The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 227

𝐌𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐲, 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞

The battle between Albero and the Queen of Hearts was reaching its climax.

Albero, with “Hardening” and “End of the World” imbued in his fists, relentlessly struck down. Albero, now fully merged with Jabberwock, had more power than ever before.

On the other hand, Queen had absorbed Shin completely, taking control of the body. The power she now wielded was undeniably that of the “Queen of Hearts.” Yet, it was not enough to match Albero.

Albero was giving it everything he had learned so far.

“Take this!”


A powerful right body blow lands on Queen’s abdomen. . . . . .where a human’s liver would be.

The intense blow deals damage.

Any “ability” could be nullified. But not the organs.

The simple “pain” was the only way to defeat both Shin and Queen.

“No one can stop me now!”

Albero swung his fist with all his might.

A full-force right straight aimed at Queen’s face. But Queen crossed both hands to defend━━yet, the punch never came.



“Too naive!”

A feint.

Before she knew it, Albero was behind Queen.

He kicked Queen’s back to ascend and ripped off the four arms she had.

『Whaaaat?! You little brat!』

“I’ve crushed those annoying arms of yours! Now, all that’s left is to beat you down!”

The attacks were so fierce that there was no time to use the 『Capricious Queen』 ability.

To begin with, what could she use against Albero, who was charging at her like a madman?



Suddenly, something inside Queen snapped.

She was furious, overwhelmingly angry at the Albero in front of her.

Before she realized it, she had dropped her defense.

『How dare you, you brat! How dare you strike the Queen of the World, this Queen!』


For a moment, Albero was pushed back by Queen’s intimidating presence, and she seized the chance to strike him.

Now, Queen began her counterattack.

As Albero rolled and tried to regain his stance, Queen, who had given up on using her “ability,” raised her fist to strike. But Albero, instead of defending, rose with his fist drawn back.



Both of their fists found their mark on each other’s faces.

They were both thrown back, rolling on the ground, but they rose simultaneously.

Then, a change occurred in Queen.

『Enough. . . . . .enough. . . . . .I’ll be the one to crush you.』

She seemed a bit shorter, tearing off a part of her lower body that spread like a skirt. The shell-like upper body, which resembled a dress, was also shattered by her own hands, and she casually tied up her long hair.

Her fists now shone as hard as diamonds. It felt as if she had evolved right there for hand-to-hand combat, at least that’s how Albero perceived it.

“I’ll crush you!”

『That’s my line, you idiot!』

Queen was so furious that her tone had changed.

They both clenched their fists, and an ultra-close combat ensued.

Albero’s right hook embedded into Queen’s body, while Queen’s left uppercut lifted Albero’s chin.

Both trembled uncontrollably, but neither stopped.

This time, Albero’s uppercut lifted Queen’s chin, and then a left hook embedded into her body. As she staggered, a right straight embedded into her face.

『Wha━? Ah, it’s cracking. . . . . .Ahhh!!』


However, Queen shouted.

Shouting, she landed a left straight punch on Albero’s face.

Albero’s face nearly tore off, spewing blood not only from his nose but also from his mouth.

“Ha. . . . . .ha. . . . . .ha. . . . . .”

『Huff. . . . . .puff, puff, puff』

Both were breathless.

For some reason, neither used kicks. It was just a pure fistfight.

Is this the battle that will decide the fate of this world? To answer “yes” to that question, it was a very gritty fight.

Albero took a deep breath and staggered forward.

Queen, perhaps due to pain in her leg, also shuffled forward.

The distance between them was almost zero.

They both squared off in silence━━Albero clenched his teeth.



Thud! Both of their rights jabbed into each other’s bodies.

Albero spat blood. Queen did too.

Albero gritted his teeth. Queen did the same.

『━━Hang in there, Albero』

Whose voice was that?


Albero’s eyes shone golden, and this time he slammed a left hook into Queen’s body.

『Ow, what. . . . . .?!』


A powerful right uppercut hit Queen’s chin as it dropped.

Queen’s face snapped back, spitting out a great deal of blood.

And then. . . . . .Albero poured all his strength into his right fist.

His pitch-black right arm buzzed as it tensed.

Queen, dazed, had her head drooping.

There━━Albero unleashed his most powerful, ultimate blow.

“『The Strongest Strike』!!”

A terrifying impact sound echoed for several kilometers.

Queen’s face was caved in. . . . . .and then she slumped down.

“Ha… ha… ha… ha… ha… ha… ha, haha, hahaha!!”

Albero, with both fists raised, shouted.

“I’ve wonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!”

At that moment━━the battle between the king and queen, and humanity, came to a close.

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