The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 49

𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐭

Half a day since departing from the kingdom.

The scenery shifted, moving straight along the well-maintained highway.

Along the way, they passed by many merchant wagons and “adventurers.”

Albero looked out, having opened the window of the carriage.

“Ah, it’s been a while since I felt this peace.”

Sleep, eat, attend class, fight with Titan. That was the routine.

Riding a carriage like this, was the first time since leaving the Rushout family.

Ashe spoke while combing Lapis’ hair.

“You know, Lapis, your hair is so beautiful. . . . . .such a smooth silver-blue. . . . . .it’s mysteriously cool to the touch and feels so nice.”

“T, Thank you. . . . . .I get shy when praised too much.”

“Fufu. My hair is a bit wavy. I’m envious of your smooth hair. What kind of shampoo do you use from the Duke family?”

“Well, we regularly receive gifts from the Sharalan Viscount family, who run a cosmetics business. I use that.”

“Sharalan Viscount? Oh, the number one beauty product business in the kingdom! That’s so great.”

“Would you like to use it too, Ashe? I have plenty left.”

“Really?! Yay, I love you Lapis!”

“Eek?! Oh my, you startled me hugging all of a sudden!”

“. . . . . .”

Albero felt a bit out of place.

Rummaging through his bag, he realized he hadn’t brought any form of entertainment.

Books, board games, cards. He left the heirlooms from Ratts at the dormitory.

With no other option, he gazed out of the window.


Then he noticed.

Bushes by the roadside rustled.

It seemed Arnaud and Kid noticed as well, as the carriage came to a stop.

Arnaud opened the window of the driver’s seat and spoke to Albero and the others.

“Everyone, prepare for battle. A demon beast is approaching.”

“Demon beast!!”


“Y, Yes, got it!”

Ashe, who had experience fighting demon beasts, was quick to react.

Lapis was tense. Ashe stepped out of the carriage and summoned Gryphon.

She then mounted Gryphon’s back.

“Arnaud-san, I’ll support from the air. I’ll also watch for flying demon beasts and deal with them if they appear!”

“Right. I’m counting on you. . . . . .good decision.”

“Hehe. I’m just following the aerial combat manual.”

Saying that, Ashe rode Gryphon up into the sky.

Lapis also summoned her beast, Kid transformed his left arm into a gun, and Albero summoned his Jabberwock from his right arm.

And then━━the demon beasts appeared.

Five large, bipedal beasts that resembled bulls.

“Summoned beast Minotaur, huh? The summoned beast that the Demon Emperor summoned the most in this world, no. . . . . .it’s a demon beast.”

Demon beasts.

These are the summoned beasts that the Demon Emperor called forth for his army. When the Demon Emperor was sealed, they lost control and continued to run rampant in the human world.

The demon beasts, angered that their master, the Demon Emperor, was defeated by humans, attack humans on sight. Right now, that’s exactly what’s happening.


“I’ll protect the carriage. I leave the demon beasts to you all!”

“Huh?! Seriously?!”

“Yes. If it’s you guys, there’s no problem. Show me your S-class abilities!”

Arnaud stepped back, starting to calm the horse.

Then, Kid, positioning his left arm, speaks.

“I’ll take on three of them. You and Ojou-sama handle one each.”

“Eh, are you sure?!”

“. . . . . .Realize this already. Against such low-level demon beasts, someone who has been fighting continuously with that damn old man shouldn’t take even five seconds. Also, don’t expect any backup. . . . . .things seem busy up above.”

” “Huh?””

Looking up, Lapis sees a giant bat demon beast fighting with Ashe.

Albero and Lapis exchange glances and prepare for battle.

“Lapis, be careful.”

“Yes!! Marcosias, let’s do this!”


As Albero lunges forward, bullets are fired from Kid’s finger, cleanly piercing through a Minotaur’s head━━swiftly taking it down.

Albero clenches his fist with all his might.


“Take this!!”

He swings his right arm back.

The distance is about ten meters.

Facing the charging Minotaur, he enlarges his fist and delivers an extended punch.

“『Summoned beast punch』───what?”

The punch sinks deeply into the Minotaur’s face, causing it to collapse.

The Minotaur is effortlessly killed.

“. . . . . .Eh, is it over? Huh?”

The whole scene feels too easy.

Then, a shredded bat falls from the sky. Following that, dozens of ice swords are thrust into another Minotaur, blowing it away.

Two more Minotaurs, filled with holes, fall defeated.

“It’s over! Whew, I wasn’t expecting a Big Bad, but it’s no match for me!”

“”. . . . . .””

“What. . . . . .? What’s with the two of you?”

“Ah, well. . . . . .they seemed weak.”

“Yes, it’s like. . . . . .it was a dream.”

Albero and Lapis aren’t thinking 『they are strong』, but rather 『the enemies are weak』.

Kid, readjusting his hat, speaks.

“Minotaurs are fodder. But, they’re not the kind of weak fodder you can take down in one hit. . . . . .you guys have become strong. Realize that.”

“”. . . . . .””

“Well, you’ll get used to it as you fight. Come on, let’s go!”

Ashe and Kid dismiss their summoned beasts and head to Arnaud. Lapis follows shortly after.

Albero stares at the dead body of the Minotaur, clenching his right arm.

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