The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 35

𝐋𝐞𝐭’𝐬 𝐠𝐨 𝐨𝐮𝐭

When Albero returned to the dorm, Lapis was in the conversation room drinking not tea, but hot milk.

She had changed into casual clothes, and it seemed unbelievable that she had curled up on the sofa in her pajamas like a cat. Her hair was neat, and her expression was sharp. Truly a lady of the Duke family.

Lapis greeted Albero as he entered.

“Welcome back. Where have you been?”

“Student Council. . . . . .Well, you had been asleep anyway.”

He told her where he went, but she seemed not to have heard.

Albero sighed and sat on the sofa.

“Did something happen?”

“Well. . . . . .I kind of picked a fight with the Student Council.”


Lapis looked shocked, like “Huh?”, and sat down across from Albero.

Her hot milk was already gone.

“What exactly did you do?”

“I was called in. They kept saying things that irritated me, so I let them have a piece of my mind.”

“This is about the Student Council, right?”


“Do you understand what kind of place the Student Council is?”

“The pinnacle of the students in this academy, right?”


Asgard Summoning Academy’s Student Council.

The eight most powerful students of this academy, 『Asgard Eight Rounds』, hold power equivalent to the teachers.

Student Council President Esterize

Male Vice President.

Female Vice President.

Student Council Secretary.

Student Council Treasurer.

Student Council General Affairs.

Student Council Public Relations.

Student Council Discipline Committee Chairman Rashild.

Below them are B-class Summoners assisting the Student Council.

Top ten students from B-class first-year, second-year, third-year, and fourth-year are chosen based on their grades, as per the academy’s rule.

Albero asked Lapis.

“By the way, aren’t you the top student of the first year? Aren’t you an assistant to the Student Council?”

“I had been sick right after the entrance ceremony, so. . . . . .”

“Ah, right, I forgot about that.”

Lapis seemed a bit down.

Albero continued the conversation.

“Anyway, we are the 『S-class』 that Principal Meteore created. Whether it’s the Student Council or anyone else, I don’t care if they don’t recognize our existence. Just let them talk.”

“That’s right. We win in terms of power, don’t we!”

“Well, I’m not quite sure what you mean, but sure.”

Lapis smiled brightly.

And then, as if remembering something, she clapped her hands together.

“That’s right. We have the day off from classes today. Grandmother and Damocles-sama have some business at Asgard Castle.”

“I see. Maybe I’ll go back to sleep then.”



Lapis thrust her right hand toward Albero.

Albero was taken aback because it was so sudden.

“If you’re free, would you like to go to the town below the castle with me? I haven’t been out there much. . . . . .”

“I haven’t either.”

“But on your days off, don’t you go out with friends or something?”

“F-class students are only allowed to go out once every ten days, and only for five hours. We weren’t allowed to go out in casual clothes either; we had to wear our uniforms and submit a reason for our outing to the academy.

By the way, only class F had such strict restrictions on going out. It felt as though it was a rule to prevent the shame of the academy from being exposed to the outside world.

Therefore, the students of class F basically didn’t go out. Most of them didn’t have much money, and they would read books in their rooms or play board games and cards they brought from home in the dormitory.

“Then, let’s go out together!”

“Eh. . . . . .”

“It’s okay! We have powerful backing. Let’s skip all the paperwork and permissions and just go out! Power is to be used when it can be used!”

“You’re quite cunning. . . . . .Just like a Duke’s daughter. Your hidden side is so dark.”

“Th, that’s not it! Oh, let’s just go to the town!”


Albero changed into his casual clothes in his room and put his wallet in his pocket.

By the way, he received a substantial amount of money from Principal Meteore under the pretext of a reward for demon subjugation.

Lapis was already waiting outside the dormitory.

“Let’s go! I’ll arrange a carriage. . . . . .”

“No, walking is fine. You’ve become energetic, right? Use your body.”

“I see. . . . . .understood! Let’s walk. . . . . .hehe, this is my first time doing something like this, and I’m excited!”

Lapis was more excited than usual, and Albero felt he might get a bit tired.


There was a little trouble at the academy gate.

There are guards at the main gate of the academy, and they asked for an exit permit.

Of course, there isn’t such a thing.

Then, Lapis’s attitude changed.

“I can’t let anyone pass without an exit permit.”

“Oh, can you say that? Don’t you know him and me?”

“What. . . . . .?”

“You don’t know about the S-class Summoner established by Principal Meteore? And he and I are the students of the 『High Priestess』 Garnet and the 『Tank』 Damocles. Is that attitude appropriate towards the students of the most prestigious twenty-one in this country? What’s your name, and is there a person in charge of the guards?”

“W, Wait. Please wait!”

