The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 209

𝐁𝐞𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐬

Asgard Castle.

Currently, the only ones here are King Zenovect of Asgard and Sanbalt, who volunteered as an escort.

It’s arguably better for them to be listening to battle reports in the audience chamber than taking shelter in the underground special room. Other nobles are evacuating, leaving the king behind.

Zenovect asks Sanbalt.

“Sanbalt. What about Yorha. . . . . .”

“She’s leading outside. Seriously, that tomboy. . . . . .”

Sanbalt, who only has the impression of calling her a “tomboy” even though the royal family themselves are taking command on the front lines. For the record, Sanbalt is here because he was ordered to “protect the king” by Esterize. He believed he was fighting effectively as well.

Yorha is not only instructing the S-class but also the Peacemaker squad. Without knowing this, the two carefreely chatted about the battle situation.

“Sanbalt. Can we win this battle?”

“Of course. There’s no losing with the Peacemaker squad led by Esterize.”

“I see. Right.”

Their conversation was absurdly casual.

Yorha would’ve been frustrated if she heard them.

By the way, only the two of them were in the audience chamber. The escort waits outside the room. Twenty-one heroes guard the vicinity of the castle.

There’s no blind spot here. Without a doubt. . . . . .it was the safest place in the Asgard Kingdom.

But no matter how fortified the outside, what about the inside?

“Hmm?. . . . . .Oh, it’s you guys.”

Three people entered the audience chamber.

Hill Climb, Euglena. And. . . . . .Gabriel.

Two A-Class Summoners and one Special A-Class Summoner.

Why are they here? Sanbalt tilts his head in confusion.

“Is there a report?”

“No. We’ve come to take your lives.”


The next moment, bullets were fired from a 『gun』 that appeared in Hill Climb’s hand, targeting Sanbalt. The bullets shot through Sanbalt’s left shoulder and both legs.


“How kind. Not aiming for the head.”

“Well, we have time to enjoy, don’t we?”

Euglena giggles, and Hill Climb spins his gun.

Zenovect, without understanding the situation, looked at his agonizing son. And then.

“W, What?! What are you doing?! Have you lost your minds?!”

“We’re not out of our minds.”

And then, Euglena.

Dozens of 『ropes』 appear around Euglena, moving like living creatures. The ropes headed towards Zenovect, restraining him completely.


“That’s the end. Gabriel-sama, what’s next?”

“Let’s have them write their wills next. Make them write that they transfer all their authority to us. After that, if we throw them out to the demon beasts outside, they’ll probably be eaten together.”

“That sounds good. But it would be unnatural for the reclusive king to head to the front lines.”

“Let’s let him end as a hero. The citizens will cry just by him trying to fight bravely as the king of this country.”

Gabriel stated calmly.

It was a coup d’état taking advantage of Shin’s invasion.

No one expected them to make a move at this timing. The heroes were mainly stationed around the royal palace. Knowing that Gabriel, also a hero, was guarding the castle from the inside, they never dreamed that a coup was taking place in the audience hall.

Euglena’s robe wrapped around Sanbalt, and the end of the rope wrapped around Zenovect began to fray, winding around his fingertips.

“Now, 『Gruepnir』. Imitate Zenovect’s handwriting and write a suicide note. After that, write Sanbalt’s suicide note too.”

Euglena approached Zenovect with parchment and pen in hand.

Forced to stand by the rope, a pen was held in Zenovect’s hand.

“Why. . . . . .why this?”

“It’s obvious. I don’t recognize a second-rate king.”

“Ugh. . . . . .”

Then, Zenovect began to write his suicide note on the parchment.

“Stab her.”


The next moment━━a boy emerged from Zenovect’s 『shadow』 and stabbed Euglena in the abdomen.

Euglena was in shock.

The boy stabbed Euglena with several more knives.

“Gopu. . . . . .What, huh?”

“Eu. . . . . .Euglena?! What, what’s going on?!”

Moreover, a giant 『water jug』 appeared above Hill Climb’s head, striking him directly.

Hill Climb fell with his eyes rolled back.

“What. . . . . .s this?”

“I thought you would take this opportunity.”

The door to the audience hall opened, and Yorha appeared.

“Uncle, aunt, and Gabriel. . . . . .You are caught in the act of treason. I never thought you’d act at this time. I thought the chances were slim, but I’m glad I was prepared.”

“You. . . . . .”

“Just like you, Gabriel. I’m looking ahead to this war. I’ve been preparing for a long time.”

Bartholomew and Yuisis entered the room.

The boy and girl who were in the 『shadow』 had already moved to another shadow.

“Gabriel. It’s hard to say this to a Special A-Class Summoner like you. But I have to. . . . . .I’ll restrain you.”

“Well, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve been preparing just like you.”

Yorha and Gabriel.

An unrelated, behind-the-scenes battle between Shin and Asgard began.

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