The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 226

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠’𝐬 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝



Albero started running towards Queen with full force.

The patterns that seemed like tattoos all over his body shone bright red, and his jet-black right arm clenched tightly.

Queen launched a 『guillotine』 towards Albero.

The guillotine emerging from her back aimed to bisect Albero.

“You’re in the way!!”


However, Albero swung his right hand, deflecting the guillotine.

Furthermore, he repelled a hammer falling from the sky with a punch, kicked away a sphere flying towards him, and knocked down all fifty-two flying cards with both hands.

His physical abilities are incomparable, whether in his normal state or in his Jabberwock form.

Albero, with a clenched fist, appeared right in front of Queen.

“Take this!”


Albero’s right fist targeted Queen’s heart.

However, Queen blocked it by crossing her arms. . . . . .due to the impact, her body was lifted and repelled.

Albero further approached to launch a series of attacks━━a combination of punches and kicks.

『You, brat!!』


Albero’s relentless assault.

Queen couldn’t retaliate due to the overwhelming number of strikes.

She tried to focus and use 『Capricious Queen』, but━━

“Take that!!”

『Guh. . . . . .?!』

“Here we gooooo!!”

An uppercut from a crouching position repelled Queen’s guard, followed by a body blow, then a powerful straight punch to her face.



The onslaught continued━━.

Using 『Capricious Queen』 requires a certain level of concentration. But currently, Albero showed no signs of stopping.

The perfect fusion with a parasitic type Summoned beast, not eroding the body but mutual understanding leading to complete assimilation. This is the summoner’s ultimate form after 『Total Assimilation』.

『Ultimate Fusion』━━A power likely only manifesting in the Summoned beast king Jabberwock, and Albero who truly understands the Jabberwock.

Each of his blows had 『Hardening』 and 『End of the World』 applied. Any Summoned beast other than Queen would likely die in a single hit.

『This is, Jabberwock━━!!』

“It’s not just Jabberwock!! I’m in it toooooo!!”

Albero’s continuous attack showed no signs of stopping.


Just before the final showdown between Albero and Queen of Hearts began.

Everyone, except for Yorha, was present.

“Honestly. While we were all worried, you were sitting alone smoking and drinking.”

“. . . . . .So what?”

“It’s obviously wrong!! Everyone’s fighting so hard!!”

“. . . . . .”

Kid was being scolded by Ridelle.

Holding onto his hat and looking away, he looked somewhat amusing.

Ashe whispered something to Lapis.

“You’re totally whipped, aren’t you?”

“Fufu. The two of you are so close. . . . . . no, you’re a perfect match.”

“Right. Teehee, I can tease Kid for a while.”

“Hey, I can hear you. You flirt.”

“Huh? What? Who are you calling a flirt? Who?!”

Currently, Ashe is only wrapped in sheets.

Due to 『Fusion』, her clothes vanished, so she wrapped herself in sheets found in an abandoned house like a dress. She didn’t prepare any change of clothes, so it couldn’t be helped. Being called a flirt, Ashe became embarrassed.

Then, Ridelle hit Kid on the head.

“Wha?! W, What are you doing. . . . . .?”

“Don’t stare too much! Really, you’re so perverted.”

“I’m not interested in a kid’s body. Plus, I’m not desperate enough to go after that idiot’s wife.”

“Wife. . . . . .fufu. Yes, a wife.”

“Hmph. . . . . .Ashe, that’s unfair.”

“Kid’s body? We’re only two years apart! Seriously, Kid is such a pervert…”

For some reason, Ridelle turned away.

Then, a fluffy red-haired tiger, named Leivinia, rubbed against Ridelle’s legs.

『Hey, is it okay to talk here? Shouldn’t you be heading to him?』

“Oh, right!! We have to go to Albero!”

Ridelle picks up the red tiger, Leivinia.

Nearby, a sloth named Nisrok was lying down. Ashe picks him up.

“Ahh~ So fluffy. Leivinia, do you know where Albero is?”

『Yes. I can smell him from over there!!』

Leivinia pointed her paw far ahead.

Kid, Ridelle, Ashe, Lapis, Leivinia, Nisrok. None were missing, all had survived this final battle.

And lastly, Albero was fighting.

“Let’s go!! To Albero!”

Ashe shouted that and started running.

The S-Class Summoners head towards Albero.

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