The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 50

𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬

After fending off the demon beast Minotaur, Albero and his team proceeded on their carriage as if nothing had happened.

Along the way, several demon beasts appeared, but as Kid said, they were no match for Albero’s group.

After traveling for half a day, Arnaud looked up at the sky.

“We should start setting up camp soon. Judging by the sun’s position, it will be sunset in less than two hours.”

“Yeah. Hey, everyone, it’s time to camp.”


“What are you so excited about?”

Albero, Ashe, and Lapis were slightly excited.

For all three of them, this was their first time camping. Ashe had experience with outdoor activities, but she had always stayed in mountain huts or inns in towns, so she was looking forward to camping.

Kid snorted dismissively and, following Arnaud’s instructions, parked the carriage near the river, close to the shadows of rocks.

Arnaud began giving instructions to the others.

“We’ll split into three groups: gathering firewood, setting up tents and the stove, and fetching water. Albero-kun will gather firewood, Kid and I will handle the tents and stove, and Ashe-kun and Lapis-kun will fetch water. Let’s get to it!”


“Tsk. . . . . .Always the one in charge.”

Albero went into a nearby forest to collect firewood, while Ashe and Lapis fetched water in buckets. Kid begrudgingly began preparing the stove.

Arnaud watched Kid, who was swiftly assembling a stove using the bricks he had brought.

“Impressive work there.”

“I traveled alone for a long time, so. . . . . .”

Kid quickly set up the stove and also helped with setting up the tent.

Although he has a sharp tongue, he’s kind-hearted. That was the consensus among Albero, Ashe, Lapis, and Arnaud.

Soon, Ashe and Lapis, who had gone to fetch water, returned.

“The water is incredibly clear!”

“Marcosias checked it, and it’s safe to drink as it is!”

“Yes, the water around here is very pure. However, there are some rivers up ahead that aren’t suitable for drinking. Always check the water.”


“Hey, bring out the ingredients. I’ll prepare them.”

Kid had already set up a makeshift table and began cutting up meat and vegetables.

Then, Albero returned, his right arm enlarged, holding a huge amount of firewood.

“Did you gather all that?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t sure how much firewood we’d need.”

“Hmm. . . . . .This looks like it’ll last for about three days. Let’s bundle the unused firewood and take it with us. We’ll be camping again tomorrow, so this will save us some time.”

“. . . . . .Whew.”

Albero seemed relieved. Then, Kid, who was chopping vegetables at a rapid speed, spoke.

“Hey, since you collected the firewood, you can start the fire.”

“Ah, my bad.”

“Albero, once you light the fire, I’ll create a gust of wind.”

“I’ll count on you, Ashe.”

Albero put firewood in the stove and lit a cloth soaked in oil using a flint.

Then, he placed the cloth inside the stove. Slowly, the fire began to catch onto the firewood.

“Gryphon, gentle breeze.”

『Hmmm. . . . . .』

Gryphon seemed unsatisfied with the request.

With a slight flap of its wings, a gentle breeze stirred, causing the firewood to burn efficiently.

“Alright, leave the rest to me. You all are in the way, so go over there.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? I can cook too. . . . . .”

“You’re sweaty. Take the young lady and go to the river.”

“Wha, wha, what? Calling a girl smelly!!”

Ashe was trembling uncontrollably. However, Albero and Arnaud noticed.

“Lapis, please take care of Ashe. Have her take a bath.”

“. . . . . .Understood. Fufu, thank you.”

“Hmm. Don’t forget to call the Summoned beast for protection.”

“Yes. Come on, Ashe, let’s go.”

“Grr. . . . . .That stubborn long-haired hat! I won’t forgive you! Are you even listening?!”

Ashe was dragged away by Lapis and disappeared into the river.

Albero and Arnaud exchanged glances and smirked at Kid.

Kid was quickly flipping a frying pan, sautéing meat and vegetables.

“You could have been a bit more subtle, you know? Lapis noticed, but Ashe didn’t.”

“Who cares. She did smell sweaty, that’s a fact.”

“You’re not being honest. Or maybe you’re just clumsy.”

“You guys. . . . . .just set up the plates already!!”

“Whoa?! Hey, don’t splatter the oil!”

“Hahaha. I better get out of here!”

Kid wanted to look out for Ashe and Lapis, but he wasn’t straightforward about it.

Albero was having fun.

He had never thought that working with friends could be this enjoyable.

Just for now, they forgot about being S-class, and the term “demon,” and purely enjoyed camping.


After the meal and cleaning up, they reviewed the plan.

“Two people will keep watch at a time, changing every two hours. Albero and Lapis, Kid and Ashe, and I’ll watch alone. I’ll take the first watch, so the four of you rest. The next watch will be. . . . . .up to Albero-kun and the others.”


“Alright, I’m going to sleep.”

Kid yawned and went to the tent.

After saying goodbye to Ashe, Albero went into the tent.

Kid was already fast asleep. . . . . .Albero lay down on his sleeping bag and yawned heavily.


“. . . . . .Hm?”

“I’m fine on my own. You, my childhood friend, and Ojou-sama should keep watch together.”

“Huh? Well, that’s sudden.”

“Because it seems noisy. Sometimes, I want some alone time.”

“Ashe can be noisy. . . . . .Yeah, she can be. Tell Arnaud-san. . . . . .Despite appearances, Ashe is kind, and talking to her won’t be boring.”

“I don’t like that. Listen, a campfire is a time of solitude. You have to maintain the silence while staring at the fire, watching the flickering flames, listening to the crackling of firewood, and feeling the heat of the flames on your skin… That’s the essence of a campfire.”

“I don’t know. . . . . .What’s that. . . . . .? Ugh, I’m going to sleep. I only have two hours…”

That day, it was discovered:

Kid was considerate and loved campfires.

The next day, Kid was glaring at Albero with sleep-deprived eyes… Apparently, Ashe had talked to him, and he looked very tired. Ashe was smiling as usual, and Albero felt they might become good friends.

They were close to reaching the town of their destination.

Only a few days left until the battle with the demon.

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