The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 36

Kid, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐚𝐫𝐦

The boy called Kid aimed with his index finger transformed into a gun barrel and used his thumb as a sight.

He targeted Albero. Albero enlarged his right arm, using it as a shield.

Then───an impact came.

“Ugh───You’re kidding, why. . . . . .?!”

“That’s what I want to say. What’s with that arm. . . . . .deflecting my bullets?”

Kid was also surprised.

Albero’s ability 『Hardening』 should be unshaken whether by the flame of a demon or by bullets. However, the jade bullets fired by Kid were different.

Albero’s 『Hardening』 wavered.

“Well, just keep shooting.”

“Grr. . . . . .”

Kid aimed with his left hand and fired jade bullets relentlessly.

Albero could only defend and couldn’t approach. But, Albero wasn’t alone.

“Marcosias, 『Freeze』!”


“Tsk. . . . . .allies, huh?”

The ground beneath Marcosias froze, stretching straight towards Kid.

Kid interrupted his shooting and jumped.

From atop a house roof, he aimed with his left hand.

“『Sniper Rifle』.”

Kid’s left arm transformed, with the gun barrel elongating.

Just like Albero’s arm transformation. Albero dove into the nearby shadows.

Then, right above the hiding tree, a bullet penetrated.

“Y, You’re joking?!”

Long-distance attack.

Even Albero had no means to counter.

He hardened the tree he hid behind, narrowly evading Kid’s sniping.

Then, Lapis, riding on Marcosias, jumped onto the roof.

“Marcosias, 『Howling』!”


“Ugh. . . . . .so annoying!”

Kid, having heard Marcosias’s roar up close, covered his ears and aimed his gun at Lapis.

But Marcosias quickly retreated───then.

“『Summoned beast capture』!”

“Tsk. . . . . .”

Albero lunged out from the shadows, stretching his arm to grasp Kid’s gun barrel.

The distance was about twenty meters. Albero anchored himself and squeezed the captured arm tightly.

“Seee, yaaaahhh!!”


Albero was stronger.

He didn’t just toss Titan around for fun. Kid was dragged down from the roof, but managed to twist in the air to land. Still, Albero held onto his arm.

Moreover, behind him was Lapis, riding on Marcosias, with several ice swords aimed at Kid.

“Not bad. . . . . .for a naive kid from a school. But do you think I’d lose to this?”

“Yes. You lost. . . . . .don’t you see it?”

“Huh?. . . . . .Oh, I get it.”

The surroundings.

Yes, it was a park. From the moment Kid rampaged, to when Albero and Lapis were attacked, they were seen. Residents might have reported it, as soldiers in armor and summoners gathered.

And there was a familiar face among them.

“Nobody move! Hahaha! Move, and you’ll face my fist. . . . . .oh? Who are you?”

“Teacher Damocles!”

“Albero, Lapis. I heard a summoned beast was rampaging in the park… hmm.”

“Um, Teacher Damocles. This person here.”



With Damocles and the others’ appearance, Albero finally released Kid’s left arm.

Kid, perhaps calming down, returned his left arm to its original state.

“It seems we need to hear from the three of you. Arnaud, instruct your subordinates to clean the park. Come with me.”


The young knight named Arnaud ordered his subordinates to clean the park.

He then summoned a blade. . . . . .a 『Equipment-type』 Summoned beast and pointed it at Kid.

“If you pull any tricks, I’ll cut you down.”

“Hmph, do as you like.”

“Also, I don’t know if you two are acquaintances of Lord Damocles, but only summoners of B-class and above are permitted to use Summoned beasts for riot control.”

“You need not worry. They are S-class!”

“. . . . . .S-class. So, you guys are. . . . . .”

Arnaud’s expression became stern, and he sheathed his sword.

Damocles chuckled bitterly and spoke to Albero.

“For now, let’s talk in the S-class dormitory. Meteore said he had something to discuss as well.”


Kid behaved maturely.

Perhaps it was because Damocles and Arnaud were watching him intently, but the atmosphere was tense.

Upon arriving at the dormitory, Kid took a seat on the living room sofa.

“. . . . . .”

“Hey, why did you do this? You wanted to talk to me, right?”

“. . . . . .Yes, that’s right.”

He was surprisingly calm.

