The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 207

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐞𝐬

Esterize commanded from behind the battlefield, directing the entire troop.

With the help of a Summoned beast that could directly communicate with the captain and another support-type Summoned beast displaying the position of demon beasts and allies on the map, she efficiently directed her allies to gain an advantage in the battle.

She hasn’t fought personally yet. Esterize’s strength is reserved for the latter part of the battle.

“Fifth and Seventh units, move to the rear. Send the Eighth unit to fill the gap. The Ninth unit, evacuate the wounded!! Remember, do not let them enter the Asgard kingdom!”

Esterize’s voice reached the captains.

Looking at the map, the pieces representing the units moved.

Esterize’s subordinates were in awe.

“Truly fitting of our captain. . . . . .”

“Such precise instructions. . . . . .”

“We can do this.”

The subordinates were getting pumped up.

Esterize was well recognized.

Not for her combat prowess, but as a commander. But that didn’t matter. Esterize, using all her strength, was solely focused on securing a victory in this battle.

The real issue was what would come after this battle.

Esterize had always assumed that Albero would win. Undoubtedly, Albero was the strongest summoner. If Albero could defeat Shin, he would be revered as a hero.

However, he probably wouldn’t care about such achievements.

If that’s the case, Esterize would claim those honors.

As his older sister, she would claim her younger brother’s accomplishments, solidifying her position in the Asgard kingdom, inheriting the Rushout family’s title, and initiating reforms. . . . . .she looked forward to it.

“. . . . . .”

Esterize smiled slyly.

Acknowledging Albero and leveraging his power to rise to prominence.

She truly felt grateful for having such a capable younger brother.

“Let’s go all out. . . . . .”

Esterize, utilizing every strategy she knew, continued to intensify the battle.


“Hmm, going all out really feels rejuvenating.”

The one elegantly answering while stroking his mustache was 『Sun』 Gawain.

Numerous medals adorned his knight’s uniform, and he held a slender sword in his hand.

He was one of the heroes called forth to battle after breaking his seal.

Numerous wounded demon beasts lay scattered around Gawain.

“Hehehe. Esterize is doing well. I thought she was just a pawn of Gabriel, but she’s more than that, fighting with her own will. The young ones really are something.”

With a swish of his sword, Gawain’s Summoned beasts spring into action.

Gawain’s Summoned beast was a 『Knight』.

Not just any knight. It was a 『Knight Order』.

A total of two hundred 『Knight Order』 members, under Gawain’s command, were slaughtering the demon beasts.

The most powerful army-type Summoned beast, 『Fiana Cavalry』, was overpowering the demon beasts.

“Indeed, the battlefield is exhilarating. . . . . .I’d prefer to die in such a place if given a choice.”

No one could interrupt the battle of the heroes.


Most of the summoners serving the nation are participating in this battle.

Among them are students from the Summoning Academy. Many are graduates or those who have continued their studies at the academy beyond the fourth term.

The students, despite their injuries, are still fighting.

Everyone was desperate, giving orders to Partner-types, wielding Equipment-types, and commanding Nature-types.

“Don’t lose!! Keep pushing forward!!”

“Roar! Buddy, don’t give up!”


The captain issues commands, facing off against the attacking demon beasts.

Amidst this, a girl from the unit was sent flying by a demon beast orc’s club.


“Darn it. . . . . .fall back!!”

The captain gives the order, but the injured girl can’t move.

As the orc’s club is swung down, the girl closes her eyes…

“Stop right there.”


An old man, as frail as a withered branch, caught the descending orc’s club.

“Wha. . . . . .?”

“Get back while you can.”

“Ah. . . . . .yes.”

That old man was Principal Meteore.

Holding back the orc’s club with one hand, he grinned.

With a gentle push on the club, the orc was toppled over.

The students were taken aback by the sudden appearance of the principal.

“Wha, Principal. . . . . .?”

“Yes. I too shall fight, to protect our precious future.”

To fight.

But what could an old man with a hunched back possibly do?

Suddenly, Meteore threw away his staff, rolled up his robe sleeves, and extended both arms.

“Rage on. . . . . .『Gigantic Meteor』.”

Then, large gauntlets equipped onto both arms.

In front of the students, an unbelievable transformation occurred.

“Hoooooo. . . . . .”

“””””Wha. . . . . .?”””””

Gradually, Meteore, who appeared frail, began to expand from the inside. His white hair turned black, his robe tore apart, revealing a muscular upper body. Furthermore, his saggy skin tightened and his face. . . . . .was rejuvenated.

What appeared was an incredibly wild and handsome man in his early twenties.

“Alright. . . . . .let’s do this!!”

The young man, with all his might, slammed both arms into the ground.

“『Meteor Impact』!!”

The ground cracked and the earth shook.

The young man dashed explosively towards the demon beast, delivering a powerful blow. With just that, the demon beast was blown away, spewing blood and vanishing.

“『Guts Blow』!!”

A mere punch instantly killed the demon beast.

Who is this before our eyes?. . . . . .That was the impression of the students.

Then, Damocles appeared, expressing joy.

“Hahaha!! It’s been a while, Meteore! We are the twenty-one strongest warriors!”

“Damocles!! I’m feeling good. Let’s go wild!”


Damocles activates 『Fusion』. He rampages with Meteore.

The ability of Meteore’s Equipment-type Summoned beast 『Gigantic Meteor』 is 『Drive』. It can constantly reproduce its prime physical condition and maintain its top gear state.

The current Meteore is the same as he was long ago. He is not the gentle old man he is now, but a pure embodiment of battle, granted the title of rampaging 『power』.

“Brats!! If you’re going to follow, come on quickly!! Let’s rampage!!”

“””””W, Woah!!”””””

The battle is far from over.

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