The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 210

『𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐝』 𝐁𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐳𝐞𝐛𝐮𝐛 ①

The demon of 『Greed』, Beelzebub, is a summoned beast called forth by Shin.

Jabberwock was summoned, followed by the summoning of Queen.

Beelzebub is the first test subject of Shin’s 『Demonization Project』, a concept where a 『Summoned beast takes on a human form and lives in the human world』.

The experiment was successful. Beelzebub, who used to be a gigantic 『fly』, acquired a human form.


His ability is that of a 『fly』, creating countless small flies at will, controlling them by nesting in brains, seeing through the eyes of the flies from distant places, and even using them for communication. A truly versatile power.

Beelzebub utilized these skills and did everything for Shin.

Whether training fellow demons like himself, or doing everything from cleaning rooms to cooking, he served like a butler.

Yet, when Shin was sealed, Beelzebub nearly lost himself.

Filled with rage, he even considered leading demon beasts to destroy the Asgard Kingdom. But. . . . . .he believed Shin would revive. And he prepared for that revival.

The other demons did as they pleased, believing in Shin’s resurrection. Beelzebub often thought of wiping them all out.

Then, Shin revived.

Obtaining a younger body, she returned even stronger than before.

That is what Shin desires.

She wants to see Beelzebub’s true power.

And it’s Beelzebub’s duty to respond to that.


Once, Beelzebub was a massive single 『fly』.

But now it’s different. After countless modifications, his gigantic form changed to a human size. Looking like an insect fly turned humanoid, his bipedal form was eerie.

The fully transformed Beelzebub, flapping his fly wings, speaks to Ridelle.

『Ki-Ki-Ki-Ki!! Little brat. . . . . .I’ll devour you!!』

“Ew?! You’re seriously creepy!!”

From Beelzebub’s body, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of 『flies』 emerge. . . . . .or rather, separate.

Each one is Beelzebub.

They fly towards Ridelle, who grimaces at the sheer repulsiveness.

“W, What. . . . . .『Total Assimilation』!!”

Ridelle, now fully transformed into a mechanical maiden.

It was the right decision. If she remained organic, the flies would have eaten her up, leaving only her metal legs.

Flies are not picky eaters. They feed on corpses and rotten matter.

Countless flies swarm around the fully metallic Ridelle.

“Disgusting?! Argh. . . . . .『Flamethrower』!!”

Ridelle’s arms transform with mechanical sounds, becoming flamethrowers.

Flames spew out from her arms, burning countless flies. Yet, burning several hundred or thousand flies barely affected the swarm.

Beelzebub laughed from above.

『Ki-Ki-Ki. It’s futile. I can produce endless flies. No matter if you’re made of metal, my flies can tear you apart!!』

“Ah, ow, ow, ow?! That hurts!!”

To Ridelle’s shock, flies started to infiltrate through the gaps in her armor.

Moreover, they began biting into Ridelle’s body. Despite being metallic, she felt ticklish, itchy, and painful sensations. Blended together, Ridelle writhed and thrashed about.

“Huh?! Ah, did you let go? No way!”

Even if you resist, flies keep gathering.

She scorches them with a flamethrower, but immediately, a large number of flies attacked Ridelle.

“Ugh. . . . . .If it’s come to this!!”


Ridelle deployed her full armor. Ejecting steam, she dispersed the flies all at once.

Then, seizing the opportunity, she blasted her back booster unit, soaring into the sky.

Her target. . . . . .is the main body, Beelzebub.

“If I crush you!!”

『Oh. . . . . .?』

“Take this, 『Heated Kick』!!”

The kick, filled with heat, attacked Beelzebub.

However, the kick was easily evaded.

“You. . . . . .!!”

『Hehe, it’s futile.』

Ridelle’s flurry of kicks, even with the booster unit’s thrust, didn’t even graze him.

Beelzebub had completely read Ridelle’s movements. As a perfect summoned beast, Beelzebub’s dynamic vision far surpasses that of humans, far surpasses Ridelle.

『Alright, I’ll play with you a bit.』


CRASH!! There’s a crack in Ridelle’s body.

It was Beelzebub’s kick, piercing into Ridelle’s stomach.


『You brat. You’re a bit tough, but that’s all. You think you can defeat me with that?』

“Y, You. . . . . .”

『It’s useless!!』

“Ah, no?!”

Beelzebub’s figure blurred.

Moving at a terrifying speed, he’s continuously kicking Ridelle’s body.

Cracks form in the body, and she barely guards against them. But that’s all.

She can’t counterattack.

『HAHAHAHAHAHA!! How’s that? How’s that?!』


This is bad at this rate.

Ridelle’s defeat was imminent.

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