Albero sat opposite to Kid, with Lapis sitting next to Albero.

Arnaud stood behind Kid, while Damocles yawned and took a seat.

Suddenly, the dormitory door opened, and two individuals entered. Arnaud quickly saluted them.

“Sorry for being late.”

“The meeting took longer than expected. . . . . .Damocles, I’ve told you many times not to skip meetings.”

It was Meteore and Garnet.

Damocles laughed it off with a hearty 『hahaha』.

“Well, I had something to discuss with Albero and Miss Lapis. . . . . .but it seems things have taken a surprising turn.”

Meteore’s gaze settled on Kid.

Garnet seemed intrigued.

“I’ve received the report. You have a Parasitic type Summoned beast, right? How amusing, Albero has the right arm, and you have the left. . . . . .is this a coincidence?”

“A gathering of all the big shots. Perfect. . . . . .answer my question.”

Kid spoke, scanning everyone in the room.

“A demon came to this academy. What kind of demon was it?”

Albero was the one to answer the question.

“It’s a male demon, around twenty years old. Called the Gluttonous Demon Abel.”

“. . . . . .Abel? Damn, not the one I was looking for.”

“Not the one? What are you searching for?”

“. . . . . .Do any of you know where the other demons are, or have any information?”

Kid ignored Albero and directed his question to Meteore.

Meteore scratched his cheek with a smile.

“Of course, we have the information. But it’s not free.”

“Is that so━━then, will a bullet do?”


Kid pointed his left hand at Meteore.

At the same time, Arnaud thrust his sword at Kid, Albero aimed his right hand, and Lapis aimed her ice sword at Kid.

Damocles wore a smile, while Garnet had her eyes closed.

Even with a gun pointed at him, Meteore still smiled.

“Can you tell me what you’re seeking and why?”

“. . . . . .”

“I won’t harm you. I won’t delve deep into your personal matters. I’ll provide the information you need, and I might even offer some help. Tell me, why are you looking for the demon?”

“. . . . . .Damn it. Bastard.”

Kid lowered his gun and sat on the sofa.

Albero and the others also disarmed. Reluctantly, Kid began to speak.

“The demon I’m searching for is a woman. Her name is Florentia. . . . . .The demon who destroyed my village.”

“Florentia. . . . . .the name of the demon of 『lust』.”

Garnet narrowed her eyes.

Looking at Kid, she seemed to understand something and nodded.

“So, that’s it. . . . . Florentia 『spared』 you, didn’t she?”

“. . . . . .Do you know about it?”

“Yes. It’s her twisted nature. When Florentia attacks towns or villages, she always leaves one person alive. And she always chooses the most handsome man in the town or village. In front of that person, she destroys everything they love, instills a thirst for revenge, and finds pleasure in toying with the men who come after her.”

“That’s right. I lost my home and family. . . . . .Only I was spared. She killed my father, mother, and even my sister right in front of my eyes.”

Albero and Lapis were at a loss for words.

However, Albero seemed to understand Kid’s feelings. Kid, too, had lost something.

“I nearly died, and so did my summoned beast Billy. . . . . .But Billy saved me. In exchange, he left me with this left arm.”

“Ah. . . . . .”

Albero reflexively grabbed his right arm.

“With this power, I can kill Florentia. So tell me. . . . . .where is she?”

“Unfortunately, the information we have isn’t about Florentia. But. . . . . .if you hunt down that demon, you might be able to find Florentia.”

“. . . . . .”

“Kid-kun, right? How about enrolling in our academy? You’re the same Parasitic type as Albero. And. . . . . .your circumstances seem quite similar.”


“. . . . . .”

Albero held his right arm and looked down. Kid observed Albero, and somehow felt they shared a similar aura.

Kid pondered.

“The information I have is fragmentary. We need more time to deal with that demon. . . . . .How about using this academy as your base and learning in the meantime?”

“Sounds good. I’m in.”

“Great! From today, you’re an S-class Summoner! Albero, Miss Lapis, is that okay with you?”

“. . . . . .I don’t mind.”

“. . . . . . . . . . . ..Me neither.”

“. . . . . .Hmm.”

And so, Kid joined the ranks of the S-class Summoners.

Leaving behind an unresolved grudge.

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