up! Let me take you on with a bit more seriousness! 『Golden Dawn』!!”


Suddenly, massive pillars rose from the ground.

And not just one. They varied in thickness and length, and thanks to the fact that they emerged right below the palace, no building around was left intact.

“Hey!! Isn’t this the village you created?! It’ll be destroyed!!”

Albero shouted. Although it seemed a bit off-topic, Hubris responded.

“Hahaha. I can always create another one. There’s no shortage of greedy pigs! But right now, I’m focused on you guys! 『Golden Balance』!!”

Then, a gigantic golden scale emerged from the ground.

It was enormous, tens of meters tall, and the bowl alone looked large enough to scoop up an entire village.

The scale wobbled, and from its bowls, swords, massive jewels, portraits, and statues rained down. It was a chaotic scene.

“Hey, stop that bowl!”

“I know!! 『World Stop』!!”

Albero stretched out his right hand towards the tray, but suddenly, Hubris appeared beside him.

“Another weakness of yours━━you become extremely vulnerable when using your abilities.”


Hubris’s hand was shaped like a blade.

Kid aimed his gun, Headsman.

But, Hubris was fast.

A thrust aiming for Albero’s heart was right in front of him.

“Marcosias, 『Ice Bread』!!”


With a loud thud, a block of ice hit Hubris’s head.

Albero quickly distanced himself.

“Sorry for being late!!”

“Let’s make up for it from here!!”

In the sky, Lapis was riding on Ashe, and Marcosias was there too.

To their surprise, Ridelle was also on Marcosias.

“If there’s anything I can help with, just tell me!”

“. . . . . .Yes, I understand!! Kid, can you handle it?”

“Heh, what’s this? An S-class reunion?”

Kid aimed his Hezzuman at Hubris again.

Several ice swords floated around Marcosias, and numerous emerald green tornadoes swirled around Gryphon.

Albero prepared his right arm again and said to Hubris,

“From here on, I’m going all out!!”

The Demon Hubris of 『Pride』 had a crazed smile.

“What arrogance. . . . . .Just because there are more of you, you think you can beat me with that look? Such magnificent pride!! Unlike these pigs, your pride is truly magnificent!! Worth raising. Truly magnificent!!”

The balance started to shift again, and a rain of treasures began to fall.

Hubris, with a mad smile, began to cry and drool.

“Ah, I can’t stand it!! You guys are the best!! I’ll give you anything you desire. I’ll make you experience total bliss! A little fear as a spice. . . . . .and it’s perfect!!”

It made no sense.

Completely nonsensical. His facial expression twisted weirdly.

“Ha, fear? You’re trying to scare us?”

“Exactly. To attain true bliss, a little fear is necessary as a spice. I used it to raise the pigs here too. . . . . .I gave them gold, entertainment, and a little bit of fear. The fear I gave them was of an approaching horde of Minotaurs.”


At this point, Ridelle reacted.

A horde of Minotaurs. Ridelle was strangely concerned.

Ridelle muttered softly, but Hubris heard it.

“A horde. . . . . .of Minotaurs?”

“Yes!! I summoned them from afar with my magic!! When this place is attacked by a horde of Minotaurs, it instills fear in the pigs. . . . . .making their hearts twist in ugliness from the fear.”

“When was this?”

“───Hmm, you interrupt me. Well, fine. It was just recently. Hahaha. I summoned an army of two thousand from afar. It was hard work. Some villages seem to have disappeared during their journey though───.”

That was all Hubris could say.

Slowly, Ridelle descended from Marcosias.

At the same time, both of Ridelle’s legs turned into crimson 『Leg Armor』.

Sssssssssssssssss━━━━Steam erupted from Ridelle’s legs with a hissing sound.

“Villages. . . . . .disappeared?”

Ridelle’s legs weren’t made of flesh and blood.

There was an iron core, thin cords, springs, and gears rotating in synchronization.

Armor plating opened to reveal something resembling a jet nozzle.

The sound of metal grinding against metal resounded. The sheer strangeness of it left Albero and the others paralyzed.

“Are you. . . . . . the one who harm. . . . . .my. . . . . .family?”

“Oh, what are those legs? Hm?”

Dark emotions surged within Ridelle.

Anger, sorrow, and a desire for revenge. She wanted to kill the demon in front of her.

As if responding to those feelings, Ridelle’s legs made a grinding noise.

“I won’t. . . . . .forgive you!!!!”

“Heh, are you going to fight too? Good, let’s go! Come o━━.”

Hubris couldn’t finish his sentence.

In an instant, with the speed of light, Ridelle moved in front of Hubris, and her kick struck him squarely in the face.

An explosive sound echoed, and Hubris was sent flying at sonic speed, crashing into a massive balance scale.

The scale shattered, crumbling noisily.

“. . . . . .Are you serious?”

“That’s insane. . . . . .”

“A single blow. . . . . .”

“Wow. . . . . .”

Albero and the others remained stunned, unable to move.

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