“Wait? If you didn’t obstruct our exit, you wouldn’t have to wait, right?”

“I understand! Please pass!”

“Fufu, thank you.”

Lapis smiled brightly, and Albero gave the guard a sympathetic look as they left the academy grounds.

After walking for a while, Albero said:

“You’re quite cunning.”

“What do you mean?”

Lapis smiled mischievously.


The two headed to the main street of the town below the castle.

Various shops line the street, from restaurants to clothes for Summoned beasts. It’s a very wide street, and it’s not enough to go around in one day.

“First, let’s eat.”

“Yes. A sweet shop!”

“Wait, is food supposed to be sweet. . . . . .?”

Lapis has become lively since recovering from her illness. This must be her true self.

For now, Albero decided to let Lapis do as she pleased. He thought it was okay to accompany her for a day as a celebration of her recovery.

“Let’s find a delicious cake shop. And, I’ll buy some souvenirs!”

“Right. It’s helpful that you restock the fridge, but you don’t usually put sweets in it.”

While Albero and Lapis are in class, a supplier arranged by Principal Meteore stocks the refrigerator with food. And recently, a cleaning service has also started to help with basic cleaning.

“Fufu. This is the first time I’ve ever gone out with someone like this.”


“Yes! With someone my age, especially a boy. . . . . .”


Albero finally realized.

Could this be what they call a. . . . . .『date』?


At a certain eatery.

A boy was nibbling on a few skewers he had bought.

His dark green hair was tied up at a medium length.

After nibbling on the skewer, he sat down on a nearby bench.

“. . . . . .”

On the bench was an old newspaper.

The headline read, 『Summon Academy attacked by a demon! Who defeated the demon?!』 On seeing this, the boy gritted his teeth.

“Demon. . . . . .”

The boy was trembling with anger.

He took a moment to calm his ragged breathing.

The boy had a purpose. There was so much he needed to do.

“. . . . . .wait for me.”

The boy said to himself.

Determined, he pressed his left hand to his chest.

At that moment, someone sat down on the bench next to him.

“Ah! I completely forgot about the break! Albero, the principal wants to talk to you tonight!”

“What? That sounds important. What does he want?”

“Yes. He wants to hear about Albero.”

It was a couple, about the same age as the boy.

From the mention of the principal, it seems they are students at the Summon Academy.

“He wants to know about the demon that Albero defeated.”

The boy’s breathing came to a sudden stop.

He defeated a demon?

The boy slowly turned to look at the person next to him.


It was a boy with black hair and red eyes, Albero.

Same age. Defeated a demon. . . . . .A fire was ignited in the boy’s heart.

And then. . . . . .the boy spoke.

“Hey, was it you. . . . . .who defeated the demon?”

“Eh, ah. . . . . .Lapis, we’ve been found out.”

“I, it was supposed to be confidential. . . . . .I’m sorry, please keep this a secret. . . . . .”

“You defeated the demon… I see, then. . . . . .tell me.”


The boy stood up and pointed his left hand at Albero.

With his thumb up and pointing his index finger, just like a gun.

It was at that moment that Albero’s eyes caught onto something about the boy.

“━━!! Get out of here, Lapis!”


Albero saw it.

The boy’s left arm began to change.

His left arm began to rise like shark skin, turning a dark green, and his index finger enlarged into a tube shape━━just like a 『gun』.

Albero immediately realized.

“Could it be. . . . . .『Parasitic type』?”

Moreover, this 『left hand』. . . . . .has the power to 『fire』 something.

Albero transformed his right arm, pushed Lapis away, and used his arm to shield himself.

An impact came.

“What the?!”

“What’s with. . . . . .that right arm. . . . . .are you the same as me?”

The boy threw off the hat he was wearing.

Then, with his transformed left arm, he pointed it at Albero.

“. . . . . .What’s with that left arm of yours.”

“Hah, so you’re the summoner who killed the demon? I want to hear about the demon you took down!!”

“. . . . . .?!”

The boy’s left arm pulsates vividly.

Albero, sensing an inevitable fight, readies himself and speaks to Lapis, who has already summoned Marcosias.

“Lapis, can you handle this?”

“Y, Yes!! I don’t understand fully. . . . . .but this person is not in his right mind. We need to subdue him!!”

“W, Wow. You’ve become stronger.”

“Alright, let’s do this!! . . . . . .but first, who are you?”

The boy raises his left arm and introduces himself.

“My name’s Kid. I came here to kill the demon!! You went ahead and killed my demon. . . . . .I’ll take you down in its place and have you spill everything!!”

“I don’t quite get it, but if you want to fight, I’m ready.”

Albero’s right arm and Kid’s left arm were about to clash fiercely.

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